Melty Blood Tier List

Melty Blood is known as the action fighting game. This one was released for the first time in 2002. Since then, everyone around the world has been privileged to enjoy the game. The game has more than 30 fighting characters, in which some of them are in the locked state. If you want to unlock them, you will have to make the progress in the story mode of the game. Each character has a great skill and abilities to attack and to defend the attacks of the opponents.

Talking about the characters of Melty Blood, they are divided into five groups. Nero Ryougi is the leading character in the group S. Each character in group S is considered as the best fighter in the game with the highest number of scores worldwide. In the group A+, Arc and Satsuki are the two of the most prominent heroes. All of them are almost as good as the ones included in the first group. The main characters included in the group A are Akiha and HisuKoha. They might not be as good as the ones before but they are good enough. You are able to pick them up. Aoko and Ciel are some of the main characters that you are able to find in group B. Compared to the others (except group C), they are definitely not the strongest and not that strong for you to include in your team. In the last group, which is the group C, the leading heroes include KohaMech and NecoArc. As you can guess, being last means the weakest. Basically, each of the characters in this group is the weakest in the game.

Melty Blood

Here is the full tier list of Melty Blood:

Tier S


    • Nero Ryougi

Tier A+


    • Arc
    • Satsuki
    • Seifuku
    • Wara

Tier A


    • Akiha
    • HisuKoha
    • Kohaku
    • Kouma
    • Len
    • Mach
    • Nayana
    • PCiel
    • Ries
    • Roa
    • Sion
    • VAkiha
    • Warc

Tier B


    • Aoko
    • Ciel
    • Hime
    • Miyako
    • Shiki
    • VSion
    • WLen

Tier C


    • KohaMech
    • NecoArc
    • NecoArcChaos
    • Necomech

The tier list of Melty Blood above is the newest one. Apart from that, there are some different versions of the Melty Blood tier list. They are made based on their respective region. Please take a note that these lists were created out of the discussions held over the course of many years of playing and it is possible to be changed on the basis of new discovery or breakthroughs. On the other words, the list will show relative strength among the melty case, but nothing fully sets in stone.

Na Region:

    • ScrawVermillion’s Tier List (2019 version)
    • Jbelanger’s Tier List
    • Alps Tier List

SA Region:

    • Onemi’s Tier List
    • Inso Tier List

JPN Region:

    • Ragu’s Tier List
    • Alicecolor’s Tier List
    • Yuhi’s Tier List
    • Red Melon Tier List

EU Region:

    • Eika’s Tier list

You are able to find the complete information about these tier lists on Wiki. Here is the link that you will take you to that specific page: In that page, you will also be able to find some links that will take you to the videos that explain the thought process. Please click each of them and spend your time watching them. In case you have something to ask, do not hesitate to leave a comment on the comment section of the video. Even if the owner of the channel does not reply to your question, you can hope the other visitors are kind enough to help you on your issue by leaving a reply.

About Melty Blood

The game called Melty Blood is included in the Melty Blood series. This one is the first game of the series. The game was supposed to be released on the PC in December. What is the story of the game about? If you are curious, keep reading the whole post.

The story of Melty Blood revolves around the character named Satsuki Yumizuka. She is gone. The second character named Shiki Tohno hears about a new series of murders in Misaki that reminds him of the one that took place during Tsukihime. During his journey searching for the murderer, he meets Sion Eltnam Atlasia, the one who loves to fight him, trying to catch him. When the fight is done, she tells him that the reason why she is trying to catch him is to get in contact with the True Ancestor, which is also more known as Arcueid. She wants to know the information on how to cure vampirism. Upon hearing her intention, Shiki decides to land his hand with this task.

The whole series is about fights. The fight story will branch in one of two ways, depending on the result. In the end, it corresponds to the ending of the game.

In the earlier paragraph, it has been stated that there are a lot of characters in Melty Blood and each of them has a great skill and abilities to attack and to defend the attacks of the opponents. In order to protect yourself from the attacks of the opponents, there is a shield that can be used. Feel free to place it in front of the opponent to block their attack that is directed towards you. Using the shield bunker is really effective to attack the opponent at the same time blocking their attacks. Apart from that, you are also able to counter the opponents with some magic skills. The good news is that each character in the game is blessed with some special attacking abilities.

Thanks to the help of the special attack, attacking and defending the attacks of the opponent at the same time is possible. This way is really good to neutralize their attacks. When you are being hit by the attack of the opponent, you will be given a feature to restore some of your health points by Melty Blood. However, it is not always available and it is also possible in a few conditions and situations of the game. For more information about this game, go to Wiki or some other reliable sources.

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