How to Make Roblox GFX on Mobile Without Blender

Roblox GFX always offers a number of great picture results that you can use in game. Generally, most players will create Roblox GFX pictures for their avatars, making them look more amazing. The good news, you can create your own Roblox GFX with multiple easy steps below!

Guides for Creating Your Own Roblox GFX Avatar on Mobile!

Way 1

This first way can be found at Joshy Rae – Novob57 channel. This channel shares the tutorial of creating Roblox GFX without Blender, Roblox Studio or any other apps. This way is working on Windows, Mac, iOS and also Android. Here are the steps:

Open GFX studio in Roblox

    • First, log into your Roblox account.
    • Then, type ‘Gfx Studio’ on the search box.
    • Of course, it will show the results of GFX studios, make sure to choose one of them, it’s highly recommended to choose one at the top.
    • After clicking on one of the results, please wait for its loading, as it may take a while.

Choose your favorite scenes

    • Now, you are in the studio. Here, you will find your favorite scene, especially a green screen.
    • Find your favorite face and walk right to it in order to change your face.
    • If necessary, you can change a face, if not, you don’t need to change it at all.
    • It’s time to discover the scene, as you will find numerous scenes in this game. Make sure to choose your favorite scene. You definitely can go with blue, grey, black or others, based on your needs.
    • To sit, wave or also cross, you can press one of them. After that. Press your avatar to activate it.

Screenshot your best picture

    • It’s a great time to screenshot.
    • Make sure to click on the ‘photo mode’ button, before you screenshot.
    • Here’s the way to screenshot in each device; for iOS (Press power button + up volume button (no need to hold it)) and for Android (Hold the power button and press the volume-down button).

Download Inshot or other photo editor apps

    • After you obtain a gorgeous picture, you need to download the Inshot video editor and photo editor. Or you can download other photo editor apps instead of Inshot.
    • We recommend you to use Inshot, as this is the easiest app to edit your photo.
    • After you open Inshot, you can press the ‘photo’ button which is located at the middle of the screen.
    • Now, it’s time to edit your photo. Here, you can change the filter by pressing ‘filter’ below, effect, canva and also text.
    • Make sure to use the most beautiful effect for your GFX picture.
    • If you want to add text, there are many language text fonts that you can use. Of course, you can use the foreign language and then type it.
    • To save your picture in your gallery, make sure to press the ‘tick’ button on the left, after you save your work.

Congratulations! You successfully create your own Roblox GFX.

Way 2

The second way to create your Roblox GFX without Blender has been shown by in3pired channel. You may find about different way from the first way in  making Roblox GFX. Let’s find out on how this channel create Roblox GFX!

    1. Join the Unique Group

Before you get started to create your own Roblox GFX, this channel recommends you to join the Unique group here. After you are in the group, you will find the game called ‘Wigs and Makeup’. Make sure to click on it to load this photoshoot game.

    1. Download Lightshot

To create your Roblox GFX, you also need to download the screenshot tool called Lightshot.

    1. Lunapic

To edit your screenshot picture, you can use Lunapic. You do not need to download it, as this is an editor photo site, so you can work it online. Visit Lunapic here.

Playing the game

    • If all things have been completed, you can start playing the game. Open the Wigs and Makeup game. Here, you will pose as gorgeous as possible.
    • You can choose the options for the faces and wigs if you’re a girl, as there are a collection of faces and wigs which are very attractive to choose.
    • If all ready, you can then go to the green screen and let titles take over.
    • Here, you need to do your pose. Make sure to equip your pose and do a wave or anything.
    • After you find the great position, you can use Lightshot by pressing the ‘PrtSc SysRq’ key on your keyboard to take the picture.

Edit your picture on Lunapic

    • After getting your best pose picture, it’s time to go to Lunapic to edit your picture. The link has been mentioned above.
    • When you are at Lunapic, you can press ‘choose file’ and find the picture you have taken.
    • Then, your picture will appear and click on the green screen.
    • You need to enter a number between 40 -43 for transparency and click Apply. Then, your picture should be PNG.
    • After that, you need to save it to your computer. Make sure to scroll all the way down to save it.

Getting background

    • The next step after setting the transparency and resolution, it’s time to find a beautiful background.
    • You can search for exotic backgrounds from Pinterest, Google Image and more. After finding the best background, you can save it to your gallery.

Edit your picture on PicMonkey

It’s time to edit your picture through PicMonkey photo editor.

    • Visit PicMonkey here.
    • After you’re at the editor page, you need to drag your background you have saved into the screen.
    • Click on the ‘Add Image’ option.
    • Choose the image that you have taken in the Wigs and Makeup game.
    • To make your background more clear, you can lightshot over it again. Save it and open it again in the PicMonkey editor.
    • Then, you can repeat the step by adding your lightshot image.
    • You can adjust your picture in order to get the most gorgeous result.

Congratulations! You successfully create your own Roblox GFX without Blender, Roblox Studio and more apps.

Okay, you can pick out one of the ways above if you want to create your gorgeous Roblox GFX picture.