How to Report a Problem to Roblox Studio

Roblox has a program known as Roblox Studio. For everyone who has been into Roblox for a quite some time, you must know with the existence of this program. It is made to support the creativity of the Roblox users.

Even though it is undoubtedly useful, it does not mean it is perfect and has no flaw. Sometimes, bad thing happens. You will need this information if your time is bothered when using Roblox Studio.

Posting to the Dev Forum

    • First of all, head to and log in if it is needed. The default setting will ask you to post the bug found on the official community or forum made by Roblox called Dev Forum. Feel free to use any web browser to post. Everything is fine as long as you are signed in to Roblox. There is a search feature that you can use to check if the issue that you are going to report has not been already reported before. Posting on Dev Forum requires you to get permissions, meaning there is no chance of you to make a post without being an active member of the forum. You will level automatically to the required permission level to make a post by browsing and reading the forum.

How to Report a Problem to Roblox Studio

    • Then, make a post. Apparently, there are a couple of requirements to meet for those who want the bug that is going to be reported to be looked at. The basics such as an accurate title, a detailed and thorough description, the place where it happens, the time when it happens, videos and images, reproduction instructions and some other important files and required information are needed. For the description, please explain the thing that you want to expect and the thing that exactly happens. For the place where it happens, you might need to include the links if the bug happens in certain places. For the time when it happens, it might be needed for you to add the date and the time when the bug started occurring. As for the videos and images, it is better for you to include them to show the receipt how the bug works. For the reproduction guide, do not forget to make the minimal or simplified one. It also should be specific, meaning it should be clear and detailed. Not only that, another requirement is that it should be consistent, meaning the steps should produce the bug 100% of the time that they are allowed exactly. As the bug is showing up in Roblox Studio, it is needed for you to include the files that you are using. It does not matter if it happens when you use specific scripts, place setups, or else. Please send a direct message the thread to the Logs/Cash Dumps/Other Bug Files group instead if the thing has private information. By doing so, your private thing will be saved as it will be only available to be seen by the Roblox employees.
    • Lastly, add the required information and then publish the post. It is important to know if the bug that you are reporting is on the website, in the certain game, group, or user, in Roblox Studio, or in the game itself. Since the one that you are experiencing is happening in Roblox Studio, you will have to make sure that it is the one that specific to the program. Once you are sure about it, the next thing to do is to post the bug report in Besides, do not forget to also make sure that all the plugins are disabled so that you can check out if the bug still exists. If the Roblox or Roblox Studio crashes or freezes due to the bug, you must include a program dump, reproduction information, and the log files. If you one day you see the bug happens on the website, please report if the problem is still there after disabling the extension on the web browser and after including the version of the web browser you are using. If it is happening to a certain game, group, or user, create a reproduction file with the bug or include direct links to share everything with the engineers. Please provide the Roblox representative the information and the log files to find the problem if there is a disconnection or backend server issues. You will need to include a microprofiler dump and the system information if Roblox is slowing down. Remember to add the system information for the graphics issues.

That is not the only method that you can follow if you want to report an issue to Roblox Studio. Another method that you can do is explained below. Keep in mind that this method can be used if you are not able to post to the Dev Form.

    • The first thing that should be done is to go to the Contact Us page of Roblox at
    • In the page, you will have to enter the contact information, which includes your first name, your email address and the username.
    • Then, enter the details of the issue that you are currently facing. Please explain as detail as you can. It is really important to be specific when entering this information. It is needed for you to use the drop down to answer the question What device are you having the problem on?. In the drop downs under Type of help category, the one that should be chosen is Bug Report. When you answer about the description, try your best to explain everything. Do not forget to try to answer the questions such as What exactly does the glitch do?When did it start happening?Does it happen in one place or in all places?.
    • After describing everything, the last thing that you have to do is to press the Submit button. Please open your email to see the email confirmation. There should be one about the confirmation and the thing that you can expect in the future about the bug report.

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