Minecraft Survival Server List

In Minecraft, there are five game modes that you can choose, they are Creative, Hardcore, Survival, Adventure and Spectator.  If you want to gain damage from the environment and from hostile mobs, you must choose the Survival mode. In addition to receiving damage, you’re also allowed to collect resources, mobs, build structures and more to survive.

Just like other game modes, you also need to choose the best server to play in Survival mode. With the use of the best servers, you will be able to play the game in its simple and repeatable nature.  Thankfully, this post will show you some best Minecraft Survival servers that will be great to use. Here you go!

    1. SurviveWithUs

IP Address: mc.survivewith.us


SurviveWithUs server was built in 2018 and still gets weekly updates in 2021. Many players have reviewed that this server can be one of the best places for quality Minecraft multiplayer survival.

With every plugin custom built by the development team, this server is actually designed to give the players who demonstrate skill in Minecraft Survival related activities. For example, you will earn in-game money every time you kill a hostile mob. You will also receive the ‘land-claim’ points to survive a certain amount of time without dying.

    1. Purple Prison

IP Address: purpleprison.net

Minecraft Survival Server List

Purple Prison actually offers a great survival mode that can be reached once beating the main prison game mode. You will then be released to survive in a large world with others, once earning enough money to be freed from the prison. Additionally, the ruthless world especially focusses on hardcore PvP and raiding mechanics. You can then build towns, gangs, trade outposts and more.

    1. Lush Survival

IP Address:  mc.lushsurvival.net

Lush Survival

Packed with thoughtful and up-to-date design features, Lush Survival actually offers a Minecraft Survival experience that is built for the modern era of Minecraft. A vote-based system is one such feature that you can find in Lush Survival where it allows you to control time and weather across the server.

This server also has a unique diamond-based economy in which diamonds can be used as currency, instead of in-game dollars. You can also create shops which accept diamonds as a form of payment.

    1. Lemon Cloud

IP Address: play.lemoncloud.net

Lemon Cloud

Lemon Cloud was founded in 2013 and is known as an OG Minecraft server network. This server has hundreds of players who are coming back every day in 2021. So far, Survival remains by far the most popular game mode on the server, even though it offers a large selection of other popular game mode servers on the network for players to enjoy such as Skyblock, Factions and Prison.

    1. Vanilla Europa

IP Address: play.vanillaeuropa.com

Vanilla Europa

Vanilla Europa is known as a friendly survival server with a particularly unique focus on community interaction. This server offers a number of features such as community grinders, community marketplaces and team land-claiming.

With those features, this server delivers itself as a tight-knit survival server in which all players unite towards common goals, instead of simply surviving by themselves.

    1. Orchidia SMP

IP Address: orchidia.me

Orchidia SMP

As a new semi-vanilla Minecraft Survival SMP Server, Orchidia SMP offers unique survival enhancing features including player markets, in-game currency and a land-claiming system to prevent griefing. Established in late 2020, this server still offers an impressive 150 players at peak times of the day.

    1. Earth MC

IP Address: play.earthmc.net

Earth MC

Known as a geopolitical sandbox server for Minecraft, Earth MC offers a huge custom-built earth map that includes every single real life country. This server focuses on basic survival mode that is very different to vanilla Minecraft survival.

You can also build your own towns, trade with other nations and towns and also select a government and engage in politics.

    1. Applecraft

IP Address: play.applecraft.org


Holding several hundred players during peak hours of the day, Applecraft is a quite popular dedicated survival server. You will find a few features that make this server so unique including enhanced grief protection and custom player shops/ SetHomes for voting.

It’s important to note, stealing and griefing other players is not allowed. Certainly, Applecraft owns a large dedicated staff team to make sure of this case.

    1. Simple Survival

IP Address:  play.simplesurvival.gg

Simple Survival

Simple Survival server actually provides you with an easy, no-nonsense Minecraft survival experience. This server remains a breath of fresh air for you who are looking for a more crude survival, with so many overcomplicated and unnecessarily flashy Minecraft servers flooding the scene in recent times.

    1. Mox MC

IP Address: moxmc.net

Mox MC

Mox MC is known as an unbloated, simplistic Minecraft survival server that successfully attracts hundreds of players on a daily basis. Mox MC remains updated to the latest version of Minecraft constantly. So, you can always enjoy the greatest and latest Minecraft features. This server also boasts more than 40,000 discord members, allowing a friendly community to make new friends.

Okay, those are the best Minecraft Survival Servers that can be your great option. Make sure to choose the server based on your need, as we already show the features for each server above.

How Is Minecraft Survival Gameplay?

The main goal in Minecraft survival mode is to survive, build and explore the world. However, there’s an optional goal in this mode that is to break down the ender dragon and wither. Aside from that, you will be allowed to gather, build structures, resources, battle mobs, eat and explore the world in an effort to survive.

In Survival mode, you will have an inventory consisting of four rows of slots that can be used to store items, nine of which can be found on the hotbar. Unlike in Creative mode where blocks can be destroyed instantly, all blocks will need a certain amount of time to break.

Those items can be used to craft tools such as Axe, Sword, Pickaxe, Hoe, Shovel, etc. You can also access the recipes easily by clicking the Recipe Book located in the bottom left corner.

Additionally, most crafting recipes really need a crafting table and there are some items that can not be gained by crafting normally and will require a furnace for processing. Well, a variety of other crafting stations actually exist for other uses such as enchanting, repairing and brewing.

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