Midge ACNH Ranking & Popularity

Midge is one of the bird villagers in the Animal Crossing New Horizons. As you know that there are a lot of villagers in the game. In each species, even there are a lot of varieties. Let’s say in the bird species of villagers, there are Lucha, Midge, Piper, Jacques, Jay, Anchovy, Jacob, Admiral, Peck, Jitters, Sparro, Robin and Twiggy.

Well, among these bird villager, in which position is Midge? Is this bird villager popular? Let’s find out about this information here together with the other information about Midge such as who Midge is, the appearance of Midge, the personality of Midge, and house which is owned by Midge.

Midge ACNH Ranking & Popularity

Ranking of Midge

From some sources, the position of Midge in a rank is different. In the Fanbyte, Midge is ranked in the tier C in the Animal Crossing Tier List for Bird species. In the list, the most popular birds is Jacques. Here is the tier list of the Animal Crossing Birds Tier List based on Fanbyte where Midge is ranked in the Tier C.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
A Jacques Smug Zut alors
B Lucha Smug cacaw
C Piper Peppy chickadee
C Anchovy Lazy chuurp
C Jay Jock heeeeeyy
C Midge Normal tweedledee
D Admiral Cranky Aye aye
D Jacob Lazy chuuuuurp
D Jitters Jock bzzert
D Peck Jock crunch
D Robin Snooty La-di-da
D Sparro Jock Like whoa
D Twiggy Peppy cheepers

Being ranked in the Tier C by Fanbyte means that the bird is an average villager and they do not really stand out.

Meanwhile, on the Game With website, Midge is ranked in the 97th position for the best villager in the game. In the 96th position, there is Biskit and in the 98th position, there is Wade.

How about villager ranking on the Animal Crossing Portal website? And, which position is Midge at? According to the Animal Crossing Portal, in the Villager Popularity Tier List that is shown on the site, Midge is in the Tier 5 which means less popular. In this Tier 5, Midge is at 52nd position. At the 51st position, there is Boomer and at the 53rd position, there is Cyd. The first position of this Tier 5 list is Celia.

Who is Midge?

Midge acnh1

In the Animal Crossing, Midge is a bird villager who has normal personality. This villager has made appearances in every Animal Crossing game, but she did not appear in the Animal Crossing Wild World.

This bird villager is a female and her personality is normal. Her birthday is on March 12th and her skill is tongue twisters. You are able to see the small biodata of this bird villager below.

    • Name: Midge
    • Gender: Female
    • Personality: Normal
    • Species: Bird
    • Birthday: March 12th.
    • Initial Phrase: tweedledee
    • Initial clothes: New Spring Tee and then Silk Shirt
    • Home Request: Midge’s Hair Salon
    • Skill: Tongue Twisters
    • Goal: Artist
    • Coffee: three spoonfuls of sugar, lots of milk, blend
    • Favorite song: K.K. Stroll

The Appearance of Midge

As you are able to see in the Animal Crossing game that Midge has magenta and white color. She has a yellow beak and yellow-orange swirl patterns which can be seen on her cheeks. She has a pair of eyes in the form of dots and there is an eyelash on each of her eyes.

Her stomach is white and at the ends of her tail feathers and wings, the color gradually lighten from pink to light pink and then to white. On the back of her head, there is a crest with a small curl at the tip which also fades from pink to white.

As you are able to see from the small biodata of Midge above, her initial shirt is the New Spring Tee. When it rains, this bird villager will bring a daffodil umbrella.

The Personality of Midge

This bird villager has a normal personality. Often, she acts kinds to the player. Since Midge has a normal personality, so usually she can get along with peppy, lazy, snooty, smug and other normal villagers. However, this normal bird may conflict with cranky and sisterly villagers. Midge usually wakes up at 6:00 am. Midge can make friends easily.

The House Owned by Midge

The house owned by Midge is gently themed. In the house, there are furniture from the Lovely Series and the Regal Series such as the Regal Bed and the Lovely Dresser. The flooring that she chooses throughout the game is the Birch Flooring and the wallpaper is the Rose Wall.

House Owned by Midge in Animal Crossing
In Animal Crossing

From the Animal Forest to Animal Forest e+, the house of this bird has the gentle theme which is shown in later games with a lot of the furniture which consists of pieces from the Lovely Series including a Lovely End Table, the Lovely Stereo that plays K.K. Lullaby and a Lovely Chair. There are also other furniture that you can find in her house namely a Regal Bed, two Dingloids and a parakeet. In addition, there are three shirts and four umbrellas.

House Owned by Midge city folk
In City Folk

In the Animal Crossing City Folk, the house of this bird still keeps the gentle theme same as she did from the previous series of the games namely Animal Forest to Animal Forest e+. Even, she still have the Lovely Chair, Regal Bed, and the Lovely Dresser and there is the Lovely Vanity along with a Red Tie-Dye Shirt. She does not have a Stereo. However, if she has one, it will play K.K. Lullaby.

House Owned by Midge In New Life
In New Leaf

How About her house in the Animal Series New Leaf? Her house has more furniture from the Lovely Series and some from the Regal Series. Those are the Lovely Kitchen, the Lovely Table which has a CD Player that plays K.K. Lullaby and the Regal Lamp. She still have furniture such as the Regal Bed and the Lovely End Table which has the Tea Set on top. There are also the other furniture such as fridge, air conditioner, snow cone machine and a Plinkoid. The wallpaper that she used in this game is Palor Wall.

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