Met Her on the Internet Roblox ID Loud Code

With the plenty of the audios available in Roblox, you definitely can make your games or your gameplay more fun. That’s totally a fact when you are playing Roblox games while listening to music, your brain will be more refreshed and get rid of your stress.

One of the fun audios that you can play when playing Roblox games is ‘Met Her on the Internet’. This is one of most-wanted audios in Roblox, as it has been rapidly popular among Roblox players. To play this song, you surely have to know the ID code of Met He on the Internet song.

Met Her on the Internet Roblox ID Loud Code

Here’s the Met Her on the Internet Roblox ID!

The ID code of ‘Met Her on the Internet’ Roblox ID is 6492702541. After finding the code, you can use it for any purposes such as sound effects, music background, narration and many more. So, let’s use the Met Her on the Internet ID for some purposes below!

  1. Play this song on your game

You can play the song of Met Her on the Internet  while playing the game. If you want to play this song, you will need to play a game which has a gear icon. Generally, one of the gear icons that you can find in the catalog of Roblox is Golden Boombox.

Here’s how to play Met Her on the Internet song!

    • Once you are at the game, click on the ‘Golden Boombox’.
    • By clicking the Golden Boombox, there will be a GUI window that appears on your screen.
    • A GUI window here requires you to enter the ID code of the Met Her on the Internet.
    • Then, click on the code bar.
    • Paste the Met Her on the Internet ID code in the GUI bar.
    • Last, click the ‘Play’ button to play this song.
    • Let’s enjoy the Met on the Internet song while playing your favorite games.

An alternative way, you can also listen to the Met on the Internet song by using the admin command. However, you can do this if you are an admin of the game that you are playing. To use the admin command, you only need to press the ‘Ctrl-V’ to paste it in your music ID.

  1. Add this song on your own game

If you are a game creator, you can also use the Met Her on the Internet song to add into your own game. However, if a game has audio, we think the game is better and more interesting in Roblox. So, here’s how to add the Met Her on the Internet song into your own game!

    • First, you need to open Roblox Studio and then go to the ‘View’ Tab.
    • After that, you can click on the ‘Explorer’ and ‘Properties’
    • If you want to add an object, you can click the ‘plus’ icon after hovering an  item on your Explorer.
    • You can then click on the ‘Sound’ option.
    • Then, you can also click on the newly created Sound object.
    • After that, go to the ‘Properties’ window.
    • Once finding the Asset ID of the Met Her on the Internet, you can paste it and hit ‘Enter’. You also need to turn on the ‘Playing’ option.
    • Go to StarterGui and click on the (+) icon and choose the ‘LocalScript’.
    • Make sure to delete all of the contents on the script bar and then type ‘game.Workspace.Sound:Play()’,
    • Then, close the LocalScript window, test the game and check if the song works on your game.
    • Last step, you need to click the ‘Play’ button to run the game on the Test section on your Toolbar.

Congratulations! You successfully add the Met Her on the Internet song into your own game.

Moreover, if you want to make the Met Her on the Internet song easy to listen to on your game, it’s highly recommended for you to enable other features  in the Properties window. You can also adjust the volume of the Met Her on the Internet song.

  1. Play Roblox audio randomly

You can also play a number of songs randomly while playing Roblox by activating the Music Randomizer. To randomly shuffle the background music, you will need the scripts to shuffle the songs. The script will also avoid  back-to-back repeats.

To shuffle the Roblox audios randomly, you should create a new ‘LocalScript’ inside ‘StarterPlayer → StarterPlayerScripts’ in the Explorer Window. After that, you have to delete all existing lines and then paste the script that we’ll show below. However, we only show you a few parts of the scripts.

To find the complete script for Music Randomizer, you can find it  at Roblox Developer site. Here’s for the scripts:

local SoundService = game:GetService(“SoundService”)


— Number of other songs required to play before the same song can play again


local DEFAULT_VOLUME = 0.5


local random =

local recentlyPlayedSoundObjects = {}


— Array of song asset IDs to play randomly

local songs = {





— Create and store sound objects to use in-game

local soundObjects = {}

for _, songID in ipairs(songs) do

            local soundObject =“Sound”)

            soundObject.SoundId = songID

            soundObject.Volume = DEFAULT_VOLUME

            soundObject.Parent = SoundService

            table.insert(soundObjects, soundObject)


…… (The script is still continuing)

More Roblox Song IDs

You may want to play other songs while playing Roblox games or add them into your game especially if you are a game creator. You do not have to worry, as there are tons of Roblox audios that you can use. Well, to ease you finding other Roblox song IDs, we also show them for you. Here are they:

Track Roblox ID
Low Quality Angry Birds Theme 6494818409
Ugh – Friday Night -OST 6502747381
Whitty and Carol 6493802631
jungkook – still with you (lofi ver) 6499464575
Minecraft OST – Tall (End Music Disc Concept) 6492729620
Kikuo – Gomenne, Gomenne 6494759609
Genshin Impact HuTa0 Theme – Let The Living Beware 6494397860
L-Gante || BZRP Music Sessions #38 6501651565
Doja Cat – Streets 650203437
Poopie | U.K. Hon ~ Series 2 Cast Of RPDR U.K. 6492729642
Security Breach Trailer Remix 6492741227
hinoni – landmine 6492735040

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