In Animal Crossing Who is the Manager of the Town Shop?

When you are playing an Animal Crossing game, you may wonder who is the manager of the town shop in the game. Let’s find out about it here and the other things related to the manager of the town shop.

Manager of the Town Shop in Animal Crossing

According to the Animal Crossing Wiki, the manager of the town shop in all games leading to New Leaf is Tom Nook. Tom Nook is a character in Animal Crossing and he plays the most important role in all of the Animal Crossing games.

In Animal Crossing Who is the Manager of the Town Shop

In all games before New Leaf, he starts out with Nook’s Cranny and expands after the player purchases enough from him. He has a total of four expansions for his shop including Nook’s Cranny, Nook ‘n’ Go, Nookway, Nookington’s and Nook’s Homes. After the final expansion, namely Nookington’s, his nephews Timmy and Tommy will be employed.

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, Nook is interested in real estate to a whole new level where he opens Nook’s Homes. Meanwhile, Timmy and Tommy operate the town shop. How about in Animal Crossing New Horizons? There, he becomes the head of Nook Incorporated. His job is the leader on the island where he acts as task giver and island upgrader.

Do you want to know more about Tom Nook? Let’s find out more about this character below.

Tom Nook’s Appearances

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Tom Nook is a male character where he plays an important role in all of the Animal Crossing games. He is a raccoon and his birthday is on May 30th. He has brown fur and he has half-closed eyes in blue color. He also has a dark brown patch of fur which is like a mask around his eyes. The tip of his tail, paws, nose and ears are dark brown.

Tom Nook wears different uniforms for each upgrade of his store from Animal Forest through City Folk, as the town’s shop owner.

    • In Nook’s Cranny, Tom Nook wears a blue apron with his leaf symbol on it.
    • In Nook ‘N’ Go, Tom Nook wears a blue, orange and white-striped shirt and pillbox hat. In Animal Forest, the color of this uniform was green, red and white.
    • In Nookway, Tom Nook wears a white apron which has a purple leaf and green details on it. In Animal Forest, it is blue and orange.
    • In Nookington’s, Tom Nook wears a bright blue suit jacket and a pink tie.
    • In the lottery, he wears an apron in red, white and blue colors and a sports visor. In Animal Forest, it was a haori in red and black in addition to his usual apron and a white hachimaki which was tied around his head.

In New Leaf, you can see that he wears a white shirt which has a red necktie and a green argyle sweater vest over it. On his sweater, there is a left-sided pocket protector with a pen which sticks out. Also, he wears black plants. When he is outside of Nook’s Homes, he wears a yellow jacket over his sweater.

In Happy Home Designer, when his house is designed, as a player, you are able to visit him and you will see that he wears casual clothes. You will see that he wears a white polo shirt with his leaf logo on it and khaki pants.

How about in New Horizons? In that game, he wears a white and teal Hawaiian-style shirt and khaki shorts. A dark teal jacket is worn by him from late Fall to just before Spring.

Tom Nook in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will find Tom Nook as a travel agent. Through his company, you are able to buy a gateway package to a deserted island. He is the founder and owner of Nook Inc. Besides, he also operates the Resident Services building. Playing this role requires him to act as the leader and developer of the island. You are able to upgrade the island and various buildings that can be built through him.

Timmy and Tommy are his employees and at the beginning of the game, you will see them in the Resident Services Tent together with Tom Nook where Tommy roams freely outside for most of the day. However, after the construction of Nook’s Cranny is completed, you can find them inside the store from 8 am to 10 pm.

About Tom Nook’s Store

About Tom Nook's Store

As explained on the Animal Crossing Wiki, Tom Nook’s store is the economic centerpiece of every town of players. Tom Nook is the owner and the one who operates the store. In the series, he is the most important NPC.

There are some special features which can be provided by the Tom Nook’s Store. Those are listed below.

    • The Turnip Stalk Market
      Turnip is an item that may be bought by the player from Joan on Sunday mornings. Turnip is a noteworthy item that Nook will purchase.
    • The Catalog
      Tom Nook also gives you access to your own personalized catalog, from which you are able to order any item that you have held in your pockets.
    • Monthly Lottery
      A raffle is offered by Tom Nook for three rare items on the last day of every month. Five raffle tickets are required for one entry for an opportunity to win. Nook gives the tickets to the player during the month after the purchase of an item in the store. Items which are worth a raffle ticket include umbrellas, clothes, furniture, carpet and wallpaper.
    • Tom Nook Point System
      If you buy items in the store in Wild World and City Folk, you will be given Nook Points. If you spend 100 Bells, you will get 1 Nook Point. However, you need to note that it is not cumulative. For example, if you buy a pack of seeds at 80 Bells, it will give you zero Nook Points and if you buy a second pack for a total of 160 Bells, it will give you zero Nook Points because you bought them separately.

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