Masquerade Siouxxie Roblox ID

If you want to listen to the song ‘Masquerade’ sung by Siouxxie in your Roblox gameplay, you surely will need its ID code. Without inputting the ID code, you actually cannot play this song while playing any Roblox games. If you want to listen to ‘Masquerade’ song, make sure you already have its ID code.

If you’re looking for the ID code of ‘Masquerade’ song, you’re at the right page, as this post will show you the Masquerade Siouxxie ID code below. So, you will be able to listen to Masquerade songs in Roblox.

Here’s the Masquerade Siouxxie Roblox ID!

The ID code of Masquerade Siouxxie is 5957501509. Once you have this code, you can use it to play this song while playing Roblox. For game developers, the Roblox audios can be used for any purposes including their own game music background, as sound effects, narration and many more.

How to Play Masquerade Siouxxie Song in Roblox?

The main purpose of the Roblox players in finding the Roblox ID code of Masquerade Siouxxie is none other than to be able to play the song while you are playing the game. So, if you already find the Masquerade Siouxxie ID code, you can then use the code to play this song.

In order to listen to the Masquerade Siouxxie song in Roblox, it requires a Golden Boombox gear that you can find in the catalog of Roblox. So, here’s how to play Masquerade Siouxxie in Roblox!

    • First, click on the ‘Golden Boombox’ to play the Masquerade Siouxxie song in Roblox.
    • If you click the gear, a GUI window will show on your screen.
    • It will show a bar that requires you to enter the ID code of Masquerade Siouxxie song.
    • Here, you need to click the code bar and paste the ‘Masquerade Siouxxie’ ID code in the GUI.
    • Last, click the ‘Play’ button to listen to this song.

That’s it! You can now listen to the Masquerade Siouxxie song while playing your favorite game in Roblox.

The good news for an admin of a game! Why? That’s because they can use the admin command to play the Masquerade Siouxxie song in Roblox. To use the admin command, you can only press ‘Ctrl + V’ to paste the command in your music ID. Now, you can enjoy listening to Masquerade Siouxxie song.

How to Add the Masquerade Siouxxie Song to Your Own Game?

If you are a game developer, you can add Masquerade Song into your own game. You can use this song as the background music in your own game. However, the way to add the Masquerade Song into your game is very easy, as long as you know the Asset ID of this song.

Before you add Masquerade Song into your own game, you need to find the Asset ID of this  Masquerade Song. So, let’s follow our steps of adding the Masquerade sing into your own game!

    • Go to Roblox Studio.
    • Once you are at Roblox Studio, click on the ‘View’ Tab.
    • In this tab, choose the options of ‘Explorer’ and ‘Properties’.
    • To add an object, select the (+) icon once you hover an item on your Explorer.
    • After that, click on the ‘Sound’ option. Alternatively, you will be able to click on the newly created Sound object.
    • Go to the ‘Properties’ window. Here, you will find the Asset ID of Masquerade Song.
    • After finding the Masquerade Song Asset ID, you can then paste it and press ‘Enter’. To check whether the song plays or not, you can turn on the ‘Playing’ option.
    • Now, you can go to  StarterGui.
    • Then, click on the (+) icon and select the ‘LocalScript’ option. Here, you need to remove all of the contents on the script bar. Then type ‘game.Workspace.Sound:Play()’,
    • Close the LocalScript window. All you have to do now is to test the game and check if the song works on your game or not.
    • Last, to run the game on the Test section on your Toolbar, you need to click the ‘Play’ button.

Well, those are step-by-step to add the Masquerade Song into your own game.

Alternatively, you can also find the Asset ID of Masquerade Song on the Roblox Marketplace by using the Toolbox on the left. You can also narrow your search by looking for a creator or also clicking on the filter icon to easily find the Asset ID of Masquerade Song. You can then right-click on the Masquerade Song and select ‘Copy Asset ID’.

About Masquerade Song

The song of Masquerade was originally sung by Siouxxie. This song is available on Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube Music. If you want to listen to the original Masquerade song, you can listen to this song on the official Siouxxie YouTube channel HERE.

Talking about the lyrics, Siouxxie emphasizes that the Masquerade song has Explicit Lyric, meaning the lyric may not be appropriate or intended for minors. So, parents should be aware to warn the children not to read its lyrics.

Here’s a part of Masquerade song lyrics:

Sipping blood like im a vampire
Taste like codeine, drippin on me
Masquerade now where’s the coke line
Playing bloodlines, wheres that clapback
Feel like dracula way i scare you
Cry for help but i cant hear you
Now you part of my blood omen

Getting high off serotonin
Masquerade masquerade masquerade masquerade
Masquerade masquerade masquerade masquerade
Catch your skin right on my fang

Masquerade masquerade masquerade masquerade
Masquerade masquerade masquerade masquerade
Soon you’ll know what is my name

Masquerade masquerade masquerade masquerade
Masquerade masquerade masquerade masquerade
Mortal souls is what i crave

More Roblox Song IDs

Aside from Masquerade song, you may also want to listen to other songs in Roblox. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to find a fun and easy-listening song to be played while playing Roblox. No worries, we’ll also show you some Roblox Song IDs that you can choose. Here are they:

Audio ID Code
twenty one pilots – Ride 5957523438
BLACKPINK – “Crazy Over You” [FULL] 5964232207
Axxturel – {{166}} all eyez on me 5966015771
|ℓ| STAYC – “SO BAD” [FULL] 5958305454
With My – C2D! 5960310962
twenty one pilots – Chlorine 5957732251
Lazy Flow By ImDontai 5957979550
Webi Wabo (Hecho por Mo y9_x) 5961704537
Unravel X Gurenge ####### ###### Remix] 5957537100
the new sweet groove 5957515031
WOODZ (조승연) | Different [FULL] 5957528529
ヒロアカHero tooミュージックビデオ(MV)雄英高校ヒーロー科1年A組僕のヒーローアカデミア4 5957546207
egg 5128532009
Caillou Trap Remix 212675193
ZEROTWOOOOO 3951847031
SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS (100,000+ sales) 160442087
shrek anthem 152828706
Louis Vuitton – Original 4935996782
raining tacos 142376088

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