How to Trap a Vex in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you will find Vex, a tiny flying hostile mob. This is a new type of mob that has been released in Minecraft. This mob is smalled winged mobs summoned by evokers that can be found in Woodland Mansions.

As we know, mobs coming to the game will drop any items when they are killed. So, it’s such a normal situation when you have a plan to kill a Vex in Minecraft. Unfortunately, if you kill the vexes, it will not drop any items. Therefore, you may need a guide of how to trap a vex in the game in order to kill them. No worries! This post will show the guide below!

How to Trap a Vex in Minecraft

How to Trap a Vex in Minecraft?

Just like other mobs, Vexes also have enough health points. Before you kill them, you should know how much health points that a vex has. In the game, a vex owns 7 hearts for health. It will give a vex 14 health points, as 1 heart gets 2 health points.

To trap a vex, make sure to find it first. As we’ve mentioned, vexes can be found in Woodland Mansions. In order to find a vex, you may have to go to the top floor of a Woodland Mansion where you will locate a single evoker in one of the rooms.

When you are attacked by the evoker, it will summon between 2 and 4 vexes. However, if you have an issue of finding a vex, you can also summon a vex by using a cheat or by using a spawn egg.

If you want to trap a vex, you can try to stack many boats around a villager. It is known as the best method to trap a vex in a boat. When a vex is inside the boat, it will sit and not do anything until they disappear.

You should know if a vex did not get stuck in boats, it can still kill the villagers. Sure, if there are no mobs that can get put into boats, it will probably fix a lot of mob farming issues. You should know that trapping a vex in boats is not strictly needed for raid farms to function.

Alternatively, you can prevent a vex from spawning by doing two ways, here are they:

    1. Make sure the evokers do not make eye contact with a player or villager
    2. Killing the vexes in one it, so they will not retaliate against a player by spawning vexes.

Well, this way can be used to raid farms that have a single villager that is surrounded by boats as a pillager outpost location. In this case, all pillagers will be able to find a way to the villager. They can be then killed via lava/ falling and more.

Knowing the Vexes’s Behaviour

Knowing the Vexes’s Behaviour

Before you trap and kill a vex in the game, at least you should know their behaviour first. Starting to identify their behaviour will give you a clue about do’s and don’ts. Once you know the vexes’ behaviour, we think that killing them will be easier.

After vexes are spawning, they will locate the nearest enemy by attacking the players, villagers, iron golems and also wandering traders as well as other targets as commanded by evoker. You should know that any mob illahers will still attack the vexes even when they do not have a weapon and deal the same damage, if vexes naturally attack them.

The vexes are able to phase right through the walls, making them extremely hard to track and kill in close quarters. They will also turn red if they start to attack. They can also fly through the air and freely pass any solid items such as bedrock, without taking damage.

When any mob attacks them, the vexes will become hostile toward it in the area. However, it also includes Johnny vindicators, who also attack vexes, though the vindicator being a illager. Keep in mind, the vexes will target the nearest player. When a vex idles. it will float within a 15x11x15 cuboid range that is centered on their evoker’s position, unless they are summoned by a spawn egg or by the /summon command.

Here are some facts related to vexes’ behaviour:

    • A vex will take damage over time.
    • A vex can also be hurt by the evoker that will result in it attacking its own evoker.
    • A vex can kill a villager in three hits.
    • A vex can kill an iron golem in 15 hits.

Talking about spawning, the vexes that are summoned by an evoker begin taking damage after 30 to 119 seconds and finally die. However, it will not apply if a vex is summoned by a spawner, by the /summon command and spawn egg. Then, a vex will not despawn if it has been named via commands, or nameta or also if a vex is in a block minecart, or boat.

We emphasize that the vexes can only be summoned by evokers. They can be spawned in the groups of three that will deliver smoke when spawning in. In this case, the players will easily get overwhelmed if too close to the evoker, because of the guaranteed group spawn.

Does A Vex Drop Items?

Most mobs in Minecraft drop any different items when killed. So, how about the Vexes? There are two differences about the vexes’ item drop in two versions of Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

In Java Edition, the vexes do not drop iron swords, as its main hand’s HandDropChances is 0 while in Bedrock Edition, the vexes will drop its iron sword with random durability. However, it is not influenced by the Looting enchantment. 5 will be dropped when killed by a player or tamed wolf in both editions.

Additionally, you will get experience when you play this game. The most unforgettable experience is by killing the powerful mobs, including the vexes. You will automatically see tiny green and yellow balls appear and move towards you when you successfully kill a mob. Well, those robs actually represent your experience points.