Mackenzie Turner Roblox Name and Avatar in Brookhaven

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Probably Brookhaven players have heard about the Mackenzie Turner Roblox streams on YouTube at least once, but if you have not, stay with us. Now, Roblox is a great playground for the gamers, inexperienced developers, and content creators. There are many games that you can play on the Roblox platform, and the number increases day after day because many players try to release their ideas by using Roblox‘s tools and features. For the content creators, there are many games to choose from, but, role-playing games always have some special popularity among the streamers. Mackenzie Turner is one of the well-known content creators of YouTube who has been streaming Roblox Brookhaven RP for a few months. If you are a player of Roblox Brookhaven, we are sure that you would not want to miss Mackenzie Turner streams.

Mackenzie Turner Roblox Name and Avatar in Brookhaven

Who is Mackenzie Turner Roblox?

Mackenzie Turner is a YouTube content creator who mostly streams the game of Roblox, especially Roblox Brookhaven. Mackenzie Turner started making online video content about Roblox almost six months earlier. Now, she has a considerable amount of viewers on her live streams. During the last few months, Mackenzie Turner has been focused on the game of Roblox Brookhaven strictly, which is a role-playing game similar to the game of NoPixel’s GTA 5 Roleplay. Usually, Mackenzie Turner shows up with her new idea and story for her Brookhaven streams which makes her videos become famous among the players of Roblox.

Mackenzie Turner Roblox

Where to watch the Mackenzie Turner Roblox streams?

Currently, you are able to check out her latest live stream through her YouTube channel. Usually, Mackenzie Turner updates her channel with new content almost every day. Therefore, if you would like to have fun with several Roblox Brookhaven stories, ensure to visit her YouTube channel for checking out her latest videos. In fact, the active community inside Roblox is large enough that the primary developers behind the Roblox platform decided to enter the stock market earlier this month officially.

Growth of Mackenzie Turner Roblox YouTube Subscribers

The stats explained below in the table indicate followers drop and rise over the last few days.

Date   Subscribers Views Videos
Date Subscribers Views Videos
2021-09-03 1,420,000 +10,000 468,341,239 +2,160,288 255 +2
2021-09-02 1,410,000 466,180,951 +1,215,704 253 +2
2021-08-31 1,410,000 464,965,247 +2,596,552 251 +1
2021-08-29 1,410,000 462,368,695 +1,363,931 250 +2
2021-08-28 1,410,000 +10,000 461,004,764 +1,164,786 248 +1
2021-08-27 1,400,000 459,839,978 +1,111,435 247 +1
2021-08-26 1,400,000 458,728,543 +2,335,094 246 +1
2021-08-24 1,400,000 456,393,449 +1,243,686 245 +1
2021-08-23 1,400,000 +10,000 455,149,763 +1,434,543 244 +1
2021-08-22 1,390,000 453,715,220 +1,446,806 243 +2
2021-08-21 1,390,000 452,268,414 +1,351,242 241 +1
2021-08-20 1,390,000 450,917,172 +2,771,929 240 +1
2021-08-18 1,390,000 +10,000 448,145,243 +1,381,540 239 +1
2021-08-17 1,380,000 446,763,703 +1,966,941 238 +1
2021-08-16 1,380,000 444,796,762 237
Total Summary +40,000 +23,544,477 +18

Mackenzie Turner Roblox accepts an average of 11,000 likes and 407 dislikes per video on YouTube.

FAQ – Mackenzie Turner Roblox YouTube Channel

Here are some FAQs regarding Mackenzie Turner Roblox’s YouTube Channel:

    1. What is the YouTube Channel ID of Mackenzie Turner Roblox?

Her YouTube Channel ID is mackenzieturnerroblox.

    1. What is Mackenzie Turner Roblox’s subscribers count on YouTube?

Mackenzie Turner Roblox has 1,420,000 subscribers on YouTube.

    1. What is the average like count on Mackenzie Turner Roblox’s YouTube videos?

Average likes on Mackenzie Turner Roblox’s YouTube videos are 11,676.

    1. How many videos have been uploaded by Mackenzie Turner Roblox on YouTube

Mackenzie Turner Roblox has uploaded 255 videos on YouTube till date.

About the game of Brookhaven

About the game of Brookhaven

Brookhaven is a roleplaying game which has a variety of different buildings and locations that would usually be found in a town, such as a church, a store, a school and a playground. The game of Brookhaven is known for its simplistic gameplay. Also, the game has no features in-game currency. You are able to buy additional items and features with Robux. Brookhaven allows the player to select from a variety of houses and vehicles. Most in-game items, vehicles and houses are free and are available as soon as the player joins the game.

Popularity Spike of Brookhaven

According to the research, in October 2020, the game of Brookhaven reached around 200,000 players online concurrently. The game of Roblox Brookhaven reached that record in December 2020 with around 550,000 players online, and again in January 2021 with 650,000 players online, even defeating the game of Roblox Adopt Me. As we know that Roblox Adopt Me is a game known for its almost constant number one ranking in popularity on the website. In February 2021, the game of Brookhaven continued to break that record again with 720,000 players online, in March 2021 with 755,000 players online, and then in April 2021 with 843,000 players online. We get information that since February 2021, Brookhaven games have become the most popular game on the Roblox platform which is averaging 500,000 players daily.

Brookhaven Criticism  

We get information that there are some criticisms related to the game of Roblox Brookhaven. In the text below, you will be able to understand those criticisms.

    • The players criticize the expensive cost of the game passes consistently.
    • Lots of players dislike this Brookhaven game for being a hotspot, online dating.
    • Several players criticize the quality and graphics of the Brookhaven game.
    • Several players dislike the game for being overrated.
    •    The owners of premium game passes have criticized the owners for not adding new “Premium Only” content into the game of Roblox Brookhaven.


    • The game of Brookhaven is especially favored by younger players.
    • There are lots of secret locations across the map.
    • There is a town in the US state of Georgia named Brookhaven.