How to Revive Characters in Genshin Impact

While you are in the middle of a battle, there might be the chase where some of your companions fall dead in the middle of the combat and you need them outside to beat the opponent. In this case, it is important to know how to revive them. Here is the guide to do so.

A few food recipes can be really helpful to revive the characters in Genshin Impact. First of all, you will have to make sure to get all the ingredients ready to craft the dishes and use them on the field every time required. Here is the list of the food recipes that can help you if you want to revive the other characters:

  1. Mora Meat

Mora Meat

  • Rating (Starts): 1
  • Ingredients: Flour x1, Raw Meat x1
  • Effect: Revives a character and restores 50 to 150 HP. Ningguang makes Caelum Terra Mora Meat from this, granting revival with 20% HP and 550 extra HP.
  1. Steak


  • Rating (Starts): 1
  • Ingredients: Raw Meat x2
  • Effect: Revives a character and restores 50 to 150 HP. Amber makes Outrider’s Champion Steak from this, granting a revive with 10% HP restoration and 150 HP.
  1. Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Stir Fry

  • Rating (Starts): 1
  • Ingredients: Jueyun Chili x1, Raw Meat x1
  • Effect: Revives the chosen character and restores 50 to 150 HP. Beidou turns this one into Sauteed Meat Slices, granting revival with up to 10% HP and additional 150 HP.
  1. Mondstadt Grilled Fish

Mondstadt Grilled Fish

  • Rating (Starts): 1
  • Ingredients: Fish x1, Pepper x1
  • Effect: Revives a character and restores 50 to 150 HP.
  1. Golden Shrimp Balls

Golden Shrimp Balls

  • Rating (Starts): 2
  • Ingredients: Potato x3, Shrimp Meat x4
  • Effect: Revives a character and restores between 250 to 550 HP.
  1. Tea Break Pancake

Tea Break Pancake1

  • Rating (Starts): 2
  • Ingredients: Berry x3, Bird Egg x1, Flour x2
  • Effect: Revive fed character and give 250 to 550 HP. Instead of making Light, Noelle makes air Pancake, granting 20% HP and extra 550 HP.
  1. Teryvat Fried Egg

Teryvat Fried Egg

  • Rating (Starts): 1
  • Ingredients: Bird Egg x1
  • Effect: Revive fed character and give 50 to 150 HP. Bennet makes the Crispy Teyvat Egg, granting 10% HP with the addition of 150 HP.

Raw meat, salt, pepper, and fish are included in the ingredients for these dishes. All these ingredients mentioned before need to be collected beforehand. If you want to collect the amount of fishes, you can open this link

After you have gathered all the ingredients, reviving the characters in Genshin Impact will become a lot of simpler. In order to revive the characters in the game, you will have to feed them with one of these food recipes. All that should be done is to go to the inventory, choose any of these items, and feed it to the characters who are down. Once again, please make sure you cook up the proper recipes before going into challenging battles. The Teyvat Fried Egg and Steak are probably the cheapest revival items that you can cook. The Steak is able to be made from two pieces of Raw Meat, which can be obtained from some different kinds of wildlife around the world. As for Teyvat Fried Egg, it can be made from a single bird egg.

The alternative way that you can try to revive the characters in the game is by clicking on their icon or the numbers next to them. Doing so will open up the screen and you are able to choose what you want to feed them.

Just because feeding the items mentioned above will revive character in Genshin Impact, does not mean it will restore their health to a great extent. The other methods can be used to heal the characters in the game before going to the battle.

The game named Genshin Impact is such a big world that finding everything offered by the game will take a long time. The sky’s the limit with a lot of currencies to find, weapons to enhance, and characters to unlock. These are only a few things that are offered by the game. When you are exploring the amazing world of Teyvat, you might get injured by a few monsters that live in that world, and it is possible if one of your characters dies. Luckily, they can be revived.

As you probably know, every character in your party has 4 health bars, and when it reaches zero or is emptied, your character will be incapacitated and cannot be used until they are revived. When in some hard situations like a dungeon, having all party members alive increases the chance of getting out of there alive. On the other hand, when a character falls in battle, the chance is decreasing.

This is where the cooking mechanic plays its role, as it is really important to cook before going into difficult situations, as food can revive characters. However, not all food has this kind of ability, only certain ones, as every food causes different buffs. A few of them can heal you and provide you extra health boost on top of that when the others generate health over time, and the others are able to heal you and raise your strength.

In order to use the food in battle, you will need to open your main menu and then open your inventory. At the top of the screen, you will be able to see 7 icons. Please click the fourth one, the icon of the fork and spoon forming a symbol of the cross to open the food section of the inventory. Find the one food and click on it, and you will see the information of the effect on the screen, below that click on the Use button. Another one that will show up in your 4 party members. You will have to click on the character that has fallen or the one that does not have a green health bar above their picture. Once you found it, click confirm. In the end, the party member is alive and ready for battle again.

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