Magepunk Spectre Valorant Price

You may like Magepunk in Valorant and you want to buy it. If you want to buy it, the information about the price is important for you to know so that you will know how much VP that you have to collect to be able to buy this item.

The Price of Valorant Magepunk Bundle

According to Talk Esport, the bundle price is 6,734 VP and this information is based on the leaks. However, according to Valorant Strike, the price is 7,100 VP and it was released on April 1st, 2021. According to Dexerto, the price of the Magepunk skins bundle is 1,775 VP per gun, 3,500 VP for melee or and for the bundle the price is 7,100 VP. In the list below, you are able to see the price of the items.

    • Ghost
      The price is 1,775.
      Magepunk Ghost
    • Spectre
      The price is 1,775 VP.
      Magepunk Spectre1
    • Bucky
      The price is 1,775 VP.
      Magepunk Bucky
    • Marshal
      The price is 1,775 VP.
      Magepunk marshal
    • Electroblade (Melee)
      The price is 1,775 VP.
      Magepunk Electroblade (Melee)

According to that site, in the bundle, there are also a Player Card, a Spray and 2 Gun Buddies.

About Magepunk Bundle

Magepunk Spectre Valorant Price

The information about the Magepunk skin bundle was leaked by dataminers on Twitter before this bundle was released. The Magepunk bundle has a blue metallic finish and there are some variants. In the collection, unique upgrades are also available to the weapons across 4 levels and this information was leaked by popular Valorant dataminer, Valor Leaks on Twitter.

As you are able to see in the price information above, in this bundle, there are skins of some Valorant weapons including Electroblade, Bucky, Ghost, Marshal and Spectre. As also informed by Valor Leaks on Twitter where this information then also explained on Talk Esport, there are the effects which will be added to the skins on leveling them up. Those effects are listed below.

    • Level 2: There is custom muzzle flash and firing audio.
    • Level 3: there are animations and exposed glass components, through which electricity visual effects are visible.
    • Level 4: Finisher and Kill Banner

The Inspiration of Magepunk

As explained on Dexerto, Magepunk is a different concept from everything that you may have seen in Valorant in advance. The Valorant’s Art Lead Sean Marino says that originally, this began as a steampunk exploration and usually with that you have a lot of oily brass, copper and gears everywhere. In addition, he says that they have seen a lot of this in games and other media and did not just want to be another generic version of a fantasy that already exists. He says that they set out to work on the design and make it feel like it came from a different world than you usually see with steampunk. They developed a backstory and a technology source for it where instead of electricity being found at the turn of the century, it was magic. This finding pushed society much further and they see the technology of that area beginning to fuse with more modern designs.

He also says that they still wanted to show where the actual physical technology was at the time, so they decided to include mechanical joints to each weapon so it would still have that mild locomotive feel from the 19th century. That’s the thing that he says.

Bundles in Valorant

In Valorant, bundles are collections of cosmetics which can be purchased individually or all together and if you buy all together in a bundle, usually the price is reduced. As explained on the Valorant Wiki, most bundles are for new cosmetics collections when they are first released into the game. However, other bundles, such as the Run It Back Bundle, have previously released cosmetics.

In each bundle, there are weapons skins and as standard comes with a total of five. Some bundles will also have player cards, gunbuddies, and sprays and as standard comes with a total of one each.

If you decide to buy it as a bundle, some of the cosmetics are discounted or even become free. If in the bundle  there is a melee, the price of the bundle is the same as the total cost of the other gun skins and any sprays, gunbuddies and cards are given for free. There are also some bundles with a non-standard amount of accessories which may only be discounted instead of giving them for free. If there is no melee in the bundles, all weapons get a discount around 33% when contributing to the bundle price.

Until now, there are a lot of bundles released by Valorant and here are some of them.

    • Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Collection

In this bundle, there are skins including Classic, Vandal, Operator, Ares and Yoru’s stylish Butterfly Comb. There are also Gunbuddies including Valorant Go! Vol.2 Buddy Phoenix, Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Buddy Raze, Valorant Go! Vol.2 Buddy Sova, Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Buddy Viper, and Valorant Go! Vol.2 Buddy Yoru. Player Cards are also included in this bundle such as Raze, Sova, Viper, and Yoru. For Spray, there are Phoenix, Raze, Sova, Viper, and Yoru. The price of this bundle is 8855.

    • Spectrum Collection

This bundle was created in collaboration with Zedd. He worked on its audio elements. The price of this bundle is 10700. The skins in this bundle are Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Waveform. Gunbuddy in this bundle is Zedd Buddy. Player cards is Spectrum Card and the spray is Spectrum Spray.

    • Horizon Collection

The price of this bundle is 4270. In this bundle, there are several skins including Frenzy, Bucky, Spectre, Bulldog and Vandal.

    • Celestial Collection

The price of this bundle is 7100. In this bundle, there are some skins including Frenzy, Judge, Phantom, Ares and Fan. For the Gunbuddy, there is Celestial Buddy. There is also a Celestial card and Celestial spray.

    • Winterwunderland Collection

In this bundle, there are some skins including Ghost, Phantom, Marshal, Vandal, and Candy Cane. The price of this bundle is 5100.

    • Sensation Collection

Some skins are available in this bundle and those are Frenzy, Judge, Stinger, Vandal and Odin. This bundle can be bought for 2930.