Minecraft Economy Servers

Money in Minecraft can be a very important thing where it will make the world go round and its function in Minecraft is the same way as it does in real life. There are a number of options that you can take to earn money in Minecraft, one of them is by using Economy Server.

Economy Server in Minecraft allows you to earn in-game money through various methods. Money you earn can be used to buy items, land and a medium of exchange with other players. There are a lot of Minecraft Economy Servers you can choose, but not all of them are great to use.

Thankfully, this post will show you some recommended Economy Serves that you can choose in Minecraft. Here you go!

    1. Purple Prison

IP Address: purplepriosn.org

Minecraft Economy Servers

So far, Purple Prison is the final frontier. Regarding the date the players joined the server or if they’re currently poor or rich, this server has been developed as a highly regulated and balanced economy with a focus on utility for all players.

Mining is the main flow of money in this server. You definitely can mine for blocks every time you access a basic mine. Then, you can sell those blocks for cold hard cash. Certainly, you can use in-game dough to level up your prison rank and purchase access to better mines which earn more money per minute.

Purple Prison also gives you the opportunity to be wealthy without mining. However, it is through heavy utilization of player-driven market mechanics. For example, if you join this server, you will have a right to claim your own plot of land and build your very own shop.

Afterwards, you can then advertise your new found business to others in game through the server specially made plugins. Additionally, Purple Prison actually offers a huge assortment of custom casino games for you to risk your money on and potentially walk away winning big.

    1. Earth MC

IP Address: earthmc.net

Minecraft Economy Servers Earth MC

Earth MC is such a crazy concept which is realized to say the absolute least where it uses data points from several NASA satellites to find accurate structures in Minecraft to model the entire planet earth.

Just like in real life, capitalism is absolutely intense and cutthroat that allows the players to monopolize industries. They also leverage the real estate market like plots of land and also establish their own cities full of people who pay their overlord to live there.

With realistic economic constraints such as interest rates and taxes, this server offers more than 700 active player shops in place by the server owners to keep economic activity stable and fair for all.

    1. Peaceful Farms

IP Address: play.peacefulfarms.com

Peaceful Farms

With a unique farming based economy concept, Peaceful farms actually becomes an interesting Minecraft server. Only items in this server that can be sold are farm-related, which is the main way for you to earn money.

Peaceful Farms let you develop huge farms that you can use to grow crops in bulk to sell. You can also buy in-game ranks with your new found wealth that allow for a variety of perks, upgrades and unique farming abilities.

Alongside the experience, this server also offers a wholesome and tight-knit server community. Reportedly, there are a lot of players who have been playing for years where they’re staying loyal to the server and coming back almost daily. We can say that this server feels more like a big family than anything.

    1. Ecocitycraft

IP Address: play.ecc.eco


If you are looking for the oldest economy servers, Ecocitycraft can be a great option for you. With seven years of uptime, this server is actually serious on providing you with a perfect and dedicated economically driven Minecraft server built from the ground up.

Ecocitycraft actually offers an outstanding 5,000 active chest shops that are currently maintained by players within the current map. However, a lot of players wish that it can be purchased on ecocitycraft.

Moreover, ecocitycraft totally operates a large community forums presence that are currently touting 1,000,000 posts. Because the players often list and request the items, most of those posts are related to the server economy in some way or another. So far, this level of commitment and activity will go to show the raw depth of the financial system that this server has created.

    1. TormentMC

IP Address: play.tormentmc.com:25614


It is known that TormentMC is newer than all the other entries on our list. With its extensive list of gorgeous features that mainly set out to extend the typical Minecarft survival experience, this server adds on the dimension of an in-depth players based economy.

On TormentMC server, there are a number of ways that you can take to earn money. Sure, the main way here is through getting a job. You will be able to get a job with the in-game command ‘/jobs’. Certainly, there are many jobs found in this server that can be worked through and progressed towards.

What makes TormentMC so worth is in its ability to maintain a balanced and flowing economy through leveraging a hundred of brilliant and custom plugins. For example, this is the full-on auction house system where you can instantly buy and sell the items with each other across the server.

    1. DemocracyCraft

IP Address: play.democracycraft.net


This server actually takes the form of a large functional Minecraft town that is created, maintained and developed by players. Sure, you can select others as members of the government who will be able to make new rules and decisions for the city.

Well, the big part of this server is the economy where you will have an opportunity to earn money by working on various jobs or even starting your own business and hiring others. On Democracycraft, there are a number of ways that you can take to spend money including extravagant purchases such as helicopters, huge mansions and luxurious cars.

Okay, those are the best Minecraft Economy servers that you can take to earn money and purchase it for some in-game items. Make sure to choose the best Minecraft economy server to make your gameplay going well.

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