Minecraft Snapshot 21w38a

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Minecraft Snapshot 21w38a Patch Notes

Unfortunately, the patch notes of Minecraft Snapshot 21w38a have not been revealed as of now. After the patch notes are revealed, we are going to share that information here. Now, you are only able to know the patch notes for last week in the text below.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w38a Patch Notes

New Features in 21w37a Patch Notes

    • It added noise caves and aquifers
    • It added Dripstone Caves underground biome
    • It added Grove biome
    • It added Lofty peaks biome
    • It added Lush Caves underground biome
    • It added Meadow biome
    • It added Snow Capped peaks biome
    • It added Snowy slopes biome
    • It added Stony peaks biome
    • There is new ore distribution and large ore veins
    • Building and generation limits have been expanded over the world


    • Now, enchanting Tables emit a low amount of light
    • Now, utilizing shears on the tip of a Cave Vine, Twisting Vine, Weeping Wine or Kelp will causes it to stop growing

Dripstone Caves Biome

    • It contains lots of the Pointed Dripstone and the Dripstone block on the ceilings and the floors.
    • In several places, you are going to discover bigger stalagmites, stalactites, and columns that built from the Dripstone Blocks
    • It will contain the extra copper ore


    • There is snowy terrain with huge spruce trees and powder snow traps. Probably want to wear leather boots.
    • It will tend to produce high-altitude terrain beneath the mountain peaks or on hilltops.
    • It will spawn the wolves, foxes and rabbits.

Large Ore Veins

    • Ore veins are big, rare, snake-like underground ore formations
    • The copper veins form between y 0 and y 50. They are mixed with Granite
    • The Iron veins will form below y -60 and y -8. They are mixed with Tuff

Lofty Peaks

    • Jagged mountain peaks with stone and snow
    • Spawns the goats

Lush Caves Biome

    • The alga will cover the ceilings and floors
    • The spore blossoms grow from the ceiling and from the drip particles
    • It contains the Clay pools with the plants of Dripleaf growing out of them
    • It contains Azalea Bushes and flowering Azalea Bushes
    • The tree of Azalea loves to have its roots in Lush Caves. If you discover an Azalea tree overground or in a cave, you know that there is a Lush Cave beneath you
    • The Cave Vines with Glow Berries grow from the ceiling and will light up the caves

Meadow Biome

    • Big grassy and flowery biomes tend to grow high up on plateaus or next to big mountain ranges.
    • Occasionally, it contains a lone tall oak or birch tree, frequently with a bee nest.
    • Just think about the sound of the music.
    • It will spawn rabbits, donkeys, and sheep.

Mob Spawning

    • Now, monsters only spawn in the places where the light from blocks is 0.
    • Fixed a problem where the players in multiplayer will be able to face more or far fewer enemies than intended, especially when other players are flying.

New Ore Distribution

    • It changed ore generation to suit the new world height, and also to add more strategy to mining.
    • There is no longer a single y level which is best for all ores, you have to make tradeoffs.
    • Iron ore produces below y 72, with a strong bias towards y 16.
    • Also, Iron ore will produce above 112, surely with more iron ore as you go higher.
    • The Copper ore generates between y 0 and y 96, surely with a strong bias towards y 48.
    • The Copper ore generates in bigger amounts in the dripstone caves biome.
    • Lapis lazuli will generate below y 64, surely with a strong bias towards y 0. But, Lapis lazuli below y -32 or above y 32 will not be able to generate exposure to air. It will be buried or inside water.
    • The coal generates above y 0, surely with a strong bias towards y 96 and above.
    • The coal has reduced air exposure, so you are going to discover more coal buried or underwater than exposed to air.
    • Gold will generate below y 32 with a strong bias towards y -16.
    • The extra gold will be found in badlands biomes.
    • Redstone ore will generate below y 16.
    • Diamond will generate below y 16 with more diamond the lower you go.
    • Diamonds have already reduced air exposure, so you are going to find more diamonds buried or underwater than exposed to air.


    • It added an accessibility choice to stop the sky flashing during the thunderstorms
    • It added an option to determine the audio device used by the game
    • It added the Toggle Sprint and Toggle Sneak to the Controls settings
    • It moved the Keybinds out to their settings screen, accessible from Controls

Snowcapped Peaks

    • The smooth mountain peaks with snow and ice
    • It spawns the goats and yeti.

Snowy Slopes

    • Extremely snowy terrain which can hide powder snow traps. Probably want to wear the leather boots.
    • Tends to produce on high-altitude terrain beneath mountain peaks or on the hilltops.
    • It spawns goats and rabbits.

Stony Peaks

    • The stony mountain peaks which may be jagged or smooth
    • It spawns some goats
    • Sometimes, it contains strips of calcite

Changes in 21w37a

    • The Illagers (Vindicator, Evoker, Pillager) no longer attack the baby villagers
    • Now, Axolotls only spawn in the lush caves
    • Now, Axolotls have their own mob cap
    • It raised the cloud level from 128 to 192

Old World Conversation

    • Now, the last worlds that were saved before Minecraft 1.2 will need conversion in a previous version of the game to open.
    • The conversion works best in versions 1.6.4 and before the worlds opened for the first time.