How to Use Grapple Hook in Halo Infinite

Ever since there was a rumor about a grappling hook to feature in Halo Infinite, everyone has been wondering about how to use it. With the release of the multiplayer, everyone now knows that the Grappleshot is able to be activated as long as they use the right bumper on an Xbox controller or Q or a PC.

This one will be fired right where the player is looking. It is possible as long as the target is within range. The good news is that it has the ability to attach fast to anything, from walls to the other players. After that, it draws the user right towards the place where it landed.

Grapple Hook in Halo Infinite

It explains why the Grappleshot in the game named Halo Infinite is known to be both useful and challenging. Depending on your discretion, it is possible for you to get three charges when it is picked up. It is worth noting that even there is a short pause between the uses and that range of these grappling hooks and it is a bit limited.

With both the Grappleshot and the grapple hook, the players will have the ability to both attack and defense. When it comes to attacking, as a player, you can attach it to an opponent to bring you right in close, giving you a chance to quick melee attack. On the other hand, in case the case turns into an overwhelming one, you can attach the grappling hook to walls, allowing you to jump up and pass the obstacles.

If you want to know more about how to use the grapple hook, you can check out the list below:

    1. Grapple hook can be used to get up close and personal

Apart from taking perches quickly on the high ground, this one is the main use case for the grappling hook. You will be able to find most new players by using it. All that you have to do is to hook onto a completing player as they pass and then reel yourself in for a sharp melee attack. Usually, it will be effective to drop the shields of the enemies and surprise them, bringing them down. In addition, it is also really powerful as a finishing move.

    1. Grapple hook can be used to hijack vehicles from a safe distance

If there is someone who is trying to run you down in a Warthog or swooping overhead in a Banshee, you might want to grapplejack that one. This method is proven to earn serious steam due to the fact that vehicles provide a big target and almost everyone is able to hit them. You will be able to hijack it mid flight by landing a grapple on a moving vehicle on the side of the driver. Please do the same thing on the passenger side to be able to hop in. For those who are good at catching the rear gun on a Warthog, it is possible for you to also hop on these. Another option is to snatch control of a Pelican right out of the air.

Grapplejacks are known to be a two way street. You are suggested to consider the grapplejack reversal if you think you are a grapplejacked and you have speed.

    1. Grapple hook can be used to become a Spider-Man for big brain flanks

Everyone knows the way to manage the cooldown grapple to effectively web sling the way around every level. The main goal of it is to place yourself in a devastating position. You can chain the cooldown of the hook to overcome the obstacles quickly and drop the attackers.

    1. Grapple hook can be used to generate enough momentum to throw them across the level

Grapple hook is also able to be used to clean large distances quickly. Some people might still remember how to use the grapple to push the players at the top of its arc. Aside from that, there are also some others that use it to jump over the chasms or cross the big swaths off map space completely.

    1. Grapple hook can be used to keep themselves from falling off the level

It is such a popular and most used one. It is also known as a natural one for the grappling hook in competitive game play. Apparently, it is an aspect of the Halo Infinite experience, getting trapped in a Warthog as the random in the seat of the driver sends it directly over a cliff, making everyone killed on board. The difference is that there is no need for you to die with grapple. If you want to be able to hail yourself back onto the map in just a short time, you will have to use the cooldown effectively.

    1. Grapple hook can be used to yoink dropped opponents flags

Some people love this one even though it is still rarely used. by using the grappling hook, the drop flags in Halo Infinite CTF modes are able to be yoinked at range. If you are interested in this, you are recommended to check out a video shared by Cameron Rooney by clicking this link here.

After knowing the uses of the grapple hook, you might also want to know the method to get it. Just like the other pieces of equipment in Halo Infinite, grapple hooks show up on equipment spaces on multiplayer maps. Sadly, there is a limited chance to spawn in. when special equipment has loaded in, there will be an announcement announced by the in match narrator. As a player, the symbol that you have to look for is the shape that everyone wants, a hook.

Due to the fact that the other special equipment will spawn in the same places, it might be needed for you to be patient and not give up to obtain your own Grappleshot. When the Grappleshot makes an appearance, the only thing that you have to do is to walk over the space with the item to get it.

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