It’s All About Secret Inside iOS 12 That You Have To Know

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will have a glimpse of iOS 13 shortly after June 3rd, but if the past is any indication, it won’t be officially held until the fall with the new iPhone. Non-developers sticking to iOS 12.

This might be great as everyone using iOS 12 still has a lot to learn. Each new version of 12 contains innovations and new features. Many of them are large, bright and stand out. The rest are hidden tricks that only true iOS fans will love.

iOS 12 runs on iPhone 5 and earlier, iPod touch and iPad on iPad Air 2013, so you can take advantage of Apple’s latest mobile software updates on many devices. The tips below are what you need to quickly switch from a regular user to an advanced user. Show off to your friends and family and you will soon become an iPhone expert (for good or bad).

Spacebar Creates a Trackpad

It’s not that difficult to place your cursor over text on iPhone. Simply place your finger on the screen. Apple iOS devices with 3D Touch (iPhone 6s, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max) have long been able to move the cursor over text by holding the space bar with your finger and rotating it. On the trackpad. In iOS 12, this feature is available on devices that do not support 3D Touch. This is a simple innovation that hasn’t existed for years and once you master it you won’t believe it will stop using it.

Use 3D Touch to Scan

3D Touch supports many cool features that allow you to quickly access specific applications by pressing hard on the screen. In iOS 12 you can do a few new things. When you tap on the 3D camera icon, you will see the option “Scan QR Code” in the pop-up menu. The Notes application has a new 3D Touch option called Document Scan. When new updates come out, it’s fun to touch all the 3D Touch icons and see what new features are available.

Search for Lyrics in Apple Music

You have lyrics in your head but don’t know the title Even if you’re not an Apple Music subscriber, just type it into the Apple Music app’s search box and you’ll see suggestions for songs, albums, and playlists with that phrase.

Hide Photos From Prying Eyes

This is far from absolute hiding. In fact, you simply move your photos to a pre-created gallery in the iOS Photos app called Hidden, and the images are not transferred to iCloud or any other backup. Simply select the image you want, click the share icon (the up arrow box), then select Hide from the bottom row of gray icons. Anyone with a cell phone can navigate to a hidden album to see these photos, but it will take a little more effort to see them. If you really want to lock your photos, lock them in the Notes app or use a third-party app like Secret Calculator Pro ($4.99).

Use Animoji or Memoji in FaceTime

You can think of FaceTime as an in-person video call. However, after the first video call on PC, people have created a way to hide their faces using 3D avatars. This is no different from iOS 12 or iOS 14 that you should know. The existing Animoji, which makes facial movements video, has been extended, but Memoji allows you to create an avatar just like yourself (in the Messages app). Perhaps the most “interesting” is that you can use these avatars during FaceTime calls rather than your own stupid face.

This only works on iPhone X or later, as it requires Apple’s Face ID facial recognition feature. In FaceTime, tap the screen to reveal the controls, tap the star icon, and Animoji appear first in the list. When tapped, all the selected items are applied to the face (not to the body or background).

Message via New Animoji

Starting with iOS 12.2, Apple has added four new Animoji characters that you can use to create videos or communicate with your face in FaceTime. Among them are sharks, owls, giraffes and wild boars.

Add Another Mug to Face ID

Originally, iPhone X only supported one Face ID login. If his appearance changed dramatically, he had to do it again And God forbids you to share your phone with others. They had to bring it to your face whenever they wanted to log in. This has changed in iOS 12, where you can store two faces. And both can be yours, which is useful when you change your appearance a lot or wear protective clothing at work. In fact, if your iPhone has two options for the same person, it can help reduce crashes and log in faster. In Settings > Face ID & Passcode, select Set Up an Alternate Appearance. (You’ll need to reset all Face ID to change the alternative.) Here are the full instructions.

Get South African and Irish Siri Accents

Siri has long supported in Australian and British accents other than English-speaking (modernity is fine if you want to work as a butler). You can switch between male and female voices for Irish and South African accents on iOS 12, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice and select it.

Find Other iOS Devices Via Siri

You can find iPad or another iPhone only with a beep (plays until you stop it) as long as the other device is logged into the same Apple/iCloud account, just say: Say “Hey Siri, find my iPad” on your iPhone that currently active.

Trim or Add to Voice Memos

If you aren’t familiar with the voice memo app built into iOS, you may be using iOS 12, which includes new features beyond taking notes. You can now edit the note down by cutting the front or back side of the note (click the three-dot menu on any post, click Edit Post, then look for the square icon on the top right corner your display screen). You can add more audio to the clip by going to the end of the post on the same edit page and clicking Resume. Now you can also sync your voice memos to iCloud for backup. Please go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Voice Memos and turn it on.

Kill Voice Memos Dead

iOS tries to keep the default voice memos even if you mark them for deletion. Now you can go to Settings > Voice Memos > Clear Delete and set the time to reset on iOS.

Location-Aware DND

The iPhone’s DND (Do Not Disturb) feature is already convenient, but the location feature is better. If you don’t want to receive calls or messages, go to Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone X) and look for the crescent moon icon. Tap to turn on Do Not Disturb mode. Pressing 3D Touch hard will bring up a menu where you can activate Do Not Disturb mode until you leave this place. If you are running an event on your calendar, you can also select the duration of the event.

Listen in Via AirPods

If you have a set of wireless Apple AirPods, the Live Listening feature is designed so people can use their iPhones as microphones and use AirPods as temporary hearing aids (and also work with real hearing aids). Even in a crowd, you can hear better by calling the speaker. (The news about the virus is that while you’re in the Bluetooth range, which is about 30 feet, you can leave your phone in another room and enter, but don’t.)

Install it in Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > Hearing. Then use Control Center to activate it (swipe up on older iPhones, or swipe down on iPhone Xs and newer).

Deliver Notifications Quietly

Are notifications driving you crazy? It means that when they arrive, they don’t turn on the lock screen and they’re delivered to the admin center. Find the notification you want to mute, swipe right, choose Manage, then tap Forward Quietly. You can also turn it off completely.

Use Waze in the Car

If you have CarPlay in your car, the iOS 12 dashboard gives you access to Waze or Google Maps. To set one of these by default, go to Settings > General > CarPlay instead of Apple Maps and select your car. Just like on the home screen of iPhone, you carry icons in this area. Hold the icon until it starts to open. Click the minus sign to go to the reserved application area.

Use iPhone like a Tape Measure

There is another household item that your smartphone wants to replace. On iPhone 6s and above, iOS 12 added an app called Measure, and that’s it. Using the augmented reality feature, the app helps you quickly measure everything you’re seeing in one room. You can move the placement point and measure the width, length or height of long objects, even the room itself. You can choose between metric and imperial units in Settings > Measure.

Check the Air Quality

You may not have seen this new add-on in your mapping application. On the right you will see a local pattern with AQI and number. This is your local air conditioner and an estimate of the health effects of your local air conditioner. When 0 to 5 is appropriate and 51 to 100 is normal, the situation starts to worsen. You can read the full form at