How to Make a Raymond Amiibo Card

Can you make a Raymond Amiibo Card? If yes, how to make it? To find out that information, we suggest you to read this entire article. Here we are going to talk about Raymond Amiibo Card and other information related Raymond in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Card

Before we talk about a Raymond Amiibo card, we suggest you to learn and know what Animal Crossing Amiibo Card is. For your information, Animal Crossing Amiibo Card is a collector’s trading card with Amiibo functionality from Nintendo for utilized with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game on Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Welcome amiibo update, and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. The Amiibo cards are available in random packs of 6 in North America, and 3 in Europe. For note: One special character card is guaranteed in each pack.

The first series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards consist of 100 cards, with 17 special characters and 83 regular villagers. The series of cards launched alongside the game on September 25th, 2015 in North America, and October 2nd, 2015 in Europe.

How to Make a Raymond Amiibo Card

Making a Raymond Amiibo Card

At the time of writing, there is no Raymond Amiibo card. So, do not let anyone make you believe that you are able to make a Raymond Amiibo card. According to the research, Raymond was added to Animal Crossing franchise in New horizons. There is no dedicated Amiibo tie-in for the game (yet). If you look for the way to make a Raymond Amiibo card, you only waste your time as you will not be able to make a Raymond Amiibo card. At this time, you will be able to learn making Animal Crossing New Horizons Amiibo cards by using Tagmo. We have a guide for Tagmo here. Also, we have a guide for manufacturing and marketing Animal Crossing amiibo on Etsy.

Is making Amiibo Cards illegal?

In the United States, you are able to be sued by anyone for anything, and Nintendo definitely would sue you in civil court for making a significant amount of money from them. So, remember it, whether it is illegal or not, you may be buried under a lawsuit for making them anyway.

However, that is not technically an explanation of the law. Most of the copyright law has not been settled in the courts. The categories of the law has yet to catch up with the categories of the software. Amiibo card is a great example of this. The law just covers software, not physically-stored software meant to be utilized in conjunction with previously-purchased physical components and software. There is about 4 layers of complexity to it that has no law for it.

We are going to focus on distribution aspect of this software, assuming you are selling the ACNH Amiibo cards. Keep in mind that Amiibo are copyrighted works and may fall under the category of commercial software, making their distribution illegal (because Nintendo may does not want others to distribute amiibo files). However, it is not a correctly conclusion because Amiibo exist as physical figures and the cards, and also physical objects which fall under different law. So, it is not 100% that Amiibo cards or distribution is illegal if there is a physical component to them. Unfortunately, the law on this simply is not settled.

How Amiibo really work?

Actually, Amiibo figures are only a $0.30 chip inside of a plastic figure. The rest of the computing is done by the game of Animal Crossing itself. The chip itself is an “NTAG215” chip. You will be able to order them from China by the dozen for some bucks. Those chips are extremely lightweight and do not have much storage space on them. Most NFC readers are able to n read those chips and edit the data on them if need be. The data on an Amiibo card is referred to as a .bin file. It is only a plain spreadsheet which the game interprets.

Need to know that NTAG215 chips are all the same and come from the same factory. Therefore, we took the time to discover the sellers that consistently charge less for the chips. Many people recommend Amazon seller for NTAG215 chips. For your information, there are some sites like Amiibo Doctor that gets a commission from the Amazon Affiliates

Getting Raymond in Animal Crossing

If you want to get Raymond with the traditional method in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is really a game of luck. Apparently, there are two methods to run into Raymond and get him to live on your island.

Method 1: Random campsite encounters

Random campsite encounters

When you own the campsite on your island, there is a small chance Raymond is going to come to visit for the day. But, there is no way to increase those chances, therefore it is more a matter of luck. One day, Isabelle is able to announce a new visit. It can be Raymond. But those odds are not in your favor.

Method 2: Nook Miles Ticket lottery

Nook Miles Ticket lottery

Technically you are able to farm for Raymond by using Nook Miles Tickets to take as many Mystery Island Tours as possible. You have to rack up your Nook Miles by planting trees and watering plants on your island. After that, you have to start heading out on island tours. Please fly out, land, and if it is not Raymond hanging out by a campfire, you are able to turn around and live. Like the campsite encounters, there is no method to improve the odds you are going to find Raymond.

Alternative methods to get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons

You do not worry, there is an alternative method to get Raymond on your island. You only need to be a little cheeky about it. The content creator PokeNinja and his team Villager Haven offer the players an opportunity to get iconic villagers like Raymond for free. Need to know that PokeNinja uses a save editor and a hacked version of New Horizons to generate many Raymonds waiting in the wings to come to stay on your island. With a save editor you are completely unrestricted, because you are able to generate anything which is in New Horizons. Then, PokeNinja will sent out a Tweet calling for people who want Raymond to reach out.

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