Injustice 2 Tier List 2021

Injustice 2 refers to the fighting video game that is based on the superheroes and villain characters if the popular DC universe. This one was released in 2017. By this game, you will be given the chance to customize your favorite characters and their equipment. Feel free to pick up your favorite character and star the battle.

The game named Injustice 2 is a 1 vs 1 battle, in which you will need to defeat the enemy character. Each player is blessed with fighting skills and special moves that can be used with different buttons combinations. Your job is to attack the enemies and try to finish his health points if you want to win the battle. In addition to these fighting skills and special moves, you are also given some defensive and dodging skills that can be used to defend the attacks of the enemies. If you manage to successfully survive, you will gain experience points and rewards.

Injustice 2 Tier List 2021

Injustice 2 is available to be played online with your friends. This mode makes it possible for you to play leagues and win the battle against the opponents and their bosses. Once the enemies have been defeated, you will be able to be rewarded and you will also able to get new gears.

Those who have Windows PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile phone are able to play Injustice 2. If you are interested in this game, it is time for you to download it for free from the Google Play Stone or App Store for the mobile phone.

Talking about the characters in Injustice 2, they are grouped into six. Batman and Darkseid are the leading heroes in the S-tier. They are all recommended by the seasoned players. The best ones in group A are Black Adam and Cyborg. Each of them is also great and well balanced. The B-tier has Robin and Firestorm as the best main heroes. They are also strong but they have some minimal weak points. Green Arrow and Superman are included as the leading characters in the C-tier. Compared to the previous ones, they are a bit harder to handle. The best ones from the D-tier are Catwoman and Wonder Woman. As for the F-tier, some of the ones that included in the group are Black Canary and Cheetah, the ones that are least bothered.


S-tier consists of the best and the most complete fighters in Injustice 2. All the attributes owned by the characters can contribute to the excellent win rate in the competitive matches, even though there might be some difficulties for the beginners when learning about it.

    • Black Adam

Trait: Orbs of Seth, Soul of Shazam

Description: You will see that good zoning characters are given in the game. Due to the fact that Black Adam is the best zoner in the game, it is not surprising that he is at top.

    • Catwoman

Trait: Cat Scratch

Description: Catwoman is such a good fighter who defeats the enemies by using quick combo. She might not be blessed with the most powerful attacks, but she is allowed by her trait to keep the pressure on the enemy as much as possible.

    • Starfire

Trait: Tamaranean Gift, Star Bolt

Description: Starfire is good at mid to long-range distance due to her star bolts.

    • Wonder Woman

Trait: Style Change

Description: Wonder Woman has a flexible playstyle but it is effective. She excels in almost every aspect of the game, including defense, zoning, and close quarters.

    • Doctor Fate

Trait: Dark Magic

Description: Doctor Fate is only lost to Black Adam when it comes to zoning potential.

    • Batman

Trait: Mechanical Bats, Bat Strike

Description: The bat of Batman allows him to play aggressively without having to worry about his openings.


A-tier is the group of excellent fighters that can do well in almost every situation. They might not as strong as the ones in S-tier, but they own the tools that will help them to surpass them with the practice from the side of the player.

    • Red Hood

Trait: Going Ballistic

Description: Once you get pas his very high skill cap, Red Hood is a mix up god.

    • Firestorm

Trait: Firestorm raises his flames to deal more damage and makes it possible for the longer-ranged attacks.

Description: Firestorm is another amazing zooner.

    • Poison Ivy

Trait: Night Shade, Burrow

Description: Poison Ivy is friendly for the beginners.

    • Black Manta

Trait: Float

Description: The mobility of Black Manta is one of the best in the game.

    • Supergirl

Trait: Kryptonian Lasers

Description: Supergirl is blessed with great combis and a useful float ability.

    • Hellboy

Trait: Broom’s Rosary, Agrippa’s Charm, Whittier’s Amulet, Mohlomi’s Bell

    • Superman

Trait: Fury of Krypton


Each fighter included in the B-tier is considered good and they are the ones that see decent success in the competitive matches. They are great options in the mid-rank competitive matches because most people do not the way to deal with them.

    • Flash

Trait: Time Loop

    • Green Arrow

Trait: Take Aim

    • Atrocitus

Trait: Dex-Starr, Regurgitate Rage, Dex-Starr’s Rage

    • Aquaman

Trait: Water of Life

    • Darksied

Trait: Gate to Apokolips

    • Robin

Trait: Deadly Arsenal

    • Green Lantern

Trait: Green Lantern’s Light/Power Ring

    • Scarecrow

Trait: Inner Fear

    • Blue Beetle

Trait: Ancient Scarab

    • Cyborg

Trait: Repair Circuit

    • Sub-Zero

Trait: Ice Klone


The characters in the C-tier are average heroes that you do not see that much in highly competitive matches. In case you have enough experience, you can choose them to challenge yourself. However, you will need to remember that you will have a harder time compared to the usual.

    • Enchantress

Trait: Xibabla

    • Deadshot

Trait: Living Weapon, Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Poison Ammo

    • Harley Quinn

Trait: Bud Rush

    • Bane

Trait: Supercharged

    • Cheetah

Trait: Claws of Death


Everyone in D-tier has almost fallen off the meta. Feel free to use them if you want something challenging in your competitive run.

    • Black Canary

Trait: Canary Cry

    • Captain Cold

Trait: Cold Gun

    • Joker

Trait: Joker’s Wild

    • Swamp Thing

Trait: Abigail’s Garden


F-tier has the worst fighters in Injustice 2, that’s why it is better for you to avoid them if you are eyeing for any success in the competitive matches.

    • Gorilla Grodd

Trait: Animal Instinct

    • Raiden

Trait: High Voltage

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