Jin Xenoblade in Genshin Impact

The game community, especially the Genshin Impact community, has been talking about the similarity of Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Arataki Itto from Genshin Impact. Why is Arataki Itto linked up with Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2? The explanation about it can be found below.

In the world of the game called Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Jin is named as one of the first major characters and antagonist met in the story by the protagonist character named Rex. When it comes to the appearance, this character is described to have really long gray hair. He also has a horned mask and he usually fights with a katana.

Jin Xenoblade in Genshin Impact1


Jin Xenoblade in Genshin Impact

    • Species: Blade (Flesh Eater)
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 511 (since last awakening)
    • Hair color: Silver
    • Eye color: Blue
    • Voice actor (Japanese): Takahiro Sakurai
    • Voice actor (English): John Schwab
    • Appearances: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Torna – The Golden Country, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Apparently, there are several character designers in the game. Jin, along with the faction he is in were drawn by Tetsuya Nomura from Kingdom Hearts. Jin and the other characters have Feudal Japan aesthetics that are shown in the design. They have armor that looks like samurai. In Japanese, Jin is voiced by the voice actor named Takahiro Sakurai. In the original language, he is very cold and sounds formal. His real name is actually Shin and not Jin. Just like many other characters in the game, what is shameful is that his name was changed in the English localization and it makes it lose some of its identity.

Meanwhile, Arataki Itto is counted as one of the mentioned characters in Inazuma. He is popular for having a beef with the playable character named Kujou Sara and he has a grudge towards her because she beat him and took his Vision.


Arataki Itto

    • Nick Name: The Oni sumo King
    • Sex: Male
    • Region: Inazuma
    • Additional Titles: The Supreme, The First, The Strongest

Arataki Itto is named as a descendant of a popular martial artist in Inazuman history named Arataki of the Front Gate. He is said to have oni blood in his veins, according to the nicknames that he got for himself and the physical descriptions given by the other NPCs to him.

What does Arataki Itto actually look like? When it comes to appearance, he is tall one. The guy has a large build and has two large horns. He has a scary first impression.

What about his personality? Even though he is described as mean and arrogant and most people believe that he is as described, Rie says that Arataki Itto is far from that. According to her, he is actually not a thug and he is a nice individual minus the fact that he always tries to fight Sara every time there is a chance. On top of that, he is also good with kids and even loves to play with them, which is unexpected.

Even though Arataki Itto is a decent guy and has a nice personality, when it comes to a competition, he looks like a different person. He is known to hate losing and is always eager to win. One of the NPCs located in the same nation named Shouta says that Arataki Itto always snatches all of his snacks when he wins something against him. Yoimiya, one of the playable characters from Inazuma, also says that Arataki Itto always forces her to join friendly competitions such as the race to eat the most ramen. He clearly hates to be a loser and he will do everything to prevent himself from losing, even though it costs his own life. Once he almost killed himself when joining an eating competition with a lady who has kitsune ears (who is believed to be Yae Miko). At the time, he forced himself to eat kitsune ramen even though he knew that it contained fried tofu beans. Due to his action, he suffered from allergies. However, it seems like he was fine with it for the sake of his own dignity.

When being compared to the other victims of the Vision Hunt Decree, Arataki Itto is kind of different because he has not displayed the usual symptoms of listlessness and loss of ambition, at least from the thing that is shown on his messages. There is actually nothing wrong with being competitive and hates to lose is a good thing, but having such a mindset and personality can cause him into a mess and chaos wherever he goes.

Back to the topic about the similarity between Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Arataki Itto from Genshin Impact. The question is, was Arataki Itto really inspired by Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Did the developer of Genshin Impact, miHoYo, really copy the design of Jin for Arataki Itto?

Anyone who often watches ongoing anime or who loves playing games with Japanese styling, especially the ones with gacha elements like Genshin Impact must know that it is very normal for the characters not to look similar, even though they are from different franchises. Despite having some similarities, it does not mean they are carbon copies of each other.

There is a popular tactic to earn attention from the public. People in the industry know that the market loves Japanese stylized characters. That’s why they tend to reuse well liked stereotypes. The same thing applies to the Japanese voice actresses and actors.

You may know about a voice actor named Takahiro Sakurai. The man often lends his voice for similar characters and villains. He sometimes uses the same cold voices to describe the villains. Another good example that is worth mentioning is Makishima in Psycho-Pass who even has the same gray hair as Arataki Itto. It means, even if the rumor that says Arataki Itto is Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks alike is true, it does not count as plagiarism as it is actually normal in this industry to have two or more things that share similar appearance.

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