Is Isabelle from Animal Crossing Okay?

Isabelle from the Animal Crossing has become the most favorite in the game. Since her first appearance in Animal Crossing new Leaf, she has appeared is every release since, as well as making an appearance in the other games of Nintendo. Everyone falls in love with the adorable and cute personality of her.

Even though she is well-loved, some people think Isabelle is overrated. Is she okay? You can decide it by reading some reasons that make her overrated.

  1. She loves to judge one if that one does a poor job

She Judges You If You Do A Poor Job

In the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, some people noticed that Isabelle can be judgmental and loves to make gossip as she complained about a major that took absent for two years, essentially a player who stopped playing. As much as you love the game like Animal Crossing, you have real life too that you need to take care of, or you might a little bored of playing.

  1. She is everywhere

She is everywhere

Isabelle did not only show up in Super Smash Bros but she also made appearance in Mario Kart 8, Taiko no Tatsujin, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and Miitopia. The social media platforms were infected by the same hype, with Isabelle taking over the official Twitter accounts for the Animal Crossing series.

Fortunately, Tom Nook has recently taken over the official Twitter accounts for a while so it must be a bit relief for those who are a bit tired seeing her everywhere. However, no one knows how long it will last.

  1. She was not best choice for Super Smash Bros

She was not best choice for Super Smash Bros

Due to her rising in popularity, it was expected that Isabelle was included as a new challenger for Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, as well as later for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, there were fat better options than her that would have fitted into the game better, but no other NPCs got a look in because fan wanted Isabelle more.

One of the better options for Super Smash Bros is Resetti. Can you imagine the amount of laughter it would have been if he was chosen as a proper fighter? He would be a great addition to the game with his temper and pick axe weapon at the ready.

  1. No caretaker feature for Animal Crossing New Horizons

No Caretaker Feature For New Horizons

One of the best features that came with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was that players could select one of their favorite villagers to be a caretaker to help at the campsite. The selected animal will do chores on your behalf while you are not playing. They can also accompany you around when you play. The sad news is that this feature only available for an additional price as part of the Happy Helper Plan.

Everyone would love it if it is available in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It could be good to secure their place on your island so they do not move out, as well as making sure your island is taken care of when you cannot play. Unfortunately, it is impossible as Isabelle is the dedicated helper on your island despite not being a great helper.

  1. She steals attention from her brother

She steals attention from her brother

For those who just joined the game, you might not realize that Isabelle has a twin brother called Digby, who showed up in Animal Crossing New Leaf, Animal crossing Happy Home Designer, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Due to its role of Isabelle as the mascot of Nintendo, Digby is usually left by wayside and forgotten. He also has yet to show up in Animal Crossing New Horizons, with a lot of people being worried that he will never arrive on the island at all.

  1. The tips given by her are not that helpful

The tips given by her are not that helpful

The job of Isabelle is to help everyone out and make the running of the town or island a little easier. However, her everything she advices is not as helpful as you would expect. She usually only gives the general tips such as remove weeds, build more, and some other ones that you already know or could easily guess.

She should be more specific in saying what the villagers wanted so that you can raise your island evaluation level or maybe also your lower scoring area so you will aware which one you should improve.

  1. Her design is a no no

Her Design Is A Literal Joke

Every single one was so in love with this dog character that loves to smile when she was appeared for the first time, but a lot of them have not realized that the design of her is actually a meh. Her head looks like a bag of bells, especially with a red band to tie her top knot. It is worse when the name Isabelle can be spelled as “Is a bell”.

Besides, just like a heavy bad of bells would make sound in your pocket, Isabelle jingles too. One of the examples is when she runs to the players, usually in Animal Crossing New Leaf than the Animal Cross New Horizons. The reason is because the existence of a little bell attached to her hairband.

  1. She will do nothing useful to get rid of villagers

She will do nothing useful to get rid of villagers

There is always an option for Isabelle to report villagers that you find offensive, but she will not do anything for you, even though you make so much complain. You are allowed to say that an appearance of conversation of the villager is inappropriate, and the villagers will be turned into either their default appearance or default conversation topics by Isabelle.

It is actually understandable that Nintendo will not allow everyone to just get rid of everyone without limits, some allowance should be there, such as one villager a month or something. The villagers can be kicked out by inviting amiibo characters, so there is no good reason to give players who do not have amiibo cards punishment.

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