How to Team Create a Game on Roblox Studio

For those who love to play games and to make games on Roblox, you might be wondering if you can do these with your friends. While playing games with your friends is possible, the good news is that making the game with your friends is also possible with the Collaborative Development features offered by Roblox.

Step 1: Collaborative scripting

When the Team Create session is ongoing, the game scripts are saved in a centralized cloud based repository that might be viewed by all contributors. With it, you are allowed to do work on the same screenplay that the others are revising independently and know when the other ones are working on a script. All the changes have to be tested locally before being moved to the cloud. In addition, you are also able to compare and commit your script modifications to the cloud when you are finished.

Apparently, collaborative scripting is enabled by default. For those who want to turn it off, all that should be done is to go to Game Settings Options and then uncheck Enable Collaborative Editing. Just like that, the collaborative scription will be turned off. If you want to resume the sessions, you can do it by turning off Team Create. After turning off the Team Create, you can then re-enable it.

Step 2: Editing and testing

A script is able to be opened as normal during the Team Create session. It is always like that even if it has been modified by another user. The modification that you make is automatically saved in the Drafts window. Everything is saved automatically and it is said that all of them will be retained across the Roblox Studio sessions on the same system.


In case the drafts window is still closed, you can open it by clicking the Drafts button located on the View tab. Instead of the server version of the scripts, the drafts are the ones that will be used in the process of playtesting locally. The main reason for it is to allow you to test modifications without having to impact the game for the other ones who participate in it. On the contrary, the server versions will be used in a Team Test session as described in Game Testing Modes.

Step 3: Comparing scripts and applying edit to the server

You can compare the draft(s) to the cloud versions anytime you want. It is really easy to do it. If you want to do it, you can just right click them and then choose Compare with the server.

Compare with server

By following the step, the Diff Result box will be opened. Keep in mind that the color red indicates that the code on the server has been modified or has been removed. As for the color green, it shows the mode that has been modified. Feel free to use the line numbers to help you on deciding which one is worth keeping.

This will open the Diff Result window

In the Drafts box, you will need to choose one or more draughts. Then, right click and then select to Commit to apply the changes that you made to the cloud version.

Applying Edits to Server

Before making a Roblox game with your friends, you will need to add your friends to Roblox Studio. Below is step by step to add your friends to Roblox Studio:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to open the View tab and then choose the Team Create button. View tab and then choose the Team Create button
    2. Then, click the Green button so that you can turn on the location if it is disabled. Green button so that you can turn on the location if it is disabled
    3. Clicking it will restart the Roblox Studio and enable Team Create. Please enter a username in the box that is located at the top of the page.
    4. When the project is ready, it is time for you to invite your friends to your game development. After inviting them, do not forget to set their Permissions level to Edit and then have them go to the place’s page and click the Edit button.
    5. All the friends that you have been invited to will be included in the editing process. For your information, a translucent sphere indicates that a user is constructing in that location.
    6. Your friends will be allowed to visit the location after their permission level is set to play, it does not matter if the game is available or not.
    7. If you set the permission level of your friends to Edit, it means they have the ability to change the content of the game. However, there is no way for them to remove the thumbnails.

There is a feature offered by Roblox that allows a user to develop on Roblox Studio as long as the owner of the game adds them to the list. Basically, if you have a game and you want your friend to develop the same game with you, you can add them to the list to make it possible. The name of the feature is Team Create. This one has been around since April 13, 2016. It is the replacement of a feature offered by Roblox called Personal Servers. Even though it is the replacement, actually, it is a bit different compared to Personal Servers. On the Personal Servers, the players used to have access to the stamper tool and any other tool inside their inventory because the avatar was there. On the other hand, there is no way for the players to have access to their avatar on Team Create. While the Personal Servers had access levels restricted to different players, it is different with Team Create. Unlike Team Create, the Personal Servers allowed the users to build in game with their avatar instead of in studio. There was an extra megaphone like tool to create thumbnails in Personal Servers like a camera. Unfortunately, this kind of feature is not available on Team Create. In addition, Personal Servers allowed every player to join in while Team Create requires them to be invited.