M247H HMG Halo Infinite

As a Halo Infinite player, it is important for you to know about the weapons. Now, the weapon that I will explain here is the M247H HMG (Heavy Machine Gun). So, here is what you need to know about M247H HMG.

What is M247H HMG?

What is the M247H Heavy Machine Gun? It is the most used turreted machine gun in service with the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) Armed Forces. Misriah Armory is the manufacturer for this machine gun. This gun is also known as the Machine Gun, Caliber 12.7x99mm or M247H. This machine gun is a variant of the M247 General Purpose Machine Gun and it is very effective against infantry.

What is M247H HMG

This weapon is an air-cooled, gas operated, electrically fired, linkless-fed weapon where it can fire 12.7mm High Velocity, Explosive rounds. Usually, it is used to suppress fire, point-to-point cover fire and predominantly direct fire in an anti-personnel role. It also can destroy light vehicles with relative ease. This weapon is light and it is easy for using it. So, it is used at most UNSC bases and high-priority sites.

The Details of M247H Design

According to Halopedia, here are the details of M247H design. The standard configuration of the M247H is attached to a tripod turret base which is the same as the older AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun. Same as a lot of other UNSCDF support weapons, this weapon is completed with a metal shield which can be found near the rear of its barrel where the aim is for protecting the user. However, some versions including the one mounted on the UH-144S Falcon, do not have this feature.

There is the ammunition box behind this shield  where it is the standard box with 200 rounds. The capacity varies. You are able to find the firing mechanism and trigger at the rear of the weapon and they are accompanied by a pair of handles. So, it permits the operator to rotate it 180 degrees. From time to time, its basic design has changed significantly.

Variants of M247H

There are 2 variants of M247H namely Etilka and War Games Etilka. What are the differences between them?

    • Etilka


This is a M247H machine gun which is modified by Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052. It does not have the shield plate which was replaced by a heat cover over the barrel and it was colored differently from the standard version. Not only that, the handles of the gun were also modified by him so that it will be easier on the wrist.

    • War Games Etilka
War Games Etilka side 1
War Games Etilka side 1
War Games Etilka side 2.
War Games Etilka side 2

After the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC made a variant to be used in UNSC Infinity’s War Games modeled after Etilka. Now, it has been equipped with a red high-capacity magazine. So, it can give increased movement speed, damage resistance and weapon damage. In addition, it is also branded with “S-052” (Jorge’s designation) and Noble Team’s logo.


This weapon is good to be used to beat enemy infantry especially when they are in large numbers. However, as explained on the Halopedia that the user is entirely exposed. Bringing the turret can decrease the speed and maneuverability of the player. In Halo Wars 2, this weapon is an exclusive weapon for Alice-130.

Some Trivia About M247H Heavy Machine Gun

According to Halopedia, here is the trivia about the M247H Heavy Machine Gun.

    • This weapon is mistakenly labeled as the AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun in Bungie.net game stats. The description of the weapon on the official Halo: Reach website mistakenly claims that the M247H uses 7.62mm cartridges which are actually used by the M247 GPMG.
    • When this weapon is firing, it generates the same sound as the AIE-486H HMG including the sound of the gun spooling up, even though the M247H only has a single barrel.
    • Same as the AIE-486H HMG in Halo 3, if the setting of the Infinite Ammo is active, the detached turret will not have unlimited ammunition. But, if you enable the Bottomless Clip setting, detached turrets will have infinite ammunition.
    • In Halo: Reach, these turrets will be used by Sangheili and Grunts if in their vicinity.
    • Early concept art by Isaac Hannaford for the Falcon’s side-door guns is similar to the AIE-486H  Heavy Machine Gun from Halo 3. However, then it was changed to the M247H Heavy Machine Gun.
    • Same as turrets in Reach minus the Shade, the M247H has a tendency to overheat after extensive use where it forces the user to wait for the gun to settle down or risk it with interference until it is fully cooled.
    • Etilka is a Hungarian and Hebrew name where the meaning is Noble.
    • In Halo 4, the HUD elements for the M247H do not display the rest round count when the weapon is dismounted as in previous games. However, it shows a percentage of ammo left remaining, the same as its counterpart, the Type-52 plasma cannon.

M247H Heavy Machine Gun Is The Variant of the M247 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG)

According to Halopedia, the M247H Heavy Machine Gun is one of the M247 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) variants. The other variants of the M247 General Purpose Machine Gun are M247 General Purpose Machine Gun Turret Autocannon and the M247T Medium Machine Gun.

M247 General Purpose Machine Gun Turret Autocannon is an autocannon where it has the ability to be replaced on the M312 Elephant. How about the M247T Medium Machine Gun? It is mostly outfitted on the M808 Scorpion and M850 Grizzly main battle tanks as an onboard anti-infantry weapon.

The M247 General Purpose Machine Gun is also called the Machine Gun, Caliber 7.62 mm, M247. This is a machine gun which is used extensively by the United Nations Space Command Armed Forces. This weapon is a version which is scaled down of the more widely used M247H Heavy Machine Gun.

The M247 GPMG has the M118 7.62x51mm FMJ AP cartridge. This weapon is a machine gun which is used for general purpose so that it  is fed via a belt box on the right sight of the gun and usually it is installed on a tripod.

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