Immortal Rank Valorant

Immortal is one of the rank tiers in Valorant. To inhabit the Immortal rank, you need to reach 100RR in Diamond 3 first. If you already have 100RR, reaching the top of the rank is in sight. Certainly, getting more RR in Valorant is a bit hard to do, as you need to make a serious effort for it.

You may need some tips and tricks in order to get more RR in Valorant, considering to get more RR will encourage you to perform some ways. So, let’s learn about Immortal Rank and how to inhabit this rank easily through our post below!

Learn about Immortal Ranks

Immortal Rank Valorant

There are at least 8 ranks in Valorant. They are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Radiant. From ranks Iron to Immortal are divided into three tiers from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

In the Immortal division, the Immortal 1 is the lowest tier, while the Immortal 3 is the highest tier. If you have done with Immortal 2, you will then be promoted to the highest ranks, that’s Radiant. If you are in Immortal and Radiant ranks, you will be featured on a leaderboard.

In this case, the rank distribution is built to have the average player that holds a rank in Silver. Well, the true distribution will not fit this exactly, because  the playerbase’s skill is constantly shifting, although the true distribution must still be pretty similar to it.

If you want to earn a rank, you need to first play 5 placement games. Then, the highest rank that you will inhabit once completing your placement is Diamond 1. You can also skip tiers or division if you build up enough matchmaking rating.

Moreover, the frags and personal personal performance are also taken into consideration. Your opportunities of skipping ranks will be higher if you reach a large win streak and also consistently bag yourself MVPs.

Rank Rating (RR) for Immortal Ranks

To inhabit the Immortal Rank,  you will need to earn 100RR when you are in Diamond 3. With this amount of Rank Rating (RR), you will be able to make your way easily to Immortal 1. After you know it, you may notice that this ranking will work a bit differently at this level.

From Iron to Diamond, you will go up a rank each time you earn 100RR. But, it is different from Immortal and Radiant ranks where you will keep earning Rank Rating(RR) as long as you keep winning. To reach from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2 and higher, you will need to meet some certain regional RR threshold.

To inhabit Immortal rank, you will pass the placement section. In this case, all Immortal and Radiant players should play five placement matches to be placed, with Diamond 1 being the highest initial placement possible.

In order to receive your rank in Act 1 and/or Act 3, you may need to play 1 placement match. In this case, your position on the leaderboard will not change, however your Rank Rating will be decreased by 90%.

In other words, all players of Radiant rank will be back to an Immortal tank. You should know that Radiant represents most elite Agents. Certainly, you may have to prove yourself after more to count yourself among them.

After you reach Immortal 1, you will begin with 100RR. From there, as long as the wins keep coming, you need to keep earning RR unlimitedly. To rise through Immortal 1 and higher, you will have to reach certain regional RR threshold, here are they:

    • Immortal 2: 90RR
    • Immortal 3: 150RR
    • Radiant: 200RR

For example; for the NA region players, they will have to reach 90 RR to go from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2. Then, for the BR region players, they will earn 230RR to go from Immortal 2 to Immortal 3. In this case, the RR will get you through the Immortal Ranks.

How to Climb From Immortal to Radiant?

To prove yourself reliable of the Radiant rank, it is not enough if you only reach your regional RR threshold alone. In other words, you should also be one of the top 500 players in your region.

For instance, if you rank in the top 500 players in the LATAM region, but you have less than 200RR, you will still be in Immortal 3 automatically. Then, if you also have over 200RR, but you do not rank in the top 500 players, you will also still be in Immortal 2. Well, both conditions should be met to rise into Radiant. If the two main requirements are met, you will have a chance to rise into Radiant rank.

Just like you’re climbing through the ranks, you will also fall at all. We also show you the lowdown on how you can find yourself demoted, here are they:

    • You will be demoted from Immortal 1 by reaching 0 RR and losing again.
    • You will be demoted from Immortal 2 by falling below your regional Immortal 2 threshold.
    • You will be demoted from Immortal 3 by falling below your regional Immortal 3 threshold.
    • You will be demoted from Radiant by losing more RR than the lowest Radiant player or by falling below your regional Radiant threshold.

What Things Do Affect Your Rank Rating (RR)?

There are some things that affect whether your RR goes up or down at the end of a match. What are they? They are wins, losses and round differential or how much you win by. In this case, the Immortal and Radiant player’s Rank Rating will be completely reliant on the outcome of the match, while Iron through Diamond players are able to receive performance bonuses.

It’s important to note, if you’re doing AFK or queue dodging in Competitive games for a prolonged period of time, it will impact your RR too to be worse. So, make sure not to take a risk for your RR penalty. You also need to stay in-game after you are in the queue.

Alternatively, to keep your position on the Leaderboard, you will have to play at least one Competitive game every 7 days.