How to Recover / Reactivate POF Account

Plenty of Fish or POF has been around since 2003. This one is one of the most favorite systems that makes it possible for everyone to find and interact with people with similar interests. It is like a place where people get to introduce themselves to the new personal connections over the internet for developing personal and romantic relationships.

Plenty of Fish or POF is really well-known, mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Everyone around the world creates an account, uses it a couple of times, and leaves it due to some certain reasons. After being left out and inactive for some time, the account gets disabled. If you are one of those people who left the POF account and want to use it again, here is the guide to recover the POF account for you.

Way to recover POF account

The most important thing if you want to restore a POF account is your email that is linked to your profile. There is no chance of you to recover the old POF account that has been deleted. However, if you have forgotten the password or the username, it is possible for you to recover the old POF account.

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  1. The first thing that you will have to do in order to recover the old POF account is to go to the official website of Plenty of Fish.
  2. When you are there, find the POF login section. In this section, you will have to enter your username or email in the textbox. In case you have forgotten the password, you can leave the password section empty and you can just straightly click login. By doing so, you will be able to see something popping up saying that the username or password is incorrect. You will be asked to enter the correct email that is connected to your POF account.
  3. The next thing that should be done is to enter the email. Once you have entered the email, you will receive a password reset email to that email address. Please go to the social tab on your email inbox and you will be able to find an email sent by POF. Upon finding one, please click on the link in the message.
  4. After that, enter a new password. After clicking on the link, a new page will open, the one where you need to enter your new password. Enter the password in the new password section and do not forget to confirm the password section and then click on the update password. In the end, your password will be successfully reset.
  5. When everything is one, you can now login to your POF account with the new password. Just like that, you have recovered your POF account.

Reasons to stop using POF

    • Tired of failures

There is no guarantee for everyone who uses Plenty of Fish to find their partner through the app. Some might be lucky enough to find them while some are not. At first, the users in this platform might chat with some people with the purpose to find the perfect partners. However, it is possible that after some time, everything goes down. They might get tired of chatting and using the app and they might stop opening this app and look for an alternative to find the partners. However, after trying to find out alternative ways, they might think POF is not that bad and consider using it again.

    • Have found the perfect match

The intention of joining the online dating sites is looking for partners. The users talk with the ones that they are interested in and keep in touch. After getting known and think that they share a lot of similarities, they might believe that their chatting partner is the perfect one for dating. The next thing is to start meetup to get even closer. If they are still shy and think it is going to be awkward to meet up face to face, they might try to get connected on phones, Facebook, Instagram, or the other platforms first. once they get comfortable with each other, they might ditch POF as they do not think it is necessary anymore.

    • Privacy concerns

Sharing your data on any online platform is risky. There is a possibility of your data to be shared and manipulated. This kind of concern might make you stop online services such as POF or event delete the account permanently.

Everything might push you to get rid of POF and live a life. However, after a certain time, the case might be different. For example, when your loved one leaves you and you feel alone again. You might recall the time when you chatted with the other ones through POF. In this case, you might want to make a comeback to the POF. If you want to do so, the first thing that will do is to recover the POF account. Another option is to create a new POF account. However, the later one will not allow you to get in touch with the old friends, that’s why it is better to recover the old account if you want to meet your old friends.

Some people also forget the username and password of POF if they do not use POF more frequently. In this case, the best way is to restore the POF account. To be able to recover the POF account, please go through some recovery procedures.


In case you are not able to login to POF account because you have forgotten the password, you can follow the guide explained above to recover the POF account. Please follow every step carefully and restore your POF account. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to seek help from the customer service of POF. The number that you can dial to talk directly to their representative is (214) 853-4309. Besides, you might also want to contact them through social media.

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