How to Make Coffee in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Just like in all games where coffee has appeared, in the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH, it is shown that villagers and some other characters also drink coffee. The coffee preferences may vary depending on each character. It is such an important information when a daily job opens up after six coffees, making it possible for the players to serve coffee to every visiting character.

As the chance of serving the coffee to the visiting characters will be available after six coffees, it is a must for the players to know how to make coffee in this game. As a player of the game, do you know how to make one? If the answer to the question is no, you are lucky that you are on this page as you will be informed about the way to make coffee in this game.

How to Make Coffee in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In order to make coffee in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH, there are a few ingredients that you have to prepare. The first one is the milk. The milk is different depending on the amount. The options include none, a little bit, regular, and lots. The second one is the sugar. Just like the milk, the sugar also varies. The selections include none, one spoon, two spoons, and three spoons. The last one is the coffee (beans). The variations of the selective coffee (beans) include blend, blue mountain, Kilimanjaro, and mocha.

If you do not feel like wanting to make coffee by yourself, you are recommended to visit a café named The Roost to ask a pigeon barista named Brewster to serve a cup of coffee for you. By doing so, there is no need for you to sweat and you can just enjoy your time sipping a cup of coffee by yourself or with your friends. Talking about enjoying the coffee at The Roost with the other villagers, apparently, it is possible for you to do that with the ones that are already on your island and the ones that you invite with amiibo support.

Aside from making coffee, you might be also interested in making your own coffee shop. If you like this idea, keep reading the post until the end to find out everything that you need to know.

Building your own coffee shop in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH is actually easy if you know how. Here is every step to follow:

    1. First of all, you will need to prepare a piece of land. It is one of the most important things to choose the place for the coffee shop. Besides, the size of the coffee shop is also important. If you have an available space to build a coffee shop you can continue following the step. Meanwhile, if you there is no one, the best thing that you can do is to renovate one of the buildings that you have and turn it into a coffee shop. When determining the size of the coffee shop, please consider the size the location and space.
    2. Then, pick a border and complete the floor. You are suggested to separate your coffee shop with the other areas to make the coffee shop stand out, unless the outside of your coffee shop face against the cliff. To separate these areas, fences can be used. If you are having a hard time on deciding which fence to choose, the most recommended ones include simple wooden fence, vertical fence, and brick fence. Even if the outside of the coffee shop faces against the cliff, designing the entrance is still needed as it is like the face of the entire location. You will have to pave the floor before placing the other items. The custom designs can be used for your café paths, floors, and tiles. Since the order is important, please think well before making a decision.
    3. In the next step, display the furniture items. The counter is probably the most important thing when designing the coffee shop. This one plays an important role as it is where you serve food and beverages for the customers. There are some different colors available for the Diner Counter Table, feel free to select one based on your taste. After the counter, you should also have a few sets of tables and chairs displayed for the customers who come to enjoy the coffee at your place.  If you are not fond of the regular chair and prefer something that is more comfortable, using sofas might be a good idea.
    4. Afterward, it is time for you to design the entrance. It has been mentioned that the entrance is like the face of the coffee shop since it is the first thing that is mostly seen by the customers. To attract the customers, you will have to design it well. Usually, sincere words or a unique logo work well in attracting the customers to come enjoying a ship of a coffee at your place.
    5. Once you are done following the steps above, the last thing that you have to do is to add items that you think needed in the coffee shop. If you want to have a coffee shop in the game that closes to the reality, you can add a few items such as coffee grinder, espresso maker, espresso machine, analog kitchen scale, knife stand, frying pan, fridge, double door refrigerator, mini fridge, microwave, cutting board, system kitchen, open frame kitchen, kitchen island, ironwood kitchenette, ironwood cupboard, ironwood low table, and wooden mini table. Apart from these items, having the likes of natural square table, natural garden chair, iron garden table, iron garden chair, wooden bookshelf, iron shelf, sign board, sugar & milk, coffee cup, mug cup, tea set, and cypress plant is also important.

In addition to the guide to make a coffee shop above, you might also need some ideas to make one. To find these ideas, you can go to link here.