Icebreaker MM2 Value

When you have a plan to buy a weapon in MM2, you probably will identify its value first. However, the weapon’s value in MM2 represents the rarity and tier of the weapon. Certainly, the value can be an essential thing that you shouldn’t ignore.

A weapon’s value depends on how rare a weapon can be obtained in the game. Considering value is such an important thing, sure when buying a weapon, you should know its value first. Then, how much is  Icebreaker’s value in MM2? Is the Icebreaker worthy weapon to use?

Ice Breaker’s Value

Icebreaker MM2 Value

If you are a veteran MM2 player, you may already know that Icebreaker is a knife that is included into Ancient rarity. When you want to use this weapon, you may be wondering how much the Ice Breaker’s value is.

According to the MM2 Value Site, Icebreaker has a value of 160. We think that it’s an enough amount of weapon’s value among other MM2 weapons. Well, the Icebreaker knife is a great, reliable knife to use in the Murder Mystery 2.

Talking about Ice Breaker, this is a weapon that is similar to the BattleAxe, but it’s larger. The Icebreaker weapon comes in a thin long handle. Each blade is two blades that are encased in ice. This weapon has a demon-like face in the middle with silver horns.

Additionally, Icebreaker features a black thin nose, icy blue eyes and sharp metal teeth. There is also a small protruding spike made of ice at the bottom of the handle. Icebreaker is the second ancient weapon which is not a scythe and the first being Logchopper.

Icebreaker is also the fourth weapon which can be obtained by buying the final tier in an event. the others being Logchopper, Elderwood Scythe and Hallowscythe. Moreover, this weapon is part of a set with Iceblaster that can shape the Ice Set.

To get the Icebreaker, it is a similar way to Logchopper, Hallowscythe and Elderwood scythe. But, Logchopper and Icebreaker were 70,000 tokens. While, Hallowscythe and Elderwood Scythe were 80,000.

Icebreaker has Unique variants. So, the variants  were granted as leaderboard trophies during the Christmas Event 2020, along with Gold Icebreaker, Bronze Icebreaker, Red Icebreaker and Silver Icebreaker.

How to Get an Icebreaker?

Initially, the Icebreaker knife can be obtained by using 70,000 Winter Tokens. Those Tokens here are used to buy the final tier during Christmas Event 2020. Today, the only one way to get Icebreaker is through trading, because the event was over.

In fact, trading in Murder Mystery 2 is such a core mechanic that aims to exchange one’s own items for another player’s items. The value of an item is also measured in Seers, Rarity or Demand. However, you’re only able to trade 4 unique items, but you can still do multiple of them.

Certainly, not all items can be traded. In this case, you can only trade guns,  knives, pets and objects like Mystery Keys, Gifts, and Wrapping Paper.

Here’s how to get Icebreaker through trading!

    • To trade the Icebreaker knife, you need to choose the desired player to trade with. You can choose a player on the player list that is located on the top right. After you choose a player, a small menu will appear that brings ‘Profile’ and ‘Trade’ buttons.
    • Once you click a ‘Trade’ button, a request to trade will appear on the other player’s screen. In this case, the player that you choose has a right either to deny or accept your trade request. If the player denies your trade request, the trade request will automatically disappear.
    • While, if the player accepts your trade request, there will be a trading menu appearing and covering the whole screen. Simultaneously, on the left side on the screen, your inventory will also appear. You can then click Icebreaker to place it into the trade.
    • Then, the Icebreaker knife that the player is being traded with puts into the trade will then appear.
    • Every time an item is placed into the trade, you need to wait about 6 seconds to accept.

That’s it! You successfully do trading with another player in order to get an Icebreaker weapon.

For more information, if you don’t want to trade, you’re able to disable your trade request underneath the player list. If you disable your trade request, you will not receive any incoming trade requests from another player. But, you can still trade with others if your trades are on.

Other Ancient Knives

Aside from Icebreaker, there are still five remaining knives that are categorized into Ancient rarity. Here are they:

Elderwood Scythe

Elderwood Scythe mm2

This is the 4th ancient knife added into MM2, excluding Flames. Previously, the way to obtain this knife is by completing the Halloween 2019 rewards pass. Today, you can get this knife through trading.

    • Value: 165
    • Demand: 4
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: Halloween 2019 Tier System
    • Obtained: Trade Only

Niks Scythe

Niks Scythe mm2

This is a special tier of Ancient knife that came to replace Batwing after it was released. To get this knife, you need to report glitches or bugs. But today, you can only get it through trading.

    • Value: 150000
    • Demand: 10
    • Rarity: 10
    • Origin: Gift from Nikilis
    • Obtained: Trade Only

Log Chopper

Log Chopper

This is the 5th ancient knife added into MM2 that was introduced during the Christmas Event 2019. Initially, you can get it on the event, but today it can be obtained through trading.

    • Value: 120
    • Demand: 3
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: 2019 Xmas Tiers
    • Obtained: Trade Only


Hallowscythe mm2

This is the 6th ancient weapon added into the MM2. Initially, you can get it by spending 80,000 candies after completing the Halloween Event 2000 Main Event. You can get it through trading for today.

    • Value: 115
    • Demand: 5
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: 2020 Hallows Event
    • Obtained: Buy/Trade


Batwing mm2

This is an old version of Niks Scythe. Today, you can get it through trading, but previously the only one way to get this weapon is through Batwing game pass.

    • Value: 65
    • Demand: 2
    • Rarity: 2
    • Origin: Halloween 2018
    • Obtained: Trade Only

Ice Wing

Ice Wing

This is the 3rd ancient tier knife added as part of the Christmas 2018 Event. Today, you can get this knife through trading. Initially, you can get it by buying the Icewing Gamepass.

    • Value: 40
    • Demand: 2
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: Xmas 2018
    • Obtained: Trade Only

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