Mad City Roblox Controls on Computer

How do you control Mad City on PC? You may be playing Mad City on PC, but you do not know the use of controls on PC, so playing it will be a bit hard. Certainly, playing any games on PC, you should master the controls if you want to reach the top score or higher point.

Why are controls so important in Mad City? Sure, Roblox Mad City allows you to drive vehicles. There are at least 66 different vehicles divided into land vehicles, sea vehicles and aerial vehicles. To drive a vehicle well, you will need to use the right controls on the PC.

Thankfully, this post will show you the use of controls for playing Mad City on PC. Let’s see the Mad City Controls on PC in our post below!

Mad City Roblox Controls on Computer

Controls to Play Mad City on PC

The use of controls to play Mad City on PC focus on how to drive the vehicles spawned everywhere by players. To spawn vehicles, you can use the Spawn menu on the Phone. Then, vehicles can be favored on the Spawn menu by clicking the star beside the vehicle name, and pinning them to the top of the list.

By interacting with them, you can enter and then drive vehicles. Need to know, if you drive an unowned vehicle, it will prompt you to purchase it if it’s for sale. Then, the vehicles which are purchased or obtained are permanently added onto the player’s phone.

Land Vehicles Controls

Here’s a list of controls to drive land vehicles in Mad City:

    • W: Accelerate forwards
    • S: Accelerate backwards
    • A: Steer left
    • D: Steer right
    • Left Shift: Hand brake
    • T: Radio (requires Vehicle Radio game pass)
    • M: Menu/Phone
    • E: Glide (Hyper Glider Only)
    • F: Siren (Police only)/Fire Turret (Rhino Only)/Fire Missile (Hyper Glider only)
    • Q:  Drop spike strips (Police only)
    • Left CTRL: Nitro
    • H: Honk Horn
    • G: Hover (Thunderbird only)

Sea Vehicles Controls

Controls how to drive a boat, jetski or Hydro. Here’s a list of controls to drive sea vehicles in Mad City:

    • W: Accelerate forwards
    • A: Steer left
    • D: Steer right
    • T: Radio (requires Vehicle Radio game pass)
    • M: Menu/Phone

Aerial Vehicles Controls

Here’s a list of controls to drive Plane, Falcon, Warhawk, Nighthawk, Banshee or Heatseeker:

    • W: Ascend
    • S: Descend
    • A: Move Left
    • D: Move Right
    • E: Power On
    • M: Menu/Phone
    • T: Radio (requires Vehicle Radio game pass)
    • F: Fire Missile (Warhawk/Nighthawk only)
    • R: Go Invisible (Nighthawk only)
    • G: Drop Bomb (Nighthawk/Falcon only)

Here’s a list of controls to drive Helicopter, Scout, Buzzard, UFO, Cobra or Archangel:

    • W: Move Forward
    • S: Move Backwards
    • A: Turn Left
    • D: Turn Right
    • E: Ascend
    • Q: Descend
    • M: Menu/Phone
    • T: Radio (requires Vehicle Radio game pass)
    • F: Fire Missile (Buzzard and Cobra only)
    • C: Drop Rope

Additional: Press E to get the key from the pyramid heist

Mad City Gameplay

The goal of Mad City is to guard the city from the chaotic circumstances. In this game, you’re allowed to pick a side before you start playing the game. What are they?

    • First, you can be a police officer to control the city and arrest criminals.
    • Second, you can be a criminal that robs the banks and overlooks other activities.
    • Last, you can be a superhero to save the city by using their superpowers.

So, here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Play as a police officer

If you choose to be a police officer, you will have the responsibility of protecting your city from being robbed. Unfortunately, the police do not have much to do in the city. They basically should arrest the criminals and stop other criminal activities by patrolling.

Being a policeman in Mad City, it will begin inside the Police Station in which you’re able to get armed and can appear in various vehicles. You’ll then get notified when the city is being robbed through the minimap.

After you get to the place where the robbery takes place, you should arrest the criminals that will directly send them to jail. Additionally, you can also lean out of the window, while driving and shoot which is kind of cool.

  1. Play as a criminal

If you are a criminal, you can rob banks or do some other criminal activities, after you reach the city. You should look if there’s a green sign outside the bank or not to find the right place. Then, if the green sign shows, you must go ahead and rob the bank. Aside from banks, you can also rob the Casino and Jewelry Store.

Basically, when you find any items, you just simply go towards it, and your character will break the glass and then find a good amount of loot. Once taking the loot, you need to finish a little obstacle to make your robbery successful. You can then return to the criminal base after completion and you’ll get the amount in your account that you have looted.

  1. Play as a superhero

In Mad City, you will have a bunch of superheroes to choose. Sure, each superhero has a special ability. In this case, the goal of superheroes is just like the police role. If you choose  to be a superhero, you will see criminal’s stats like the amount of money they carry.

After you understand the ability of your hero, you’re able to use it in the necessary timings. Then, you can also fly and discover the city that you cannot do with other characters. In conclusion, after you get familiar with it, you will really enjoy being a superhero.

Okay, after getting the clues what you should do in Mad City, you can now decide what the roles you will choose are either bad or good roles, whatever, it’s up to you! That’s the gameplay for Roblox Mad City.

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