JPay Tablets for Inmates in Florida

JPay has released several new series of tables to let inmates and their families stay-connected anytime. The series of tablets that JPay launched include JP5S Mini, JP5S Tablet , and JP6S Tablet. Some facilities have used the JPay tablet to allow their inmates and their family to communicate.

One of the facilities that already used the JPay tablet is The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC). The FDCs inmates communicate with their families using the tablets and also stationary kiosks. JPay Inc., is currently in contract with the FDC. So, what are the benefits that FDC gets by using the JPay tablets. Let’s find out about it below!

What Is the Series of JPay’s Tablet Used by Florida’s Inmates?

According to FDC’s site, Florida’s inmates use the JPay JP6S tablet.  The educational contents available on the JPay JP6S include JPay’s Lantern LMS, Learning Management System (LSM) and also Khan Academy Lite videos that include GED prep.

JPay Tablets for Inmates in Florida

It is known that JPay JP6S is the newest tablet series that offers the most advanced tablet in corrections. This JPay tablet series actually provides greater performance than previous tablet series that feature the faster processors for an increased user experience. It is also equipped with a long extended battery.

The JPay JP6S has a 7” Touchscreen with 32GB storage. It also offers the better resolution with the larger screen size of screen. The JPay JP6S is easy to carry everywhere, as it is equipped with a thinner hardware design.

Talking about the price, the JPay JP6S tablet is roughly $70, but the price may be different in some states. If you want to know which series  of JPay tablets are available in your location, you definitely need to log into your JPay account as well.

The features that Florida’s inmates will get from JPay JP6S tablet:

    • Educational Content (including JPay’s Learning Management System (LMS) Lantern LMS and Khan Academy Lite videos)
    • Movies (available for rental)
    • eBooks and Audiobooks
    • Games
    • Secure Email, including viewing received pictures and VideoGrams (30-second videos)
    • News
    • Music
    • AM/FM radio

Learn More about FDC’s Multimedia Tablets and Kiosk

Aside from tablet options, the Florida’s inmates also have another option to enjoy the multimedia through the Kiosk services. Well, the kiosk services here are available in all major correctional institutions, work camps, annexes, reentry centers and also Department-operated Community Release Centers throughout the state.

The FDCs Kiosk Services provide:

    • Secure Mail, including sending and viewing received pictures and VideoGrams (30-second videos)
    • Video Visitation
    • Electronic Greeting Cards
    • Ability to view available job opportunities

As you can see from the list, the FDC also provides the Video Visitation that is offered at the cost of $2.95 per 15 minutes session. We think it is a very affordable price for inmates who want to get more access to their families. It is important to note that the Video visitation is monitored for compliance with applicable rules.

About the Secure Mail, the inmates can send an email at a cost of $0.39/ stamp, with one stamp purchasing one email. In this case, the Secure Mail cost actually covers the cost of the infrastructure to support it and also monitor of the messages for safety and security purposes.

Other JPay Tablet Series

As we’ve mentioned, the JPay has released three  tablet series for inmates. Here are they:

JP5 Tablet

The JPay JP5 tablets have two models including JP5 Mini and JP5 S. For JP5S tablet is now available in certain states. Well, the availability of the JP5 tablet will  vary depending on the state, facility and some factors.

JP5 Tablet

    • JP5 Mini

The JPay JP5 Mini tablet provides the accessories such as earbuds and also screen protector. However, the accessories can only be available in certain states. The JP5 Mini is equipped with Wi-Fi capable with 4.3” touch screen and  16 GB storage.

    • JP5 S

The JPay JP5S tablet is larger than the JP5 Mini. The JP5S tablet  is equipped with Wi-Fi capable with 7” touchscreen and  32 GB storage.

Features of both JP5 Mini and JP5S Tablets:

    • Improved email program
    • Portable and touchscreen
    • New music app with playlists build
    • Available for some multimedia including FM radio, notepad, photo gallery, calendar apps, calculator, and stopwatch.
    • Some accessories available including earbuds, screen protector, and batteries or charger.
    • Media and Video store
    • News
    • eBook reader
    • Some options for game store and game selection
    • JPay’s Lantern education and KA Lite apps
    • Easy to understand and simple to use

How to Get JPay Tablets?

However, getting the JPay tablets is pretty easy, though you should follow some extra ways ahead. It means that you need to follow some ways in order to obtain the JPay tablet. So, how to get the JPay tablet? Let’s follow some steps below!

    • First, go to the JPay website.
    • After you access the JPay website, you need to create a JPay account first.
    • Once creating a JPay account, you definitely will be able to purchase the JPay tablet. If the JP6S is not available, you can also fund their Media account to provide funds that they can use to purchase the new tablet.

Talking about Media Account , this is also known as JPay Credits as an account that is  managed by inmates. From this account, your inmates will be able to purchase a tablet, music and songs album, printout, stamps, games, and also movies.

    • After that, JPay will prepare and then send the tablet to the agency.
    • If it has been received, the agency will send the tablet to your inmates.

That’s it! You successfully get the JPay tablet and give it to your loved one in prison. That’s so easy, isn’t it?

However, with the help of JPay tablets, inmates and their family will stay connected anytime and anywhere. The tablet actually offers the flexible options for many people who have a family member prisoned. Moreover, the JPay tablets can also be used to access any educational content and also any courses, so the inmates will prepare to continue their better life after incarceration.

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