How to Make Custom Fireworks in Minecraft PE

It may be a bit hard for you to find the way in making the custom fireworks in Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, a lot of tutorials just show for the way in making the fireworks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, not Pocket Edition.

To note, the custom fireworks here means that you’re able to customize the type of fireworks colors, effects, durations, shape, height, use, explosion, etc. However, the main materials that you will use to make custom fireworks may be the same depending on what Minecraft version that you use to play Minecraft.

Thankfully, you’re coming to this page as this post will guide you how to make custom fireworks in Minecraft Pocket Edition. So let’s follow our guide below!

Making Custom Fireworks in Minecraft Pocket Edition

make fireworks in minecraft pe

To make custom fireworks in Minecraft PE, you’ll need some Minecraft items:

Materials you’ll need:

  • A redstone comparator
  • Copper
  • A Dispenser
  • Levers
  • Arrows

How to make it?

  • The first thing that you will need is a redstone comparator.
  • Then, you have to throw down and then put the redstone dust which may be around the copper.
  • After that,  you need to take it out at least one or two.
  • Once you take it out, you can continue to take a dispenser and then throw it down. You can choose the painted dispenser. The spot of the dispenser here is used to shoot out.
  • Here, you’ll need a lever. As you know the lever can actually work better as it needs to stay on. Take the lever down.
  • You can now push arrows which have the most colorful ones to produce the colorful fireworks. Well, just set up a couple more so it looks better as a big ugly cooler with several of them.
  • Then, you will see the three different faces here and have it linked up to the one.
  • The last thing that you should do is to switch it on, so you’re going to flip.

Congratulations! Your fireworks successfully work. That’s so easy to make custom Fireworks in Minecraft Pocket Edition, isn’t it?

Fortunately, if you really understand the ways that we show above and you can then start to create it on your Minecraft PE. Otherwise, if you don’t really understand our guide yet, don’t hesitate to watch the tutorial video for making the custom fireworks in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Well, you can watch a tutorial video on YouTube for making the custom fireworks in Minecraft pocket edition. One of the YouTube videos comes from jojopetv entitled How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Minecraft PE) that you can access at

Making Custom Fireworks in Minecraft

How if you don’t use Pocket Edition, then what should you do to create the fireworks in Minecraft? However, making the custom fireworks in Minecraft is not hard at all as long as you really know the materials that you’ll need and step-by-step that you must follow.

In this post, aside from guiding you in making the custom fireworks in Minecraft, we also show you how to make custom fireworks in Minecraft/ Bedrock Edition which are much sought after by many players.

Here’s how!

At least, there are two ways that you can take to make custom fireworks in Minecraft, they are by crafting and by command. Slow down, we’ll explain for each way as follow:

Way 1: Making Custom Fireworks with Crafting

To make custom fireworks with crafting, of course there are tons of fireworks recipes that you can use. But the materials that you need will be the same even though you’re using different dyes, amount of gunpowder and other materials. Indeed, the other materials here can affect the color of fireworks, shape and the final effect of fireworks.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Different Dyes
  • 3 Pieces of  Gunpowder
  • Firework star
  • Paper

How to make it?

  • First (Making Fireworks Star), you need to make a fireworks star. To make it, you need to add a dye and gunpowder in a crafting grid. Then, combine it to make fireworks star.  The materials that you can use to make the fireworks star in Minecraft is usually the same.
  • Second (Making Fireworks Rocket), the next step, you have to make the fireworks rocket. To make it, you need to add fireworks star, 1 gunpowder and a piece of paper  and gunpowder into the crafting grid. Here, you’re able to use up to three separate pieces of gunpowder. Need to know, each additional item can shoot the firework higher to the sky.
  • Third (Shoot the Firework), the last step, you can now shoot the fireworks into the sky. Once you completely create the Firework star and rocket, it is a great time for you to shoot it to the sky. To shoot it, you just simply click on the firework item in your inventory. Your fireworks will automatically shoot to the sky.

Well, those are all steps that you can do if you want to make fireworks with crafting.

Way 2: Making Custom Fireworks with Command

The second way option that you can do to make custom fireworks is by using command. Of course, it will be different when you make fireworks by crafting. If you make fireworks with command, you can generate a firework show. With crafting,  fireworks will produce a lot of custom particle effects, while with command, you can customize their colors and the visual settings.

Making Custom Fireworks with Command

To ease you making fireworks with command, here is a list of each explosion compound as follow:

  • Colors is a list of every color which will show in the firework.
  • Flicker is an equal to 1 if the explosion has a twinkling effect.
  • FadeColors allows you to make make a blue and green firework that can fade into yellow and green near the end of the effect.
  • Type is a byte representing the sort of blast as you have made.
  • Trail is an equal to 1 if the explosion has a trailing effect.

Here’s the command that you can use to make fireworks in Minecraft:

give Isometrus minecraft:fireworks 1 0







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