How to Make Hair on Roblox Easy

In the Roblox Avatar Shop, there are a lot of hair styles that you are able to buy for your avatar. However, you may want to create hair because you cannot find the hairstyle that you want in the shop or you just have an idea about a hairstyle to make. How do we create hair?

The Steps to Make Hair

According to some online sources, the easy way to make hair in Roblox is by using Blender. How to make hair for Roblox in Blender? Here are the steps to follow according to 10 Scopes.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to export/import objects from Roblox Studio to Blender. How to do that? To do that, you have to open Roblox Studio and then you have to choose the Plugins option from the Toolbox section. You have to load your character by typing the Roblox username. Let’s say that you do not have the plugins. If so, you can choose View and then choose Toolbox, choose Plugin and then Load the Character. In the steps below, you can see the steps to export objects from Roblox Studio.

Export import Objects from Roblox Studio to Blender

      • First, you have to go to View and then choose Explorer and choose your username at the right panel. You have to delete everything except the head and make sure that you do not delete the Mesh option inside the Head option.
      • Then, you have to right click on the Head and then you must choose Export Selection. You have to save the file as a .obj file.
      • In this step, you have to move onto Blender and then Delete the unnecessary objects that you do not want by pressing X and Enter. Then, you have to go to File and Import Wavefront (.obj).
      • Now, you have to move the Head and you can do that by clicking on it and choosing Object, then choosing Set Origin and then choosing Origin to Geometry. Then, you have to press Alt + G to move the head.
    • After that, you have to create hair with curves. To do that, you have to choose the head and choose Add and then choose Curve, choose Path and then choose Add, choose Curve and choose Circle. Then, you have to navigate to the green curve symbol at the right bottom panel. You have to choose Geometry and choose your Bezier Circle as the Bevel object. There will be a tunnel shape which appears around the avatar head. You have to choose the bezier circle and then go to Edit Mode. You have to shape the loop the way you want. You have to use the Mirror Modifier to get symmetry. You have to enable Clipping from the right side panel to join the objects. You are able to edit curves by choosing Vertices and pressing Alt + S to scale and Ctrl + T to rotate them. You have to copy curves and you can do that by pressing Shift and moving it if needed.

create hair with curves

    • In this step, you have to convert the curves to meshes. You do not want to upload your hair as curves. So, you must convert it into meshes. You have to choose Objects and then choose Convert To and choose Meshes from Curves. You must press Edge Select and by pressing Alt + Click on one edge of the hair to choose the entire border and hit F to seal the openings.

Convert the Curves to Meshes

    • Now, it’s time to check for Corrections. You have to go to Viewport Overlays and Enable Face Orientation. If you find that everything is Blue, you have to go. However, if you find that the face color is red, your hair has some endings that need fixes. In that case, you have to go to edit mode and then choose Select Red Portions and choose Go to Mesh, choose Normals and choose Flip.
    • Then, you have to reduce Edge loops. You have to make sure that you have Edge select enabled. You have to access Edit Mode and then hit Ctrl + Alt on one edge. You have to go to Select and then choose Checker Deselect and choose every second edge. Again, you have to go to Select, choose Select Loops and then choose Edge Loops. Then, you have to press X and delete edge loops. There will be the number of triangles in the lower right corner. You have to do this step for each portion of hair. It is important for you to note that Roblox permits the use of only 10,000 triangles.
    • After that, you have to texture and color the hair. You have to download and use You have to use the canvas, make your hair color, texture it and then save the image as a jpeg file. You have to go to blender, choose UV Editing and then Open the saved file. You have to go to Shading and then choose Add and then choose Search for Image Texture. Then, connect Image texture to the base color and choose your image. Then, you have to choose UV Editing and then Select each hair strand one by one by choosing the hair strand and pressing L and press S to scale and R to Rotate the grids to get the texture.
    • Now, you have to import the file to Roblox Studio. You have to go to File and then choose Export image as Wavefront (.obj) and then you have to switch to Roblox Studio. Then, you have to right click and choose the insert object and Mesh part. You have to open Explorer and Properties. Then, go to Mesh File  Selection and select the image from the blender software.

Import File to Roblox Studio

    • It’s time to attach the body parts and save to Roblox. You have to load your character and spawn it as R6. Then, you have to delete accessories on the head and hair. Now, you have to go to Head and choose Hair Attachment and there will be a green sphere. You have to copy that file and then paste it on the hair so that they are able to clip. You have to go to Home and then Move the green sphere to a good position. Then, you have to go to character and then right click and Insert Object and choose Accessory and Drag and drop the hair folder into accessories.

Now, you have a customized hair for your Roblox avatar. It is important to note that the shape of the hair will change when you wear a hat.

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