Kalampokiphobia Roblox Game

When you are playing Midnight Horrors, you will find a number of maps to explore. Each map has various designs and sizes which makes it incredible to explore. Certainly, most maps in Midnight Horrors were based on other zones and maps outside of the Midnight Horrors.

Each Midnight Horrors map offers its own characteristics which make it different from each other. One of maps with interesting characteristics is Kalampokiphobia. This map offers an inviting and enhancing atmosphere to explore. Learn more about the Kalampokiphobia maps through our post below!

Kalampokiphobia Roblox Game

What is Kalampokiphobia?

Kalampokiphobia is one of the maps found in the game of Midnight Horrors. This map  comes in a maze which is described  with green walls which have images of corn on it. The Kalampokiphobia  was created based on a game cap.

In Midnight Horrors, each map, including the Kalampokiphobia can be explored to allow the players to get more understanding to survive in the middle of the game. In fact, every map has an area for the Red Circle of Oculus. It is commonly placed at the center of the map where the killers will be summoned after a round is started by the game.

The map will be either small, medium or large, depending on how much room is available for the players and the killers to roam. A map in Midnight Horrors will be replaced by another map every 4-5 rounds, or once a bof fight has ended.

If a map has been changed, you will have an option to choose one of the three maps which will be randomly shown on the screen. Additionally, a map which has the most votes is the selected map which will generate next.

A List of Maps in Midnight Horrors

To make it easy for you to understand each map in Midnight Horrors, thankfully, this post shows you a list of all maps that you can explore and roam in the game of Midnight Horrors. Here are they:

Current Midnight Horrors Maps

Map Map Map Map
8 Pages Deathless Hotel Restaurant
Abysmal Deadly Decadence Household Rick Dimension
Accursed Grounds Desktop IKEA Risen
Aesthetic Devil Mansion Inception Risen Higher
Algebraic Engine Diner Innyume Rocket Arena
Ancient Grounds Direwoods Installation Rooftops
Antique Directional Discomfort Isolation Settlement
Arcalia Disco Rink Jester Box Silent School
Aquamarine Monument Docks Jungle Islands Simulacrum
Area 51 Double Deck Kalampokiphobia Siren Head
Asylum Dream Laboratory Sky Descendants
Atrocity Dungeon Laser Skyway
The Backrooms Emerald Temple Leukophobia Space Station S67 Side-B
Basement Enchanted Caves Lava Pit Spires
Baseplate Enclosure Lavender Spooky’s Mansion
Baseplate 2 Entropy Lavender Town Starlight Castle
Beez’s Arcade Euclidean Geometry The Library Stranger Sewers
Bewilder Even Care Mall Studio
Block Fort Facility Mandrill Maze Subway
Blocky Sanctuary Factory mansion Temple
Bobux Tycoon Fast Food Restaurant Marble Box Tempest
Breach Field Market Test Labs
Brightway Corridor Final Frontier Meat Factory The Depth
BSP Flawless Meat Factory Inside The Godly Chains
BSP Mines Forbidden Forest Mines The Heights
Candyland Forest Maze Monochromatic The Road
Cardivinal C Fortress Moonbase Tower Defense
Catacombs Foundation Murdon Town
Cellar Funkyville Museum Transit
Chalcedony Funhouse MushTowers Tritone
Championship Genesis Negentropy Tristitia
Chaos Square Gloom Orange Tunnels
Checkerland Goiky Other World Void Islands
Chromatic Grift Outskirts Outdoors Winter
Colorless Hallways Overheat Wooden Hotel
Core Happyville Pizzeria
Corridors Heck Industries Psykopat
Crossroads HIVE Realm Purgatory
Cybernetic Gem Hivekind QuackSplash
Daydream Hospital Rainbowroad

Midnight Horror Removed Maps

Map Map
Adopt and Raise a Cute Killer Imagination
Booz Meat Maze
Birthday Polus1
Ball Spookville
Booz Realm Stage
Cart Ride into DABABY! Thanos x Sans
Gm construct The HORROR Mansion
Graveyard The Shrubers
Hell Tomb1
Hell2 Telamon’s Mansion
Here School Valentine

Midnight Horrors Gameplay

The Midnight Horrors is a multiplayer game which was created by CaptainSpinxs on February 2, 2019 with the last update on August 15, 2021. As of this writing, the Midnight Horrors has more than 68K favorites and gained over 7.0 million visits. That’s so fantastic, isn’t it?

The gameplay of this game is about where each in-game round will spawn one of the many killers. Each round requires you to survive for a given amount of time (around two minutes or more).

Then, you will be granted points each round, at the end of each round. The points here can be used to temporarily unlock items to assist you better at surviving each killer. Aside from that, with the use of points, you can survive in a round and be used to buy any emotes and items.

Additionally, the points do not save and cannot be used when buying an item. While, the survivors do save and can be used when buying either  an item or emote. Certainly, in order to survive in each round from killers, at least you should know what the killer is that you encounter. Knowing each killer will earn you more prepared when facing them.

Who are  Killers in Midnight Horror?

Killers in Midnight Horror are the primary gameplay mechanic. They are the player’s enemies that should be encountered each round. A killer will be selected and spawn at the Red Circle of Oculus when the round begins. After a killer spawn, the player should survive from the killer for a certain time limit.  So, here are some killers that you should know in Midnight Horrors:

  • 13th Angel
  • A Sweden of Joels
  • Adventure Line
  • Aeon
  • Agent X
  • Agony
  • Aimbotter
  • Alfred Drevis
  • Akaza
  • Alexis
  • Barton
  • Bass Laser
  • Bee
  • Beedroid
  • Beezel
  • Cannibal Chef
  • Capette
  • Carcass
  • Cartoon Cat

What are Items in Midnight Horror?

Aside from killers, you will also find a number of items within the game. You can get the items by purchasing them in the Shop menu for Survivals and Points. Some items in this game are not event exclusive where they can give you benefit in a variety of ways, depending on the item.

Moreover, the items can be used as important survival tools to entertain you while you are playing the game. So, here are some items that you will get in Midnight Horror:

  • Blue Relic
  • Camera
  • Emerald Coil
  • Glass Coil
  • Heliotrope Coil
  • Metal Bat
  • Noob Tube
  • Radar
  • Radio
  • Regen Coil