How to Write the Cube Root in XYZ Homework

As a student who uses the XYZ Homework, you must know that a few types of questions require a mathematical expression or equation in the answer box. Due to the fact that XYZ Homework follows order of operations, the use of proper grouping symbols is important.

One of these symbols is the cube root. As a student, you must know how to write the cube root in XYZ Homework. Even if it is a must, it is normal if you have no idea how to write it. So, how to write the cube root in XYZ Homework?

For those who want to know the way to write the cube root in XYZ Homework, you will have to type 221b and press alt and x keys.

Aside from the way to write the cube root in XYZ Homework, you might also want to know how to write the others. Here is the information for you to read:

Operation symbols:

    • Meaning: Addition
      Symbol: +
      Notation: x + 3
      Display: x + 3
    • Meaning: Subtraction
      Symbol: –
      Notation: x-3, -5
      Display: x – 3, -5
    • Meaning: Multiplication
      Symbol: *
      Notation: 3*10, 3x
      Display: 3*10, 3x
    • Meaning: Division
      Symbol: /
      Notation: x/3
      Display: x/3
    • Meaning: Exponents
      Symbol: ^
      Notation: x^3
      Display: x3

Relation symbols:

    • Meaning: Equal to
      Symbol: =
      Notation: y=5
      Display: y = 5
    • Meaning: Not equal to
      Symbol: ! =
      Notation: y!=-3
      Display: y≠ -3
    • Meaning: Greater than
      Symbol: >
      Notation: x>3
      Display: x > 3
    • Meaning: Less than
      Symbol: <
      Notation: x<4
      Display: x <4
    • Meaning: Greater than or equal to
      Symbol: >=
      Notation: x>=-3
      Display: x ≥ -3
    • Meaning: Less than or equal to
      Symbol: <=
      Notation: y<=-10
      Display: y ≤ -10

Grouping symbols:

    • Meaning: Parentheses
      Symbol: ()
      Notation: 3/ (x+5)
      Display: 3/x + 5
    • Meaning: Nested parentheses
      Symbol: (( ))
      Notation: 3/(2(x+5))
      Display: 3/2(x + 5)
    • Meaning: Brackets
      Symbol: []
      Notation: [5, 9]
      Display: [5, 9]
    • Meaning: Braces
      Symbol: {}
      Notation: {1, 2, 3, 4}
      Display: {1, 2, 3, 4}

Function symbols:

    • Meaning: Square root
      Symbol: sqrt()
      Notation: sqrt(7)
      Display: √7
    • Meaning: nth root
      Symbol: root(n)()
      Notation: root(3)(27x)
      Display: 3
      √ —
    • Meaning: Absolute value
      Symbol: abs()
      Notation: abs(−5)
      Display:  –5 
    • Meaning: Factorial
      Symbol: !
      Notation: 5!
      Display: 5!
    • Meaning: Base 10 logarithm
      Symbol: log()
      Notation: log(5)
      Display: log 5
    • Meaning: Natural log
      Symbol: In ()
      Notation: In (x)
      Display: In x
    • Meaning: General base a
      Symbol: log_a ()
      Notation: log_8 (x)
      Display: log8x

Miscellaneous symbols:

    • Meaning: π
      Symbol: pi
      Notation: pi r^2
      Display: πr 2
    • Meaning: e
      Symbol: e
      Notation: e^x
      Display: ex
    • Meaning: Infinity
      Symbol: oo
      Notation: (−oo,0)
      Display: (–∞, 0)
    • Meaning: Does Not Exist
      Symbol: DNE
      Notation: DNE
      Display: DNE

Advanced examples:

    • Topic: Enter a reduced fraction
      Example: 3/5
      Display: 3/5
    • Topic: Enter a mixed number
      Example: 2_3/5
      Display:  2 3/5
    • Topic: Enter a linear equation
      Example: y=3x+5
      Display: y = 3x + 5
    • Topic: Rational expression 1
      Example: 2/(3x+5)
      Display: 2/3x +5
    • Topic: Rational expression 2
      Example: 2/3x+5
      Display: 2/3x +5
    • Topic: Rational expression 3
      Example:  2/ ((x+5)(x–3))
      Display: 2/ ((x+5)(x–3))
    • Topic: Exponential expression 1
      Example: 3^x+2
      Display:  3x + 2
    • Topic: Exponential expression 2
      Example: 3^(x+2)
      Display:  3x + 2

For every student who uses an easy to use online teaching tool to study online called XYZ Homework, it is a must for you to know how to use XYZ Homework. These followings will uncover about entering answers and the preview button. Please read everything well and if you need, you can also write down the important information on a piece of paper.

Entering answers:

It is important for you to input your answers correctly when completing assignments in XYZ Homework. The reason why it is important is because it is useful to help the system determine their accuracy. There are a total of two ways to enter answers. The first one is by calculator style math or ASCII math reference on the inside covers and the second one is by using the MathQuill equation editor.

MathQuill is the one that allows the students to enter answers as correctly as displayed mathematics. Generally, when you click in the answer box following every question, there will be a yellow box with an arrow showing up on the right side of the box. By clicking this arrow button, you will be allowed to open a pop up window with the MathQuill tools for inputting normal math symbols.

Preview button:

Beside the answer box, usually, there will be a preview button. Clicking this button makes the system display how it interprets the answer keyed in. It should be noted that the preview button is not grading your answer. This one is just indicating if the format is correct.

Rationalize the denominator in the following:

√a – 1/√a  + 1 = (a-2 sqrt(a)+1)/(a-1)

Preview: a – 2√a + 1/a – 1 x syntax ok


Tips are the ones that will indicate the kind of answer the system is expecting. Please pay extra attention to these tips when entering fractions, mixed numbers, and ordered pairs.

For more information, please visit the official website of XYZ Homework. If you do not know its official website, it is Feel free to visit the official website whenever you want. If you have some questions to ask, please direct your questions and comments to For those who are registered users, you can visit the support page for additional information.

XYZ Homework is the name of an easy to use online teaching pool. This one is full of features. It helps every student who wants to learn online. This tool is the one that provides powerful online instructional tools for faculty and students. Its unified learning environment mixes online assessment with video lessons and McKeague’s proven developmental math textbooks. All of them team up to reinforce the concepts that are taught in the classroom. There are some randomized questions that provide unlimited practice and instant feedback with all the benefits of automatic grading.

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