Joe Biden Military Service

Many people think that every president of the United States should have experience in  the military. In fact, many United States politicians had served themselves in the army. However, not all the US presidents served themselves in the military.

How about the 45th president of the United States, Joe Biden? Did he serve himself in the military services? Considering many politicians had experience in the army, a lot of citizens think that Joe Biden also has experience in the military. If you also wonder about this fact, let’s find out in our post below!

Joe Biden Military Service

Did Joe Biden Server in the Military?

As we’ve mentioned, not all United States presidents have experienced military service. So as with the 45th president of the United States. In fact, Joe Biden did not serve himself in the military.

Joe Biden received five opportunities to serve due to medical exceptions during his time as undergraduate at Syracuse University and at University of Delaware, where he studied law. But, he could receive the students deferments for most of those drafts.

During the time, Joe Biden was a student at Harvard. Then, during a medical test to determine his eligibility for service, he also received a 1-Y status. He was then classified as 1-Y, meaning he could only be drafted in the case of national emergency. But today, the 1-Y classification is no longer in use and was abolished in 1971.

Moreover, it actually kept him to serve, as he had received a diagnosis of asthma as a teenager. In fact, Joe Biden did not serve anymore during the Obama administration where he served as Vice President, due to him being disqualified from service, as his asthma when he was teenager.

As a throwback, Joe Biden was born in November 1942 and grew up in the amid of the Vietnam War. However, he is not like millions of mens of his generation, where he never served in the military.

The point is, Joe Biden only had experience in the military from his experience as Vice President under President Barack Obama. Joe Biden then released his Selective Service records to the Associated Press in 2008.

How is Joe Biden’s Health?

However, there’s no report about Joe Biden’s health from the White House, as it has yet to say when the report of Joe Biden’s health will come to public. That’s because once President Joe Biden tripped up the stairs to Air Force One, his healthy report has not been up to the public.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that he didn’t have a timeline, but absolutely they will do that to check and see when Joe Biden will go back to the doctor. Certainly, the White House has been on the defensive about Joe Biden’s health once he was seen on video tripping on the stairs up to Air Force One.

Joe Biden was reported failing three times on the steps of Air Force One before he flew to Georgia. Sure, a lot of citizens have called into question his health.

Known, Joe  Biden frequently makes verbal gaffes. In fact, he seemed to forget what he was talking about during his first solo press conference and said something that was not clearly heard at the camera before he walked away from the podium mid-question.

Joe Biden Military Service

Do Presidents Need Military Experience to be Elected?

Certainly, having an experience in the military is not a legal requirement that a candidate must have to be elected. But, some citizens think that having military experience is an essential thing for a president. It means that it is especially when the country is fighting a war overseas.

Many people think that the military experience will help them serve as better Commanders-in-Chief. However, others think that military experience is not necessary when someone runs for president to be elected, as they are surrounded by experts in military warfare. Well, any lack of their knowledge about the military, they have come from their advisor instead.

Certainly, there are some requirements that people need to meet when serving in the military. In order to fit for military service, a person should be of age first. The United States Military Law requires to be at least 17 years of age to enlist in the military service.

A person should also pass a series of health tests, as the military cannot rely on individuals who will be liabilities in the field. That’s because they do not have manpower, the resources or time to babysit soldiers in poor health.

Aside from health, a person can also claim spiritual or religious persons for an exemption from war. Because many religions prohibit killing, the United States government cannot force the citizen to be a combatant. Instead, a person is able to join the war in a non-combatant position.

Did Joe Biden’s Kids Serve in the Military?

Even though Joe Biden was not in the military, his late son, Beau Biden was. He joined the military in 203 and rose up the ranks to be an army major in the JAG corps, the part of the army that consists of officers who are also lawyers.

Beau Biden was deployed to Iraq for a year between 2008 – 2009. He won a Bronze Star Medal for his service. He was the eldest of Biden and his first wife Neilia Biden’s three children.

Beau Biden served as Delaware’s Attorney General from 2007 – 2015 after his military stint. Beau then followed his father’s footsteps in 2010 when he considered running for the United States Senate, however he was sidelined by a mild stroke.

He died on May 20, 2015 because of brain cancer at the age of 46. His brother, Hunter Biden also served in the military service. He was known as part of the US Naval Reserve, but he was discharged once testing positive for cocaine in 2014.

Okay, those are information about Joe Biden’s military experience that many people have called into question about it.