How to Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042

A lot of Battlefield players wish to be able to change their teams in the battle. They want to switch because they are unhappy to be a part of a losing team, so they want to change teams to get a better one. Wishing to switch the teams in Battlefield 2042 has become an ever-present topic and fills the threads on various gaming forums.

So, is it possible for you to switch your teams in Battlefield? If you also wonder about whether you can switch your teams or not in Battlefield 2042, let’s find out the real facts about it in our post below!

How to Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042

Can You Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042?

Unfortunately, NO! There’s no current way to switch your teams in Battlefield 2042, even in Battlefield Portal. It means that you cannot switch your teams and change them to a better one. That’s because Battlefield does not provide the team swap option in the pause menu.

As you know, when you are in the lobby and have been added to a 64-team group, you will not be able to switch it back. Alternatively, you can quit the match and then rejoin to check if the game servers set you in a different team or not.

Well, this is the only one way to switch your teams in Battlefield 2042. But keep in mind, if you frequently leave a match more than one, it will cause a bad impact on your profile. Moreover, there are no direct settings which can allow you to play the game with your friends.

Based on the player stats, you will be divided into different teams. Certainly, the game Battlefield 2042 also does not allow you to switch the teams during matches.

A content creator of Battlefield shares his method on his official YouTube channel called ‘Flakfire’. He revealed that you can really change the teams in Battle 2042, but this way only works on Xbox One.

Well, that is a glitch in the interface which lets the players change their teams instantly during the match. It will challenge you to find yourself on an empty server. If you play in a team which lacks good players, you can opt to switch to a new one instantly.

Moreover, you can also choose a Co-op mode in the game in which you can adjust your own personal server and be able to play with your friends. Sure, you can find Co-op and Solo mode on the same menu.

To do so, you just simply choose one mode and then click on the ‘Play’ button. You can then invite your friends to join your match. However, it’s a great way to play with your friends. However, when it comes to playing it online together, there will not be a direct way to do it, unless both players have equal stats and join first before other players enter the lobby.

Will DICE Release Switchable Feature in Battlefield

Will DICE Release Switchable Feature in Battlefield?

In fact, the franchise of Battlefield has always had a chaotic relationship with team balancing. DICE actually made the decision early on to prevent team switching. This decision is implemented to prevent every player who will leave the teams out of anger or when they begin losing. That also forces a Squad From screwing over the team which they were just on.

In this case, a lot of Battlefield players worry about the matchmaking, as the beta actually had some pretty mediocre team balancing. Sure, the players really hope for good updates to the system to prevent this issue from appearing once again.

You should know that DICE, the developer of Battlefield 2041 has offered little to entertain the players about the team balancing aspect of the game. Whatever happens, the official DICE servers are going to offer team switching minimally.

Moreover, they seem determined enough to put out the effort to just run away from a bad team situation without trying hard. What might be more in the update is the implementation of team switching in Portal.

Certainly, it cannot be separated from the community-driven decision and if a lot of community members ask for it, it may be added. Afterwards, the player will be able to play on servers which offer dynamic team-switching in order to balance any things out in the game.

Learn More about Battlefield 2042 Franchise

The latest entry in the Battlefield franchise  has not begun to an amazing start, with players experiencing multiple glitches. Now, the players are not allowed to change teams. Just like other games in the series, the capability to switch teams or squads will be an essential thing to a player’s success on the titular battlefield.

If the players have an ability to choose who the players fight with or against, it can be a deciding factor in a game. Then, the option to switch the squads or teams has never been as important that makes its omission from 2042 all the more confusing with brand new 128-player Conquest and Breakthrough modes.

If the players cannot switch teams or squads yet, it can be another way Battlefield steps backward from the previous games. When the players are in queue with their friends, it will jump them into one of the huge maps that will ask them to squad with other selected players.

In this case, the players will still be able to switch squads, however this way still assigns a squad to the player randomly. The point is, there’s no currently known way to switch teams. It means the Battlefield 2042 players will only have little to no agency in selecting who they play with during a match.

Additionally, there’s another feature which was removed from Battlefield 2042, that’s ‘automatic squad leader changing’. As you know, squad leaders are a very important part of a Battlefield team that give the squad orders.

Certainly, without this feature, squads will have the potential to be ignored and left with leaders who do nothing to organize the team. Moreover, the lack of voice chat in the game at release, means that the coordination of the team will be hard to reach.