LFG Destiny 2 Meaning

Just like any other games, there are a number of terms in the game called Destiny 2. As the player of the game, you must know all of them as they are part of the game. One of the terms that you need to know is LFG. When playing the game, you might find this term. If you are a beginner, you might be wondering what it means. To know the meaning of this term, check out the information below.

The term LFG in Destiny 2 means looking for group. This one is used when you are not looking to host a game and are usually on your own or with someone and after a lobby to join, hosted by another player. Basically, it is when a player is looking for a team to complete certain content.

LFG Destiny 2 Meaning

Aside from LFG, it is important for you to know the other terms in Destiny 2. Here is the list of some terms that you have to know as the player of Destiny 2:

    • 1K or 1KV: This means One Thousand Voices. It is the shorthand for the exotic fusion rifle One Thousand Voices.
    • Add: This means additional or extra opponents. This term is usually used to describe weaker or rank and file opponents you will cross.
    • ADS: It is the abbreviation of Aim Down Sights. It means how fast you are able to look down the scope or iron sights of your weapon.
    • Agro: This one is when an opponent is specifically attacking you only. In order to draw the attention of the opponent elsewhere, as a player, you will want to pull agro so the team is able to either reposition, resurrect a fallen Guardian, or complete a mechanic.
    • AoE: This one is the abbreviation of Area of Effect.
    • Ape: This one means a player who is really aggressive and lobes to just run at their enemies in hopes of securing the kill. Usually, they carry shotguns or focus on melee damage.
    • Blueberry: This one refers to a random teammate that is not your fireteam. The reason why they are called blueberries is because their names appear in blue.
    • Boop: This means to be knocked away or sent flying to their death by an opponent or weapon.
    • Buff: When a certain armor, ability or weapon is made to be more powerful by Bungie. As the alternative, something is called buffed every time something makes your Guardian or opponent stronger.
    • Champions: They refer to unique opponents that need either Barrier, Unstoppable, or Overload Mods to stun and stop their health regeneration.
    • DIM: This one is the abbreviation of Destiny Item Manager. It is the name of the website that allows everyone to move their items from their vault to their Guardians without ever having to go to The Tower.
    • DMT: This one is the abbreviation of Dead Man’s Tale. It is the shorthand for this exotic, kinetic south riffle.
    • DPS: This one is the abbreviation of Damage Over Time.
    • DOT/Tick Damage: DOT is the abbreviation of Damage Over Time. It is when any kind of attack or weapon that does lingering damage after being initially hit.
    • OP: This one is the abbreviation of Over Powered. It is when a certain ability, weapon, or item in the game is too strong in PvE or PvP.
    • PvE: It is the abbreviation of Player vs Environment. It refers to any activity that has a player fighting against the enemies that are controlled by the computer such as story missions, strikes, raids, or dungeons.
    • PvP: It is the abbreviation of Player vs Player. It refers to the activity where you are fighting against the other real people such as Crucible or Trials of Osiris.
    • PvPvE: It is the abbreviation of Player vs Player vs Environment. It refers to the activity where you are battling against both A.I. controlled opponents and player controlled Guardians. Gambit is the only activity that is counted as it.
    • Rez: It is the short for resurrection, which is the act of reviving a fallen teammate at the location of their Ghost.
    • RNGesus: It is a combination of Random Number Generator and Jesus. Usually, players call this when wanting to have a good roll on gear or for a certain item that they want to show up.
    • Roaming Super: This is any supper that allows you to move and kill opponents without immediately depleting. This term is usually used to describe Supers that are good at killing large amounts of normal opponents.
    • “Shard It”: It refers to the act of dismantling a piece of gear that you do not want or need for Legendary Shards and the other materials.
    • Telesto: It is the weapon that has caused more bugs in the game and it is second to no one.
    • Thrallway: It is The Shadow Thrall that is encountered in the Shattered Realms dungeon. Usually, the location is used to farm experience, bounties, or masterwork weapons.
    • ToO: This one is the abbreviation of Trials of Osiris. It is the shorthand for the Trials of Osiris PVPV activity.
    • TTK: This one is the abbreviation of Time to Kill. It refers to how fast a weapon is able to output enough damage to kill a certain opponent or player.
    • TWAB: This one is the abbreviation of This Week At Bungle. It refers to a weekly blog post by the developer Bungie about Destiny 2 that launches each Thursday. The blog usually features updates, sneak peeks, and developer commentary on future content or patches.
    • Well: Well refers to Well of Radiance. It is the Super of The warlock class that forms a massive healing circle around their sword.
    • Wipe: This term is usually used in raids. This one means to have your team intentionally kill themselves to restart the encounter or activity.
    • Vendor: Vendors are known as NPCs that are found throughout The Tower and the other planets. They are the ones who sell a few things such as goods, quests, bounties or items.
    • VoG: It is the abbreviation of Vault of Glass. It is the shorthand for the Vault of Glass raid.
    • Yellow-Bar: Yellow Bar opponents are usually boss, Champions or named opponents.

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