MM2 Values Discord Bot Commands

If you want to know the MM2 value list, then you are able to access the MM2 Values site. It is an official site of Murder Mystery 2 value list. Apparently, there are some tools at the MM2 Values site. Those tools are INV list maker, trade checker and Discord value bot. By the way, how about Discord value bot and Discord value commands? Well, let us talk about that here.

What are Discord commands?

Need to know that Discord commands are a set of operations that you are able to perform by typing a minimum amount of words. Simply, commands are short directions to do something. For instance, you are able to determine to your Discord app that you want to send a gif by writing some lines of code, simply you are able to type ‘/giphy’ to do that, and enter the gif idea you have in mind.

Apparently, Discord has a number of such commands, split into some categories such as text commands and slash commands to give you a more custom and great experience.

How to use commands?

Using Discord commands is nice and simple. All you have to do is type your command into the server’s text box. Several commands are auto-suggested after entering the slash key whereas in other cases you have to type the entire command manually.

You are able to make use of various kinds of Discord commands to perform a number of situations which come up when using the app. Or you are able to use commands to have fun with your server members.

Discord bot commands

Discord has a wide number of bots as seen in the bot store, all capable of doing a variety of functions. Of course, giving the commands for every single bot is not possible. But, it is not a difficult task to see what commands that can be executed by each bot. For instance, to check the command of a bot, you need to go to the homepage of bot, and then go to Commands on the Navbar. Here, you are going to see the commands list that is categorized in an easy to understand format.

You will be able to enable or disable commands as you want by going to the bot’s dashboard after adding it to the server. Also, each box will need a prefix which you have to enter to ensure the command. This prefix can be an exclamation mark (!), a question mark (?) etc.

MM2 Values Discord Bot Commands

Joining MM2 Values Discord

If you want to join MM2 Values Discord, then you have to do some steps.

    • At the first step, you are able to go to MM2 Values Discord.
    • Then, enter your email or phone number.
    • After that, enter your password.
    • If you do not have an account, you need to register.
    • To register, you have to enter your email, username, password, and date of birth.
    • Please click the continue button.

Next, you will be able to join MM2 Values Discord. Then, find the MM2 weapon value list.

Joining Supreme Values Discord

There are many MM2 players who utilize the Supreme Value as a reference to know the value list. If you know the value list, then you will be able to determine which is the best value for you in MM2. According to the research, there are 76,620 members of Supreme Values on Discord.

If you want to join Supreme values on Discord, here are several steps to do.

    • Firstly, you are able to go to the Supreme Values Discord.
    • Then, you have to enter your username, click continue.
    • If you have a Supreme Values Discord account, next you are able to enter your email or phone number.
    • After you enter your email or phone number, you need to enter your password.
    • The next step is to click the Login button.
    • Finally, you will be able to start accessing Supreme Values Discord.

For note: You are also able to login to Supreme Values Discord with QR Code. Please scan the barcode with the Discord Mobile app to log in instantly. You are able to join the Supreme Value Discord to get a Supreme Value list and also a trading server for supreme value. Aside from that, you are able to join Supreme Value Discord to get information about Supreme Value. So, make sure that you join the Supreme Value on Discord to obtain the Supreme Value list through

Supreme value site is under maintenance

Recently, the official Supreme Values site is under maintenance. Therefore, you will not be able to see a list of weapons value on the Supreme Value site. Generally, the Supreme value list could be discovered at When the site works normally again, you are going to have access to the Supreme Values site after maintenance is over.

Aside from that, you need to follow the official Twitter account of Supreme Value. This is an official Twitter account which you can visit for finding the information about the Supreme Values list. After you follow the official Twitter account of Supreme Value, next you are going to get the Supreme Value MM2 list. Also, you are going to get some crucial information about maintenance of the Supreme Value website.

Current MM2 Value List

In addition, now we will also share the current update of MM2 Value List.


    • Cotton Candy: Value – 180
    • Ghost Knife: Value – 50
    • Green Elite: Value – 160
    • JD: Value – 250
    • Rupture: Value – 130
    • Tree (gun): Value – 140
    • Tree (knife): Value – 140
    • Web: Value –  130


    • Cane ( gun): Value – 150
    • Cane ( knife): Value – 150
    • Ginger ( gun): Value – 125
    • Ginger ( knife): Value – 125
    • Jack: Value – 90
    • Mummy: Value – 110
    • Toxic Knife: Value – 45
    • Vampire Gun: Value – 35

Chroma Godlys Values

    • Chroma Gemstone: Value – 90
    • Chroma Heat: Value – 105
    • Chroma Laser: Value – 110
    • Chroma Lightbringer: Value – 145
    • ChromaDarkbringer: Value – 145
    • ChromaLuger: Value – 115
    • Seer: Value – 10x T1 Legendary

Godlys Values <100

    • Boneblade: Value – 80
    • EternalIII: Value – 80
    • Green Luger: Value – 80
    • Hallows Edge: Value – 90
    • Luger: Value – 85
    • Spider: Value – 75
    • Tides: Value – 75
    • Xmas: Value – 80

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