How to Make Red Terracotta in Minecraft

Red Terracotta can be a great choice if you want to create your Minecraft space living braver. You can take advantage of Red Terracotta when you have a plan to create a building in your Minecraft world. Certainly, you may need to dye uncolored Terracotta first with the Red dye variant.

Creating a plain Terracotta may be easy, but how to dye it with red color? That’s very easy too! Coloring Terracotta to red will be as easy as making plain/uncolored Terracotta. If you need a guide, let’s see our post below!

How to Make Red Terracotta in Minecraft

Creating Red Terracotta in Minecraft, Here’s How!

To make red Terracotta in Minecraft, you will need two materials: 8 Terracotta and 1 red dye. Well, to create red Terracotta, you may need to do some following steps:

Step 1: Have Plain/ Uncolored Terracota

The first thing you have to do is to get plain Terracotta. Terracotta can be obtained by digging up clay that you can find in specific locations where the water and sand or dirt are present. There are some locations where most clays are found including swamps, shallow water and rivers.

In the case of digging up the clay, you may need a shovel. If you have obtained the clay, you can start cooking them in the furnace. It’s better for you to cook them in stacks of eights, as to create a Red Terracotta, you will need at least 8 Terracotta.

If it’s done, you can see a plain/ uncolored color available in the output of the furnace. Move the plain/uncolored Terracotta to your inventory.

Step 2: Open Crafting Table

If you already have a plain/ uncolored Terracotta, it’s time for you to open the Crafting Table in the Crafting Menu. As you know that crafting area is made of a 3×3 crafting grid. You can see three rows with three boxes each.

open the Crafting Table in the Crafting Menu

So, you can fill each box with certain material, according to the recipe that you want to create in the Crafting Table. Well, to create a red Terracotta, make sure to fill the materials in the correct pattern.

Step 3: Add Items into Crafting Grid to Make Red Terracotta

In the 3×3 crafting grid, you can place 8 Terracotta and 1 red dye. It’s important for you to place each item in the correct pattern to make it successful. Let’s fill each box with following pattern:

    • In the first row, place 3 Terracotta in each box.
    • In the second row, place 1 Terracotta in the first box, 1 red dye in the second box and 1 Terracotta in the third box.
    • In the third row, place 3 Terracotta in each box.

Add Items into Crafting Grid to Make Red Terracotta

After you’ve filled the crafting table with the correct pattern, you will see a red Terracotta available in the box to the right. Well, it’s the correct recipe to make red Terracotta.

Step 4: Move Terracotta into Inventory

After you have created a red Terracotta, you have to move it to your inventory.

Move Terracotta Red into Inventory

That’s it! You can now start creating a red Terracotta in Minecraft and use it to decorate your Minecraft world to be braver and more beautiful.

How to Get Red Terracotta, Without Crafting?

You’re actually allowed to look for red Terracotta around Minecraft world. In other words, you not only can get red terracotta through crafting, but also you can get it by doing a search in some specific areas in the Minecraft world.

According to some sources, most red Terracotta can be found in Savanna village. Sometimes, you may also find red Terracotta inside a Mason’s house. So, if you find it hard to create Terracotta, as obtaining the clay blocks is not easy, you can try to discover the Savanna village and also a Mason’s house.

Aside from that, you can also try to do trading with a Mansion villager. With trading, the villagers can be leveled up. So, if they already reach Expert Level, they will possibly give you a red Terracotta, as they will offer you better deals.

How to Find Other Colored Terracotta?

A number of colored Terracotta can be found in some spots in the Minecraft world. So, to find more Terracotta in different colors, you can attempt to explore some following areas:

    • Desert pyramids may give you orange and blue Terracotta.
    • Desert villages may provide uncolored and green Terracotta as well as the glazed versions of white, lime and light blue.
    • Plains villages may give you white Terracotta and sometimes uncolored variants inside a Mason’s house.
    • Savanna Village may provide red, orange, yellow, uncolored Terracotta and also glazed Terracotta in yellow and orange color.
    • Underwater ruins may give you light blue Terracotta and purple glazed Terracotta that you can find in cold water biomes.

How to Use Red Terracotta?

Generally, most Minecraft players use Terracotta including red Terracotta to make their building more attractive in their Minecraft world. With the use of red Terracotta, you will find your Minecraft building more decorative and interesting to look at.

You can also use red Terracotta to give better protection from mobs at night. If you have a plan to create a dessert or warm-climate themed build, the red Terracotta will be best for you. So, you can stylize your building with the use of red Terracotta, in the case of creating an expert-level build in the Minecraft world.

Aside from that, you may want to listen to a song with deep bassy sounds in Minecraft. Surely, you can take advantage of red Terracotta or others to make it real. To make your song a deeper and richer bass sound, you can put red Terracotta under a music note block. With the Terracotta under the music note block, it will deliver a bass drum sound effect and also help spice up any Minecraft musical number.

In a battle, Terracotta also plays an important role where it is a very blast resistance that is similar to stone. With the help of Terracotta in a battle, you will stay safe when a creeper explores, even though the Terracotta is destroyed. Well, this is a gorgeous blocking method with Terracotta.