Mega Rayquaza Weakness

Mega Rayquaza is the term used to call the alternate form of Rayquaza. This one is weak against Ice, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy. For those who want to know more about its weaknesses, below is the list of everything included in these four.


    • Sandshrew
    • Sandslash
    • Vulpix
    • Ninetales
    • Dewgong
    • Cloyster
    • Mr. mime
    • Jynx
    • Lapras
    • Lapras
    • Articuno
    • Sneasel
    • Swinub
    • Piloswine
    • Delibird
    • Smoochum

Sandshrew refers to the Ground kind of Pokemon that was introduced in Gen I. The Ice and Steel kind of Pokemon was introduced in Gen VII. The last one is exclusive to Pokemon Moon.


Sandshrew’s body consists of two colors, white and yellow. Its back is yellow and it looks like bricked pavement or walls. At the front, you will be able to see its white belly. Its head is so small while its tail is short. It has four legs and all of them are short. When it comes to the appearance, it looks like an armadillo. Just like armadillo, it has the ability to curl into a very tight ball and the size is about the size of a basketball.

The Alolan form of Sandshrew named Alolan Sandshrew has a white belly, just like the normal one. The difference of it compared to the normal one is that it has ice blue back because it has adapted to the cold climate of the snowy mountains. Even though the color is different compared to the previous one, the back still looks like bricked pavement or walls. Its ice body is mainly covered by the steel hard ice armor. It also has a small head, short tail, and four short legs.


Sandshrews tend to be shy and they love to run away by digging holes. Actually, the skilled trainers can change their nature to be braver and to be more courageous.

Best stats:

HP 50 210 304
Attack 75 139 273
Defense 85 157 295
Sp. Atk 20 40 152
Sp. Def 30 58 174
Speed 40 76 196
Total 300 Min Max

Mega Rayquaza weeknes


    • Geodude
    • Geodude (Alola Form)
    • Graveler
    • Graveler (Alola Form)
    • Golem
    • Golem (Alola Form)
    • Onix
    • Rhyhorn
    • Rhydon
    • Omanyte
    • Omastar
    • Kabuto
    • Kabutops
    • Aerodactyl
    • Mega Aerodactyl
    • Dusowoodo

Geodude refers to the Rock and Ground kind of Pokemon that was introduced in Gen I. the Rock and Electric kind of it was introduced in Gen VII.


Geodude is such a unique one. This one has no nose and there is a rock on top of its head. Besides, it has two long arms, which both start with a bulging muscle and the end of them are rock hands that look like they are owned by humans. The Alolan ones are grey. They have black eyebrows and there are also three hands with fingers.


Geodude are usually found in the fields and on the mountains. A lot of people unintentionally step or trip on them. They often have no idea that they are Geodude and they usually mistake them for rocks. They have strong arms so that they are able to claim the mountains easily. They are often being shot by the rhyperior as they think Geodudes are normal rocks.

The Alolan version of Geodude has an electrical and magnetic body. Those who accidentally step on it will feel like getting electrocuted. As it is blessed with electricity, it usually competes in battles.

Best stats:

HP 40 190 284
Attack 80 148 284
Defense 100 184 328
Sp. Atk 30 58 174
Sp. Def 30 58 174
Speed 20 40 152
Total 300 Min Max


    • Mega Charizard X
    • Exeggutor
    • Dratini
    • Dragonair
    • Dragonite
    • Mega Ampharos
    • Kingdra
    • Mega Sceptile
    • Vibrava
    • Flygon
    • Altaria
    • Mega Altaria
    • Bagon
    • Shelgon
    • Salamence
    • Mega Salamence

Exeggutor refers to the Grass and Psychic kind of Pokemon that was introduced in Gen I. The Grass and Dragon kind of it was introduced in Gen VII.


Due to its appearance, people call Exeggutor as Coconut Pokemon. Rather than a coconut tree, it actually looks like a walking palm tree. However, it has the heads like coconut’s, which each of the head has its own will.  It has two fatty legs and the head that keeps growing. It is blessed with the Telepathy that is usually used to discuss with the others before making a decision.

Compared to the Kantonian Exeggutor, the Alolan version named Alolan Exeggutor one is much taller. It also has a slim body. Just like the Kantonian, it has a tall. The tail itself ends being a coconut with an additional face.


The Kantonian Exeggutor is known as the Walking Jungle. According to the tales, one of its heads would fall off and produce an Exeggute. In fact, each head thinks differently and rarely bickers with one another. Some Exeggutor have a good body thanks to the cooler climates.

Best stats:

HP 60 230 324
Attack 40 76 196
Defense 80 148 284
Sp. Atk 60 112 240
Sp. Def 45 85 207
Speed 40 76 196
Total 325 Min Max


    • Clefairy
    • Clefable
    • Ninetales
    • Jigglypuff
    • Wigglytuff
    • Rapidash
    • Weezing
    • Mr. mime
    • Cleffa
    • Igglybuff
    • Togepl
    • Togetic
    • Marill
    • Azumarill
    • Snubbull
    • Granbull

Clefairy refers to the Fairy kind of Pokemon that was introduced in Gen I. Before Gen VI, it was actually the Normal kind of Pokemon.


Clefairy is such a cute creature. It is small, round in shape, and has a pink body. Its body looks like a start in shape. There are two white claws of its hand as well as a thumb. It has short ears, curled and long tail, and pink cheeks. In addition, it also has small wings on its back.


Clefairy has a shy personality, that’s explains why it rarely shows up in front of people. It is blessed with intelligence. It is nocturnal, the one that is active at night. When the full moon, it will come out and dance under it.

Best stats:

HP 70 250 344
Attack 45 85 207
Defense 48 90 214
Sp. Atk 60 112 240
Sp. Def 65 121 251
Speed 35 67 185
Total 323 Min Max