How to Store Turnips in Animal Crossing (ACNH)

Turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH can be purchased from the turnip seller named Daisy Mae, who will come to your island every Sunday morning. You might be in the situation where you purchased a lot of them and you are wondering where to put them since you are not allowed to put them in the storage. In this case, being creative is the key.

The first option that you can try to store turnips is to bury them outside. Before doing this, you have to know that it is not actually recommended since it will be hard for you to dig up. Not only that, it also makes the island look less attractive than before.

How to Store Turnips in Animal Crossing (ACNH)1

If you do not want to make the island look less appealing when it comes to the appearance and you also do not want to put in some effort when digging up, you might want to store your turnips inside your house. Just leave them there on the floor until the right time to sell them comes. If there are some extra rooms, you are recommended to drop them on the floor. The most recommended rooms are upstairs ones or the downstairs basement as they have more floor space compared to the other rooms of your house. Another way that you can do is to place them on the tables to drop the HHA score.

 store your turnips inside your house

Aside from these two, you can also place the turnips outside on your island, be it on the beaches or else, as decoration to store the turnips, if you are not inviting friends over or sharing a Dodo Code in confidence. If you are interested in this way, the most important thing is to be creative and you have to know how to make a turnip farm. It is worth noting that if another player comes to visit, they are free to pick up the turnips that you dropped.

If you want to keep these turnips safe, you can build a fence around them. When there is someone visiting, there is no way for you to get rid of any furniture or structures, making the turnips safe until the visitors are no longer around.

How to Store Turnips in Animal Crossing (ACNH)

Before deciding to leave the turnips outside your place and around your island, take note that they will be seen by Isabelle. These items will be considered as trash that prevents you from getting or to maintain a 5-star rating when they are lying around.

If you do not want to take the risk of not getting or maintaining a 5-star rating, you are recommended to sell these turnips. The question is, who can you sell turnips to?

The turnips that you have can be sold to Timmy and Tommy, the ones that operate a shop called Nook’s Cranny. These two will buy turnips every day with the exception of Sundays. The price is different every morning (before 12 PM) and every afternoon (12 PM to 10 PM). For your information, it ranges from as low as 9 Bells to as high as 660 Bells. Talking about the price, there is no way for the Time Travel to affect the changing of the price that week. However, it should be noted that the time traveling backwards in time will rot any turnips that you have purchased before.

There are a total of four patterns followed by the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The first one is Random. In this pattern, the profit that you will get will be only up to 140% of your base price. The best thing that you can do in case you do not have any friends whose island you can visit is to sell the turnips when the price is higher compared to the buying price. You can forget it if RNG does not benefit you and during the Increasing Phase, you always get 90% of your base price. However, the chance is low.  The option is to either break even or make a semi decent profit.

The second one is Large Spike. It is known to be the most profitable one. At the beginning, people may think that it is a decreasing pattern. There is one thing that should be remembered, which is the fact that the decreasing pattern will keep decreasing every day. It is possible for you to be looking at a large spike pattern if your decreasing pattern increases one day. The most important thing is that if the third half day after the first increase is greater than or equal to twice your base price, then it is considered a large spike. It is important to check if there is any massive increase.

The third one is Decreasing. Among these four, this one is the worst. If you are in this kind of situation, the best thing that you can do is to sell it immediately. Actually, you can also find a friend and sell on their island. Waiting is not recommended as it will only disadvantage you. It should be remembered that the price on Monday morning will be 85% to 90% of your base rate and it will decrease 3% to 5% every day. For those who are lucky enough, it is possible for the price of the turnip to be lower than 100. Besides, it is also possible for you to separate the turnips to prevent them from rotting in stacks and you will get a profit even if it is small.

The last one is Small Spike. Compared to the Large Spike, this one is not that exciting. However, you will be happy to be in this one as it is similar to the large one. As a player, you can expect to get some profits when the second phase of this pattern kicks in. There are three main phases in this pattern, including Decreasing Phase 1 (unlikely to occur), Increasing Phase, and Decreasing Phase 2 (just like Decreasing Phase 1, this one may also not occur).