Minecraft Axolotl Enclosure Ideas

One of the best things that come with the Minecraft Update 1.17 is Axolotl. Axolotl is undoubtedly one of the cutest mobs in the game. That’s why there is no excuse for you to not having them and making an enclosure for them.

Just like their real life counterparts, there is no way for the Axolotls in Minecraft to survive on land. It is the reason why it is a must for them to be kept in the water unless you want them to die. If you are aware the importance of making an enclosure for Axolotl in Minecraft but you have no idea how to make one and where to start, you are suggested to find some ideas on Youtube.

Minecraft Axolotl Enclosure Ideas

Finding some ideas to make an enclosure for Axolotl on Youtube is easy. Feel free to follow these following steps to do it:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official website of Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/. Aside from that, you can also open the app called Youtube if you have already installed it on your device.
    2.  When it opens, go straight to the search bar to enter the keyword that you are looking for. You can enter something like “Minecraft Axolotl enclosure” or enter the similar things such as “Minecraft Axolotl tank” and “Minecraft Axolotl aquarium”. Besides, you can also add the word “ideas”.
    3. After deciding with the keyword, lastly, press Enter to get the results shown.

Youtube has a lot of videos related to building an enclosure for Axolotl in Minecraft. One of the best was shared by a Youtube channel called One Team on September 19, 2021. It seems like many people also find the tutorial video useful as it has been viewed 432.413 times since the first time it was released. It is not surprising because the video is excellent. It explains every single step well. If you are curious, here is every single step that you have to follow to be able to make an enclosure for Axolotl in the game, as explained on the video:

    1. The process of building an aquarium in Minecraft can be started by building the shape of aquarium. Actually, the very first thing is to gather the materials. To be able to find the list of the materials that are needed, please watch the video and stop at 0.06 second.
    2. After collecting every material that is included in the list, you will need to make the terrain with the combination of sand and coarsed dirt.
    3. The next thing that you need to do is to build 2 circular shapes on the side.
    4. On this side, a slightly different hole.
    5. After that, patch the enclosure from all sides.
    6. You are also recommended to make a garden in order to make the enclosure prettier. If you have no idea where to make, the best one would be on the side and at the top.
    7. It is time for you to decorate the enclosure
    8. Once you are done with decorating, the last thing that you need to do is to release Axolotls into the enclosure.

It should be easy for you to make an enclosure for Axolotl in Minecraft by following the guide above. If you find it hard following the written guide, it is better for you to watch the tutorial video shared by One Team. If you find something confusing while watching the video or if you have something to ask, do not hesitate to seek help by leaving a comment under the comment section of the video. While there is no guarantee to get a direct reply from the owner of the channel, at least there is a chance of you to get a response from the viewers. In case you get no one, try to find the answer by visiting the communities or forums. Since most of them can be found online, it should be easy for you to find them.

Apart from the tutorial video by One Team, another recommended one to be used as a reference was made by a Reddit user called u/vexville. The user shared a way to build a neat and simple enclosure interior design. In order to give a simple and detailed look, a wide variety of blocks is used. The creator did a good job when decided to use trapdoors atop the enclosure to prevent it from having a blocky look. Not only that, two quartz stairs are also used to create the sides of the tank. There is no doubt that it is another great use of block manipulation and adds a lot of detail that is not too much and not too annoying. If you think the stairs are not fit with your taste, you can try to use different types of stairs and see how would it turn out.

Furthermore, the enclosure uses the blue terracotta at the bank at it, which is an amazing option as it gives off aquatic vibes. If you want to add light while still keeping the aquatic vibe, sea lanterns are the perfect options.

To make the enclosure more interesting, tons of sea life are added to it. An Axolotl can be seen floating in the enclosure, but please do not hesitate to add more. Besides, it is a must for you to add enough water if you want to make the animal lasts long and comfortable.

Axolotls would look good with seagrass and kelp. So, do not miss the chance to make them look fantastic by adding these things. Go to Pinterest to see how the Axolotls would look like when they are surrounded by these things. On the same platform, you can also find more ideas to make enclosure for Axolotls in Minecraft. When building and decorating one, the most important thing is to not be afraid to try and to explore. You have skills and imagination so please use them well.

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