Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth in Billion Dollars

Mark Zuckerberg is an Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is recognized for co-founding Facebook, Inc. and serves as its chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder. By the way, how much is Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth in 2021? Well, let us find the answer from this entire article.

What is Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth?

Mark Zuckerberg is an American technology entrepreneur who has a net worth of $135 billion dollars. According to research, Mark Zuckerberg is the third richest person in the world. From the top 100 richest people in the world, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest. Also, out of the top 30 richest people in the world, he is the youngest by more than a decade.

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth in Billion Dollars

Probably not surprisingly, The huge majority of Mark’s wealth is attributable to his shares in Facebook. Currently, Mark Zuckerberg has around 400 million total shares of Facebook, broken up into many classes which have different voting privileges. Mark Zuckerberg has about 12 million Class A shares of Facebook. Also, he has about 365 million of Class B shares of Facebook, approximately 81 percent of all the B shares. Through those Class B super voting shares, Mark Zuckerberg has 53 percent voting rights over the company. Also, Mark Zuckerberg controls co-founder Dustin Moskovitz’s Class B voting rights. Thus, he has about 58 percent of the company’s total voting power. On August 7, 2020, Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth reached $100 billion for the first time.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Details

On May 18, 2012, Facebook IPO at roughly $38 dollars a share. Mark Zuckerberg has $400 million shares of Facebook. It means that at the Facebook IPO he ended the day with a paper net worth of around 15 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg has promised to give 99% of his wealth during his lifetime. In 2017, Mark Zuckerberg said that he would plan to sell off chunks of his shares regularly to fund his foundation called CZI (Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative). His  share sales in 2018 generated $5.3 billion dollars worth of proceeds. In the year of 2019, Mark Zuckerberg sold $1.86 billion worth of Facebook shares.

What is Mark Zuckerberg’s salary?

For your information, the salary of Mark Zuckerberg is $1 per year. Lots of executives like Mark Zuckerberg select to pay themselves low salaries to increase the company’s profits as much as possible. Once the company maximizes profits, it will be able to increase the overall value of their stock holdings which is where the executive’s true wealth comes from. The executives like Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and Sergey Brin each obtain only $1 per year in salary.

Mark Zuckerberg – One of Co-founding Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, Moskovitz and several friends moved to Palo Alto (California), where they leased a small house which served as an office for Facebook in the spring of 2004.  Over the summer, Mark Zuckerberg met Peter Thiel who invested in the company. Formerly, the group planned to return to Harvard, but they decided to remain in California. They had turned down offers by major corporations to purchase the company. In the year of 2009, Mark Zuckerberg asked for advice from Peter Currie regarding the financing strategies for Facebook. In July, 2010, Mark Zuckerberg reported that the Facebook company reached the 500 million-user mark. Of course, now, Facebook is a tremendous social network which has made Mark Zuckerberg one of the richest men in this world.

Mark Zuckerberg - One of Co-founding Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s Real Estate

Mark Zuckerberg and Chan have about $200 million worth of real estate and land. Several of their most popular real estate assets include 700 acres in Hawaii, some homes in Palo Alto, and a townhouse in San Francisco. Of course, Mark Zuckerberg has a number of homes. The main home that he and his family live in is a home in Palo Alto that he bought in 2011 for $7 million.

    • In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg started purchasing the four surrounding properties for his home. The cost was $43 million. Mark Zuckerberg leased those homes back to their previous owners, and planned to demolish and rebuild them in the year of 2016. But, city officials rejected his plan. Thus, Mark Zuckerberg conveyed a new plan to renovate two of the homes and then rebuild the other two as single-story homes.
    • In 2013, Mark Zuckerberg paid $10 million for a 5,500 square foot house in San Francisco. This home was built in 1928. It sits on a 9,800 square foot lot with 70 feet of sidewalk frontage. Mark Zuckerberg  spent more than $1.6 million for renovating the house. He spent about $65,000 to remodel the kitchen and one bathroom.
    • In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg purchased two properties in Kauai in Hawaii for $100 million. Those two properties span 750 acres across an isolated stretch of a Hawaiian beach. In the year of 2017, Mark Zuckerberg purchased another 89 acres nearby for more than $45 million.
    • In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg dropped $59 million on two private waterfront estates on Lake Tahoe. Between the two properties, he has 600 feet of Lake Tahoe private waterfront.

Some Key Facts of Mark Zuckerberg

Here are some facts about Mark Zuckerberg:

    • Mark Zuckerberg founded from his Harvard dorm room on February 4, 2004.
    • Mark Zuckerberg turned down a $1 billion cash buyout offer from Yahoo in July 2006, when he was 22 years old.
    • Mark Zuckerberg has about 400m shares of Facebook.
    • Mark Zuckerberg controls 58 percent of FB equity total voting power.
    • His net worth broke $100 billion dollars for the first time on August 7, 2020.
    • Mark Zuckerberg has promised to give 99 percent of his wealth in his lifetime.
    • Mark Zuckerberg has about $200 Million in personal real estate around the United States.
    • Mark Zuckerberg paid $43 Million to obtain the four homes surrounding his home in Palo Alto.
    • Mark Zuckerberg paid $145 Million for around 840 acres on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

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