Minecraft Snapshot 21w40a Download

The Bedrock beta was released on Wednesday. However, the Minecraft 1.18 Java snapshot came out a day later than it was supposed to. Even though there was a delay, it does not matter anymore as the fourth 1.18 snapshot is finally here and it comes with many tweaks.

As the year almost comes to an end, the developer of Minecraft called Mojang Studios is working so hard to drop the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update. The update 1.18 will be a game changer. There will be a lot of additions such as the cave biomes, mountain biomes, noise caves, height limit changes, and many more.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w40a Download

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    • Edition: Java Edition
    • Type: Snapshot
    • Release Date: October 7, 2021
    • Snapshot for: 1.18
    • Downloads: Client (.json), server
    • Obfuscation Maps: Client, server
    • Protocol Versions: 1073741868 (dec), 4000002C (hex)
    • Data Version: 2828

The thing known as Minecraft 1.18 snapshot 21w40a comes with several tweaks and changes to mob spawning, ore distribution, aquifers, world generation, and else. Right now, the players have a chance to download the newest snapshot and enjoy all the new changes that come with the new update. Then, how to download it?

If you have no idea how to download the Minecraft 1.18 snapshot 21w40a, there is nothing to worry as you are guided to do it. All that should be done is to follow every instruction below:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to open the Minecraft launcher.
    2. After opening it, you will be able to see the Play tab. Please move on to the Installations tab.
    3. Then, choose Snapshot, the one that is located under VERSIONS.
    4. The next thing that should be done is to click on the New Installation button.
    5. After that, choose version Snapshot 21w40a and make a new profile.
    6. When everything is done, it is time for you to go to the Play tab and choose the profile that you just installed. Lastly, press the PLAY button and wait for a while until the launcher downloads the snapshot.

It should be easy for you to download the Minecraft 1.18 snapshot 21w40a. In case you are having a hard time, you can just seek help from the community.

Starting from the last snapshot, everyone is able to move their 1.17 worlds to the new one. It is actually also possible in snapshot 21w40a but it is not the best thing to do. If you want to move your world, the best option to do is to make a backup.

As mentioned before, Minecraft 1.18 snapshot 21w40a comes with several tweaks and changes to mob spawning, ore distribution, aquifers, world generation, and so on. The changes in Minecraft Snapshot 21w40a include:

    • World generation tweaks.
    • It changes to mob spawning.
    • A thing called Copper Ore now drops 2-5 (from 2-3) Raw Copper items.
    • In the Stonecutter, a Block of Copper is possible to be converted to four Cut Copper.
    • A lot of types of biomes that have similar features but different shapes have been made into one since the shape is controlled independently now.
    • It was renamed a few biomes.

Minecraft 1.18 snapshot 21w40a has fixed a lot of issues. Here are the ones from released versions before 1.18:

    • MC-128770: When it comes to generating, Woodland mansions still can do it even in the dark forest hills.
    • MC-132306: There is snowy grass that has no snow. It  is located close to the lakes in the snowy biome.
    • MC-137140: Llamas have no ability to spawn in the shattered savanna plateau.
    • MC-138734: 0 is the spawn point for seed. For your information, the world type Buffet with Badlands Plateau biome is under the surface, making the player die.
    • MC-169523: As of the new update, the sand, clay, and gravel blocks have lost the ability to generate around small lakes.
    • MC-177016: There are a few lakes in frozen biomes that generate unfrozen.
    • MC-190724: Single biome Badlands Plateau world can be blocked by spawning in solid.
    • MC-197688: There is no way for the mountain edge to generate.
    • MC-200640: Mushroom field shoes have no warm or unique water color even though it is a coastal biome.
    • MC-217906: A Lot of axolotls cause performance errors.
    • MC-225030: Compared to the previous versions, dungeons are really rare.
    • MC-225842: Flowers have an ability to generate on large plants that are close to the lakes.
    • MC-225858: Flowers and seeds show up in ponds.
    • MC-227064: Floating grass is still able to generate above water lakes.
    • MC-229365: A lot of goats cause performance issues.
    • MC-231400: There is no way for the modified Badlands Plateau and Mountain Edge to generate and hand out invalid biome data in biome worlds.

Below are the ones from the 1.18 development versions:

    • MC-236609: Translation strings are used by new mountain biomes in biome selection.
    • MC-236614: It is still possible for the Adventuring Time advancement to accept the non-generating biomes.
    • MC-236617: the 1.17.1 biome ID name is used by mountains and gravelly mountains.
    • MC-236632: There is no way for banners without patterns to render well.
    • MC-236663: The command is not displayed by the command blocks in their UI.
    • MC-236736: The treasure map or the explore maps have no relief.
    • MC-236896: Strange mini damaged aquifer walls generating usually on the surface.
    • MC-237490: It is not always the case for the bottom parts of the aquifers to be surrounded by blocks that sometimes are able to cause them to spill into caves in methods that show bizarre.
    • MC-237666: The biomes that are unused are still there in the game files.

There are also some from the previous development version, as follows:

    • MC-237925: In the newest snapshot, the opening world from 1.12.2 or older regenerates some random chunks.
    • MC-237933: Sweet Berries generate way too much.
    • MC-237950: Cave vines have the ability to generate without tip due to the fact that the prioritize_tip option is excluded.
    • MC-237951: Cave vines have the ability to generate into water.
    • MC-237962: When targeting towards the player, entities bon their head up and down.
    • MC-238104: Blue orchid generation has declined.
    • MC-238265: There is internal revision ID in version.json instead of game version ID.

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