Is Osmose Technology Fake or Real? Here’s the Latest News

You may be familiar with an e-commerce and online earning source named Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. By the way, is it fake or real? If you come to this page to find out information about that, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to share some information related to Osmose Technology so that you will be able to conclude whether the company is fake or real.

Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Fake or Real?

After the research on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we discovered many people sharing their experiences with the company, which are neither so bad nor so good. We are able to say that the company seems to be real or fake. However, there are some problems that make many people become suspicious and not believe the company. Apparently, missing company contact details and also incomplete owner information defines the fakeness of the company. Another reason is that the company charges 1180 rupee from people to be a member/ profit-sharing partner. Besides, there are many people who complain that they do not receive their money. For this case, it is your choice to become a member of Osmose technology company or not.

Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Fake or Real

There are also some people who suggest not becoming a member of the company and just stay away from it because there is no guarantee of it being legal. Therefore, we suggest all people to do proper research before joining Osmose Technology company. Also, we suggest you explore that site on your best level before making any decision.

Based on the research, the majority of the customers claimed the site scam and even will run away with people’s money. But, there are also many Osmose Technology reviews stating that people are earning income daily. Even on social media including Twitter, Facebook and youtube, people are sharing their experiences with the company which are good enough. It means that there are mixed reviews, and we cannot conclude the website legitimacy depending on the reviews. The final verdict regarding the company is that it is eight months old, but we cannot say it is real or fake. Among  many Osmose Technology reviews, some are positive, and the rest are negative. Although everything seems real, we still search for something suspicious related to this company.

Pros of the Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

  • You will be able to get all the essential items such as clothing on the site.
  • The company is giving a redeemable coupon of 1200 rupees.
  • You will be able to become a profit-sharing member of the company.
  • The site is present on social media including Facebook and YouTube. You are able to find lots of Osmose Technology reviews.

Cons of the Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

  • You have to pay 1180 to get the coupon to become a member.
  • The company is not giving any contact like mail address and the contact number.
  • The company collects money from people to make them profit sharing members. Lots of people complained about it and then claimed it was Osmose Technology fraud.
  • There are some bad reviews on various forums.

Some Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews

We have collected some Osmose Technology reviews from the site of Glassdoor. Now, you will be able to see those reviews in the text below.

4 December 2020

I worked at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd full-time for less than a year.

Pros: The Company paid very well and trained and worked with you.

Cons: Working out of town and some of the other coworkers.

15 November 2020

I have been working at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd full-time for more than three years.

Pros: Good job, good pay, and good people to work with.

Cons: Lots of traveling, but no work life balance.

3 November 2020

I have been working at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd full-time for more than eight years

Pros: Flexibility with scheduling.

Cons: Poor communication and management.

17 November 2020

I worked at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd full-time for less than a year.

Pros: The company vehicle and hotel expenses covered by the company.

Cons: They are going to try to under pay you.

23 September 2020

I have been working at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd full-time.

Pros: If you like traveling and seeing the world, this is the great place for you.

Cons: If you are not into traveling, just stay home.

29 October 2020

I have been working at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd full-time for less than a year

Pros:  Earning the money.

Cons: The contract is based on the system Buddy.

31 August 2020

I have been working at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd full-time for less than a year.

Pros: It is simple work, steady work and Pay.

Cons: Hard work. Sometimes extreme goals.

About Osmose Technology

According to the research, Osmose Technology was found made in 2019. It is located in Pune. The Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd offers some services like e-commerce services, database services, system support services, gaming, earning online, etc. Click this link to visit their official e-commerce site

Osmose e-commerce portal or Osmarket is an online store based in India that deals with lots of products. In Osmarket, you will be able to find lots of products including the gifts for men and women, health care products, electronics and appliances, gifts for kids, accessories, travel bags, etc. Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd is dealing with earning sources and an ecommerce portal. The social media accounts of Osmose Technology represent how to get additional income. There are some reviews: pros and cons related to Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd.

Specifications of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

  • Company Name : Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Founded in : 2019, in Pune
  • Website type: Ecommerce and Earning Platform
  • Website link :
  • Shipping: Within 24 hours or more.
  • E-mail address:
  • Company address: Pune Satara road, Kumar Surabhi, swarga Pune, 411009.
  • Mode of payment: Via digital payment options.

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