How to Survive at the Collider Fortnite

The new POI in Fortnite is the Collider. Also, the Collider POI happens to be the POI (Point of Interest) with the Doomsday device. While the Doomsday device is related to the event in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, it appears to be one of the hottest drops on the island right now. We are sure that you want to check out the Imagined Order’s weapon of mass destruction, so here is an explanation on how to survive at the Collider in Fortnite.

How to Survive at the Collider Fortnite?

Landing at the Collider is the scariest thing in Fortnite right now. Almost everyone is landing at this Collider POI. The best opinion is to stay away from this POI. But, for those who still want to land here, ensure that you land at the Doomsday device itself. After you have landed, you have to make your way to the Siege Cannons that you are able to find here. If you cannot discover the Siege cannon, you have to make your way to the closest chest which you are able to spot, or reach for the closest gun which you spot. At this time, even if it’s a gun with grey or green rarity, you are going to survive. Keep in mind that having a weak gun is better than having no gun at all.

How to Survive at the Collider Fortnite

How to Fly Away after Landing at the Collider Fortnite?

Assuming that you have safely landed at the Collider Fortnite and you have cleared the zone of all hostiles, now you have to make your way out of here. Apparently, there are three different methods in which you are able to make your way out of this POI.

Here are some methods to escape this POI:

    • Method 1
      The first method is the most common method. You are able to walk or run out of here. However, probably you are going to encounter enemies on your way out.
    • Method 2
      The second method, you are able to use the numerous IO Launch Pads that you are going to come across on the platforms of the collider itself. Please use any one of these to launch yourself and then you are able to use your glider to glide away.
    • Method 3
      The last method to escape the Collider POI, you have to climb into one of the Siege Cannons which are placed at this location. Then, you have to use the alt-fire button to launch yourself into the sky. Next, you are able to use your glider to fly away.

Surviving at the Collider Fortnite – Tips and Tricks

If you are checking out the Collider in the regular Fortnite lobbies, then your best choice is to build your way out of here. If you are planning on building for defense, you have to stock up on building materials the moment you land here. In alternative, you are able to team up with a friend and land in this place. Both of you are able to give each other protection while exploring this place.

Some popular POIs in Fortnite

As we know, the Collider is the latest POI to join the Fortnite island. Now, you may also want to know other POIs in Fortnite. Well, in this section, we are going to share some popular POIs in Fortnite.

Here are some popular POIs in Fortnite:

    • Tilted Towers
      Titled Towers is one of the earliest POIs to be introduced in the game of Fortnite. Probably, it is the most popular among the gamers. This landing spot featured some multi-story buildings that offered a good amount of loot. Thus, the location of this POI was always crowded, and close-combat fights were occurred frequently.
    • Lazy Lake
      Apparently, Lazy Lake was famous due to some reasons. The location of this POI was quite close to the center of the map that made it a safe spot to land and avoid the shrinking safe zone. Also, the location of this POI offered a great amount of loot that attracted some gamers. At this Lazy Lake, intense action was often occurred. And the players almost never escaped without facing their opponents’ bullets.
    • Retail Row
      Dropping at this Retail Row was troublesome for the beginners because the location of this POI was popular as one of the hot-drop locations in the game of Fortnite. One would often come across the people who landed over here and showcased their skills by eliminating the enemies with ease.
    • Daily Bugle
      The introduction of Spider-Man to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 brought the Daily Bugle POI. The location of this POI has the Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooters. Also, this POI offers good loot.
    • Pleasant Park
      One of the most amazing features of Pleasant Park POI was that the location of this POI was spread over a large area. The availability of the buildings made it a good location to land and loot. But, the presence of lush vegetation around this Pleasant Park POI also meant that the opponents could always be waiting for a chance to take the players by surprise.
    • Misty Meadows
      Actually, Misty Meadows POI was quite similar to the Tilted Towers POI. The buildings in this POI were located near each other. And the gamers loved hiding in them to ambush the opponents. The location of this Misty Meadows POI offered a decent amount of loot, and usually was inside the safe zone.
    • Believer Beach
      Located at the seashore, Believer Beach POI was one of the most happening places in Fortnite Chapter 2. The Believer Beach POI was frequently visited by the aliens. Also, several musical events were held here. The loot at this POI was plentiful. For that reason, the gamers preferred landing here.
    • Dusty Depot
      The gamers were quite intimidated by Dusty Depot POI because it stood as a place for advanced research. A rocket was located at this Dusty Depot POI and loopers did not shy away from discussing the progress of the launchpad.

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