How to Reload Mags in Minecraft VMW (Vic’s Modern Warfare Magazine Tips)

In this post, we’re going to show you how to reload mags that you can do in VMW, one of the Minecraft mods. As you’re using VMW mod, you may wonder how to reload mags due to you don’t getting the ways that guide you to do it. Don’t worry! To reload mags in Minecraft VMW is pretty easy more than you think.

Here’s how!

How to Reload Mags in Minecraft VMW Mod?

Well, to reload mags in VMW mod, at least you can do some deeds as follow:

  • You need to hit  “R” to load the gun with the proper magazine in your inventory.
  • You need to hit  “U” to unload a magazine currently loaded into the gun.
  • Double tap “R” in order to load in another magazine automatically if there is already a magazine in your gun.
  • You can  refill a magazine by  holding it in your hand and then press “R” with the correct rounds (bullets) in your inventory.
  • It’s crucial for you to know that each magazine name will show the amount of ammo, it holds first, and then the type of bullet it requires.

Those are some deeds that you should do if you want to reload mag in Minecraft VMW mod.

How to Reload Mags in Minecraft VMW Mod

About Minecraft VMW Mod

Do you already know deeply about the Minecraft VMW mod? However, that’s an important thing for you to find out some facts for the VMW mod. By looking for the information about this mod, you’re able to recognize any features that you can use in VMW mod. As we know, there are plenty of gorgeous features available in this mod. So let’s find the fact below!

VMW stands for Vic’s Modern Warfare which is well-known as Minecraft mod that you can find especially on the CurseForge Site. VMW mod is available in 1.12.2/ 1.11.2 version. On this version, you can find a wide variety of modern firearms. If you initially find that the diamond and metal swords in Minecraft are quite simple and boring or the diamond is no longer appealing, by using this mod, two weapons will be shown as more gorgeous as possible.

Aside from that, you can also craft any parts, customize your weapon with reliable devices and assemble any guns. Of course, this mod focuses more on making the weapons to be better and more reliable to use when you’re playing Minecraft.

Well, if you’re a veteran Minecraft player for modern machine guns and powerful sniper rifles, of course we suggest, you shouldn’t miss this VMW mod. Well, the VMW here is talking more about the Minecraft guns at all. However, the VMW mod has everything from all kinds of guns to various attachments such as tactical flashlight, suppressor, and also optics for long-distance engagement. We guarantee, if you get started to use the VMW mod, you will be addicted to this mod from the first sight.

The design of VMW mod is inspired by the Call of the Duty: Modern Warfare game. Well, the VMW mod is designed by crazy fans of modern weapons. You can see all weapons on VMW mod recreated in 3D models with any setting the attachments and all animations of reloading. With this mod, you will be an actual First Person Shooter.

How to Use VMW Mod in Minecraft?

Once you think that it’s so reliable and worth it to use the VMW mod to play Minecraft, you then want to know deeply how to use it when you’re playing Minecraft, don’t you? However, that’s a must for you to look for the guides of how to use the VMW mod in Minecraft.

To ease you using the VMW mod in Minecraft, we here will guide you all about the things that you can do to use this mod. Here they are:

Attachment Mode

To use the VMW mod to play Minecraft, you have to start with Attachment Mode. To note, you should have any attachments in your inventory to add it. To access the Attachment mode, you can hit “M” and the next instructions will be shown on your game. Here’s for detail:

  • Pressing the “UP” arrow on your keyboard will make changes for sights/scopes.
  • Pressing the “Down” arrow on your keyboard will add some grips/laser attachment.
  • Pressing the “L” on your keyboard will toggle the laser on/off when it’s equipped.
  • Pressing the “LEFT” arrow on your keyboard will add a silencer which fits the gun’s caliber which will be shown under the gun in your inventory.
  • Pressing the “RIGHT” arrow on your keyboard will change the weapon skin. To note, not every gun can take the same skins at all.

Selective Fire

Once you have understood the Attachment Mode, you also have to know about the Selective Fire. To access it, you have to press “RIGHT SHIFT” to make changes for the fire mode of the weapon.


Optics are the VMC features that you can use to add special effects. You can press “O” to zoom out and “I” to zoom in


The last thing that you should recognize in VMW mod is Ammunition. Moreover, Ammunition here is about refilling a magazine. Well, how to use the ammunition has been explained above of how to reload mags.

How to Install VMW Mod with Forge

  • To install VMW mod, make sure that you have downloaded the Forge installer that you can access at The file will come in the .jar file.
  • Once you’ve downloaded it, you can continue to install it on your device. Right-clicking on the Forge Installer file and the Run as Administrator, click OK.
  • Then, you can go to Start to open Run (instead press Windows Key + R)
  • Type %appdata% on the available Run program and hit Enter.
  • In this step, you can go to folder /.minecraft/mods.
  • After that, place the .jar file of the mod that you have downloaded into the mods.
  • Last, you can now play Minecraft with this VMW mod.

That’s it! It’s easy to do, isn’t it?

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