How to Open Spotify Web Player on Mobile

Spotify allows you to stream music on your desktop as well as mobile devices. You are able to use the official Spotify app on those devices to enjoy your favorite music. By the way, how to open the Spotify Web Player on Mobile?

What is Spotify Web Player?

Spotify Web Player is the company’s media player which you are able to access from your desktop’s web browser. With this Spotify Web player, you no longer have to install the Spotify app on your devices to access your favorite music. You only need a web browser, a Spotify account, and then you are ready to listen to your favorite tracks.

This Spotify web player works basically the same as the desktop app. You are able to use this player from any modern web browser on your computer, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. For your information, Safari is not supported.

So, this Spotify web player is a way to listen to Spotify wherever you are, without the need to download the app. Essentially, it is a website, which, once you have logged in, offers you to use all the features as the app has. You will be able to access all your liked and saved songs and playlists, listen to all the music and podcasts, and more.

How to Open Spotify Web Player on Mobile

Open Spotify Web Player on Mobile

You are able to open Spotify Web Player on your phone. But the user experience on your phone is better when using their dedicated phone apps. You are able to use a web player on your tablets and mobile devices. However, you should check to see if your browser supports the Spotify web player.

To open the Spotify web player on the computer, you only need to go to Then, you are able to login, and press the open web player button in the middle of the screen. After you are in, you are going to see that all of the interfaces in the web player are identical to the app. Several of the things are arranged in slightly different places on the screen. You should have no issue using it if you have ever used a Spotify app.

What is the Difference in Features Between Spotify Web Player and Desktop App?

Although both options are similar, you should note that there are some differences. First, the music quality is different. When you are an app user, you are going to get up to 320 kbps bitrate, however when you use a web player, you are going to get 256 kbps bitrate at best for premium users.

You are able to set up music quality in the app to your taste. It allows you to save up on the metered connection usage and stuff like that, while Spotify web player does not allow those options.

The biggest difference between these two is that you cannot download music from the web player for offline listening. The Spotify app offers you to download music and podcasts to your device and listen to them when in offline mode (for premium users), however you cannot do that with a web player. Also, there are several positives for the web players, such as portability and ease of use.

Spotify Web Player Features

Spotify Web Player offers some features. These features include the ability to play music, search music, access your libraries, and even view and make new music playlists. Well, let us take a look at each of the options you view on Spotify Web Player’s interface.

    • Home
      On the left sidebar, the first item you are going to see is Home. Choosing this option will take you to Spotify Web Player’s main screen, where you are able to find and play your music. The main screen includes music recommendations, playlists made for you, your recently played songs, and more. This is where you are able to begin to explore this web-based player.
    • Search
      To search for your favorite music, you are able to choose Search on the left sidebar. This will open Spotify’s standard search page, where you are able to type your search queries. On this screen, you are able to choose the box at the top and type a song name. Then, you are going to see the search results for your query. On the same screen, you will also discover various genre options to discover songs in them.
    • Your Library
      This Your Library section is where you view your personalized content. Please choose this option, and you are going to see the playlists, podcasts, artists, and also albums you follow on this streaming service. If these sections are empty, that is because you have not yet followed any item. To begin following someone, simply you are able to choose one of the tabs and then select the Find button.
    • Create Playlist
      If you want to make a new playlist for your songs, you are able to choose Create Playlist from the sidebar. Then, you are able to enter a name for your playlist and also add songs to it. This playlist will sync with your Spotify account, so you have to see it on all your devices where you use the same account.
    • Liked Songs
      This section is where all your “liked” songs are located. If you tap the heart icon for a song in Spotify, then the service adds that song to this list. If you are new to Spotify and have not liked a song yet, you are able to choose the Find Songs button to discover and add songs to this list.
    • Upgrade
      At the top of Spotify Web Player, you are going to see an Upgrade button. Please choose this button if you want to upgrade your Spotify account. The button is going to open a new tab in your browser and then take you to the standard Spotify site, where you are able to choose a new plan for your account.
    • Your Name
      Right next to the Upgrade button, you are going to see your account name. Choose this option to reveal various options for your account.
    • Music Player
      When you play a music track, you are going to see a mini-player at the bottom of Spotify Web Player. This is the player which you are able to use to control the playback of your Spotify music.