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Illusion Connect is a Mobile game for iOs and Android platforms. The game features real-time battles, recruitable characters and the ability to design a home. Well, let us talk about this game and some review.

Illusion Connect review from Reddit users

  • The game is very generous and SVIP is also pretty enough. Selective banners are what’s will make or break for some cause it is expensive to summon. At least you get guaranteed SSR every two multis, so somehow it is not too horrible, aside from the rate-ups in the game. It is very easy to get off banners or other units.
  • The game of Illusion Connect is very Light spender friendly. This is good for Light spenders since you are able to get a lot of value. For example SEA had a 15USD pack.
  • Illusion Connect is a recently released role-playing game that was developed by Superprism Technology Co., Ltd. Also, Illusion Connect features Leader and Partners that you have to summon through the gacha system, including gears. The game is f2p friendly. If you play it with planning, you will not feel the need to spend money.
  • Honestly, the graphics are very good. They are super cute and the character models, both in battles with their animation style and outside of battles with their portraits are really beautiful to look at. The animations look amazing, both physical movement and abilities.
  • Illusion Connect game may be one of if the best gacha games in terms of quality of life. Illusion Connect is really F2P friendly, devs are the most generous we have seen, just look at their pity.
  • Yeah, in fact Illusion Connect game is listed as 2nd Top Grossing game of 2020, especially when most of the reviews mention the popularity of the game.
  • This is very amazing. After two months straight playing its gotten better. Even, this is the best gatcha game I have ever played. If you want to play low rarity characters you can do that, some are good. Using R players who are good at arena. The players are able to control the strategy and set up. I spend money on outfits. I think that the game is made by intelligent, caring people.

Illusion Connect Reddit Review

Other Illusion Connect review (From Google Play Store)

  • This is pretty great game, i do not play as much as i used to but i still enjoy it nonetheless. The gameplay is very simple and snappy and the story is engaging. I request more character interaction options like in the date feature as many characters are still missing the option. Personally it will increase my engagement with the game and characters.
  • I am really enjoying this game, it shows the developers have put amazing effort in both the story and character design. Only one reason I am giving it 4 stars is because I think there is some work to be done with the translation and the text interface. Occasionally the dialogue text goes out of the screen making it cannot to read. The game overall is beautiful and I am looking forward to see how it evolves over time, keep up the good work.
  • Unbalanced with a plain leader design. Most event stages turn into “Have this unit or you cannot progress,” unless the opponent decides to not spam skills in succession before you get to place a unit. The game of Illusion Connect is new, so why are the Event stages harder than Story stage 10, that you need to basically be level 35+ for?
  • Although grinding for shards and lost mirror will be able to be quite frustrating, I really like this gacha game. It is so charming and polished. The developers of the game seem to actually care about the players. So far, every new event has been an improvement over the previous one, fixing and creating things generally better. Also, the developers often ask for feedback through surveys, which is nice. I think there is room for improvement in the romance or connection between the player and the characters.
  • Well the game of Illusion Connect is pretty good f2p friendly. But the downside of this game is too many server, people quit everyday and at some point there is no one left in that server to help you at the coop event and crusade. The game just got release for some month. I have to make a second account to enjoy the game.
  • I really enjoy this gacha game. I have not had the time to play the game of Illusion Connect lately. but, finally I do have several free time, but whenever I try to log in it always say making link, but not loading or doing anything and it never gets anywhere.
  • This game is really pretty my style. I like it and I would give it a five star rate for my opinion. However, there is a problem, ever since the latest update i could not get in the game even if I keep tapping the start button, at first I thought it was just because of my storage so I started cleaning it but it was not the issue. Maybe there is something was wrong with the game so I want to try asking the game developer for some help.

About Illusion Connect game

Illusion Connect is a tactical RPG game which combines turn-based strategy and the real-time combat. The gameplay is very deep and exciting. The main stage is set in Bloomsea City, where you are going to fight alongside more than fifty Radiants with different personalities and unique abilities to resist the Nightmares. You are able to explore a fantastical city of dreams where you are able to investigate legends, relics, analyze the known world, or even unlock a wealth of Easter eggs, puzzles, and whimsical tidbits. Also, you are able to build and customize your own mansion, select your living partners, keep pets, and build a sweet home to return to.

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