Is Rayquaza Shiny Locked in Emerald?

Rayquaza is one of the most popular things in a few versions of Pokemon, including Pokemon Emerald. talkinga bout Rayquaza and Pokemon Emerald, a lot of people have been wondering if it the Shiny Rayquaza is locked in this game. For those who are also wondering about the game thing, you can read the whole post to find out the answer.

Is Rayquaza Shiny locked in Pokemon Emerald?

The answer to the question is no. The legendary thing called Rayquaza is not locked in Pokemon Emerald. Apparently, it is only locked in the recent games due to cutscenes and such. If you want to get a Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald, you can do it by soft resetting.

Rayquaza Shiny Locked in Emerald

Soft resetting is the term to all the act of getting a Pokemon or encountering a one time only encounterable Pokemon. You are able to do it by saving prior to the encounter. Another way is to get the Pokemon. In case your encounter is not considered either Shiny Encounter or Shiny Pokemon, you might want to make a second attempt to get the shiny one by quitting the game or reloading the file that you save. There is a thing known as the Shiny Charm that can help you to increase the chance of soft resetting.

It is worth noting that soft resetting will not work for most of the Pokemon that is usually used for due to some encounters being Shiny-locked. Actually, there is one situation to use this way of getting the Shiny Pokemon, Fossil Pokemon for the exact. Soft reset means saving before getting the Pokemon for the fossil. Basically, you will get the Pokemon. And when you have it in your hand, you can just simply check if it is indeed the shiny one or not. In case the one that you have turns out not the shiny one, you can close the game and then reload it to make the next attempt to get the shiny one. Feel free to repeat the process until you succeed getting the shiny one.

A lot of people have talked about how to soft reset Rayquaza. The community or forum named Neo Seeker has a thread talking about this topic. In the thread, a user named anip shared his plan to soft reset Rayquaza as a replay to a user who started the thread. He said that you can try to faint Amadant Synchro Ralts in slot 1. The Pokemon A with 158 speed and intimidate can also be used. If you want to equip this Pokemon A, you can use Smoke Ball in slot 2. If intimidate active first, please ran away. In case it is not active first, please switch to Mawile with False Swipe. When you see Rayquaza is at 1HP, it means you need to switch to Pokemon B, the kind of Pokemon that uses Hypnosis. Please spam pokeballs and capture. Remember to also check IV on the web when Zennia battle starts. When the Zennia’s battle is ongoing, click on Pokemon, Rayquaza, and then check the stat with the online IV checkers.

Another user on the forum who replied the post is named Ciel Phantimhive. He explained that the first thing that you will need to do to in order to soft reset Shiny Rayquaza is to make a decision on what nature that you want and then get a Synchronizer. Then, make it paint and then place it on the first slot of your party. After that, calculate the speed for Rayquaza depending on the nature that you want. The stat will be 174 if it is a +Speed nature and it will be 159 if it is neutral. Allow the Pokemon to get a speed stat 1 point lower to that owned by Rayquaza and put it on the second slot of the party. The one is to buy PokeBalls. Please battle it. You can reset the game if your Pokemon is faster and if the extreme speed is used, you can still capture it. If you want to accommodate Rayquaza after the capture, you must transfer a Pokemon from your party and then start the battle with Zinnia. Just like that, Rayquaza will be the first one that you have on your party. Next, head over to Pokemon, Rayquaza, and Summary. You will be able to see the stats of Rayquaza but not its nature. The thing shown on the screen can be calculated with either an IV calculator or with Showdown’s Damage Calculator.

About Shiny Pokemon

A Shiny Pokemon is the kind of Pokemon that is blessed with the alternate color scheme. They are not better if you compare them to the non-shiny ones in the term of the stats. However, they are rarer and have high demand. Each of Shiny Pokemon is wanted by every player of the game.

The history of Shiny Pokemon started when it was introduced for the first time in the Second Generation of Pokemon. At the time, there was no actual method to boost the chances of finding these such things. Due to its popularity, everything has changed. You will be able to tell right away if you encounter a Shiny Pokemon as it will be an alternate color from the non-shiny version. The shining set of sparkles will be emitted by this kind of Pokemon when you meet them and whenever you send a Pokemon into battle.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Rayquaza is not locked in Pokemon Emerald. As stated above, this one is only locked in the newest version of the game. The ones who play Pokemon Emerald have to soft resetting to get the Shiny Rayquaza. If you have no idea, soft resetting refers to the act of getting a Pokemon or encountering a one time only encounterable Pokemon. It can be done by saving prior to the encounter or getting the Pokemon. For more information about soft resetting, do visit the community and discuss with the members.

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