Is MM2 Store a Scam? Let’s See This Reviews

You may have access to the MM2 Store. Then, you are interested in buying some items there. However, the problem is you may wonder whether the MM2 Store is a scam or not. So, let’s find out the reviews about this store.

Is MM2 Store a Scam?

If you access the Complaints Board website, you are able to find that there are a number of people who got scammed by MM2 Store when they try to buy items there. Here are some reviews from those who bought items in the MM2 Store according to the Complaints Board and Trustpilot.

    • A user named Agnia Jambo said that she had ordered a candy set for $7.50 and she had waited for 2 days and nobody said a word. Then, she decided to go and found the seller user itself. He friended her on Roblox, but whenever she joined his game, he gave other people stuff and not her. He would just leave and lately she knew that he unfriended her.
    • A user named Imarat said that he ordered four knives from MM2 Store and he never got those items. Also, they never answered his chats with them so he said that it is a big fake.
    • A user named kokos said that he did not get his items. He sent a claim order request and the managers did not respond to him and he did not get the items.

However, there are also some positive reviews from Complaints Board and Trustpilot as you can see below.

    • A user named Ralph machhio said that he ordered a Corrupt and 2 days later it was in his inventory.
    • A user named Alex said that the MM2 Store is amazing and it is 100% trusted.
    • A user named Pyciu The Gamer said that the purchase went well. He also said that they improved claim time through Discord which used to be quite long some days ago.

As you are able to see that there are some people who claim that MM2 Store is a scam because they do not get the items that they buy. However, some others claim that MM2 Store is trusted because they get the items that they buy from the store. For your safety, if you doubt the site, it is better for you to avoid buying items from the site. However, if you want to try to buy items there, you can do that as long as you are ready with the risks that you may encounter like some other people who have bad experience in buying items on that site.

MM2 Store

The Trust Score of MM2 Store According to Scam Adviser

According to the Scam Adviser website, MM2 Store is probably legit as the trust score is reasonable. It is explained that MM2 Store has an average trust score. The algorithm of Scamadviser reviewed that MM2 Store got a score of 70. This trust score is based on 40 different data points which they collected. Their rating of MM2 Store is medium to low risk . They encourage you to always do your own due diligence because the evaluation of the website was done automatically. You also have to check the website manually and you are able to read the article about how to recognize a scam website on the Scam Adviser website.

Here are the positive highlights and negative highlights about the MM2 Store according to Scam Adviser.

Positive Highlights

    • The site owner has made a claim about the domain name for a long time.
    • The SSL certificate is valid according to Xolphin SSL Check.
    • The website seems to sell products online.

Negative Highlights

    • On WHOIS the owner’s identity seems to be hidden.
    • There are not a lot of visitors on the website.
    • There are not many websites which are linking to this site.
    • The Scam Adviser found that the website is served from a high risk country.
    • There were no reviews found on commonly used review sites.

Some Tips to Recognize A Scam

According to Scam Adviser, there are several tips to recognize a scam as you are able to read below.

    • Common Sense: Too Good To Be True

If there is a great deal offered in an online shop, it can be enticing. But, you need to note that sometimes, scammers also use this to get advantage. If the deal is too good to be true, you have to think twice and check everything. You can check the same product at competing websites.

    • Check The Social Media Links

Usually logos of social media sites are also inserted by scammers on their websites. However, when you try to click on it, it may not work. It may link to the homepage of the site, an empty profile or even nowhere at all. However, if the social media links work, you can read some posts from other users. If the site is a scam, other users will inform it in the social media of the online shop.

    • Check the Small Print (Terms and Policies)

Usually, placeholders or rushed text are often used by scammers in pages such as Terms and Conditions Shipping Policy and Return Policy and About Us. If you find that these pages are not available or they have poor qualities, you have to think twice about shopping on the website.

    • Check the Name of the Domain

You have to make sure that the name of the domain is as expected, especially if you click on a link. Let’s say that the real name of the domain of a brand is The fake ones probably use the variations such as and many more.

    • Check Whether or Not The Shop Offered Safe Payment Methods

As you know that there are a lot of kinds of payment methods. Usually, credit cards and AliPay offer consumer protection by permitting consumers to get their money back if the product is not sent. You are able to check whether the web shop supports these payment methods or not. Make sure that you do not transfer money to a bank account if you have doubts about the reliability of a web shop.

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