How to Rebirth in Mall Tycoon in Roblox

For those who are wondering how to rebirth in Roblox Mall Tycoon, then you have to read this entire article. Here we will reveal that information for you.

How to Rebirth in Roblox Mall Tycoon?

If you have been joining lots of players who have been playing Roblox Mall Tycoon, then you have likely been buying stores and adding floors to your mall. But, you have likely seen the Rebirth listing over on the side of the leaderboard and are wondering what it is. If you have played any Roblox in the past, then you know rebirths usually mean you start over in some way. What does it mean in Roblox Mall Tycoon?

Now, you want to know how to rebirth in Roblox Mall Tycoon. You have to know that to rebirth in Roblox Mall Tycoon, you have to upgrade your mall all the way to the 12th floor and complete it. Then, you have to purchase a ladder that gets you to the roof of your mall. Next, you will be nearly touching the sky. Also, this enables the ability to rebirth for 10 billion in cash.

How to Rebirth in Mall Tycoon in Roblox

When you touch the rebirth button, then it is going to give you a trophy. Your mall does not disappear once you hit the button. The trophy will allow you to decide if you want to rebirth or not. When you interact with the trophy, it is going to tell you that you are going to be starting over. But, you are going to get $5,000 starting cash, 10% faster tips, and get 10% more tips. So, it is pretty similar to most rebirth systems in Roblox, however this one takes a lot longer to get to.

By the way, why would you want to do this? Well, after your mall has reached the pinnacle, then there is not much left to do. Also, you are able to select different stores throughout your mall, and  experience it all over again. This game is not replayable, however you have to know that getting to change up the layout of your mall will become fun if you enjoy the game.

What are Rebirth Skills in Roblox Mall Tycoon?

Now, you may want to know what rebirth skill in Roblox Mall Tycoon is. Well, we are going to explain it. Keep in mind that Rebirth Skills are a mechanic in Roblox Mall Tycoon which was introduced in the first update. After rebirthing, the players unlock two Rebirth Skill Points, which they are able to redeem for special upgrades and abilities.

All rebirth skill upgrades are divided into four categories:

    • Tips
    • Stores
    • Decor
    • Speed

For note: The latter being exclusive to those who have the Segway gamepass. So far, Mall Tycoon has 12 Rebirth Skill upgrades without purchasing the Segway, and 16 after purchasing it.

Tips Category

These are the rebirth skills upgrades that fall under the Tips category. Rebirth Skills under this Tips category focus on benefiting the players by increasing their income in any way, ranging from faster tips to extra income.

Faster Tips

    • Description: Obtain tips 5x as fast.
    • Tier: 1

Extra Income

    • Description: Improve your income by 50%.
    • Tier: 2

Extra Tips

    • Description: Obtain twice as much money from tips.
    • Tier: 3

Mega Tip

    • Description: Earn a much larger tip than normal after completing a Set Piece.
    • Tier: 4

Stores Category

These rebirth skill upgrades fall under the Stores category. Here, Rebirth Skills will help the players in terms of using Rare, Epic and Legendary Stores’ potential to its fullest by making more cash from it.

Keep 3 Legendaries

    • Description: Keep the first three Legendary Stores you utilized each round.
    • Tier: 1

Rarer Stores

    • Description: Have a higher opportunity of getting Rare or Epic Stores.
    • Tier: 2

Faster Quests

    • Description: Reduces the waiting time on the Quests by half.
    • Tier: 3

Carry Over Legendaries

    • Description: Keep the first Legendary Stores you make each round after you rebirth, equal to the number of rebirths you have x 3.
    • Tier: 4

Decor Category

These are the rebirth skills upgrades which fall under the Decor category. The skills only have cosmetic purposes and have no other benefits.

Floor Designs

    • Description: Allows you to recolor the ground of each floor utilizing the Workbench.
    • Tier: 1


    • Description: Unlocks the new plants, trash cans, wall colors, and the benches.
    • Tier: 2

Luxury Carpark

    • Description: Adds the new Luxury version of the Carpark.
    • Tier: 3

Luxury Set Pieces

    • Description: Unlocks the new luxury versions of the Set Pieces.
    • Tier: 4

Speed Category

These are the rebirth skills upgrades which fall under the Speed category. The players cannot have access to this speed category unless they have the Segway gamepass.

Fast Segway

    • Description: Improves the speed of the Segway.
    • Tier: 1

Faster Segway

    • Description: Improves the speed of the Segway.
    • Tier: 2

Fastest Segway

    • Description: Improves the speed of the Segway.
    • Tier: 3

AOE Buttons

    • Description: Pressing a yellow upgrade with a Segway automatically purchases all nearby items.
    • Tier: 4

About the game of Roblox Mall Tycoon

Roblox Mall Tycoon is a fun game. It is a decision making game revolving around Tycoon. The players have to reach the top. If the game is delayed, the players are able to make a VIP server. In the game of Roblox Mall Tycoon, the players make their own personalized Mall with over 35 stores to select from. Then, look at that, some people are starting to visit your mall.

The players have to build the correct types of the stores to keep their customers happy. Those customers are not easy to please, however if you manage to do so you are going to be rewarded with large tips. It makes more customers come to your mall. Also, the players are able to paint their walls and decorate their mall so it is unique. Please unlock a variety of amazing set pieces at the end of every floor. Now, your own personalized mall is getting really busy.

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